Angelina Jolie’s Maddox Voted ‘Cutest Celeb Kid’

According to a poll conducted by America’s In Touch magazine, Angelina Jolie’s adopted son, 4 year-old Maddox has topped a list of the cutest celebrity kids, beating out tots like Brooke Shields’ baby girl Rowan and Julianne Moore’s daughter Liv Helen.

What makes her so lucky?  World’s sexiest man, world’s cutest adopted baby, world’s sexiest woman … it simply boggles the mind.

Meanwhile, Angelina, who is pregnant with lover Brad Pitt’s baby, is set to give birth in France – as a tribute to her dying mother, it’s being reported in Life Style Extra (UK).

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14 Comments on “Angelina Jolie’s Maddox Voted ‘Cutest Celeb Kid’”

  1. rachel Says:

    i called to cover my butt, but no answer

  2. Very interesting site… I wish I could build one like yours!nancy

  3. Georgia Says:

    Angelina and Maddox are so cute. I love them.

  4. Luvnlife Says:

    I Love Angelina & Maddox…how adorable! They seem like a good match.

  5. Sherri Says:

    Maddox is very adorable, but here is one thing I do not understand. Yes Maddox was adopted from Cambodia (sp?) but do you have to refer to him as “cutest adopted celeb kid”? Why not cutest celeb kid? Yes he was adopted… we all know that, but think about it… being adopted must be hard for any child at some times but why keep bringing it up? Angelina is his mother… who cares about the title adoptive… the defintion of a mother is a woman who loves, protects and guides her children, rather they came from the woman or not. I am not trying to preach stuff it’s just I learned so much from adoption and I know so many people who are and really, adopting is a beautiful thing that I am considering to do. Thanks, Sherri

  6. simon Says:

    imad about angelina …….
    she and madox are so beutiful ……

  7. carina garcia Says:

    i think maddox has completed angelina in away no one else could ever do.

    She has a glow about her now that she has never had before and that makes her more beautiful.

    i thnk she is a great women i look up to her a lot.

  8. jacinda Says:

    i think angelina rox but maddox is a very cute littel boy and is probaly very gratful that he has a mom like angelina she is a very good mother and is very caring and has alot of love for under privleged kids and i think that we need moor peopel like angelina in the world to make it a better place angelina rox

  9. fatal1ty Says:

    but gera kad angelina but mano mama ziauriai grazi ir pan VISIEMS LINKEJIMAI IS LIETUVOS!!!!!!!LIETUVA VALDO!!!!!! ^RESPECT^

  10. Cepuk Says:

    cool mother
    lucky child

  11. mamad hasan Says:

    you are very nice & cool i am from iran….

  12. Bernarda Says:

    im from Croatia (europe) and i think that little Madox is happy but not just coz he has money or fameous mum! I think that she is good mother! so well done! hugh kiss for Madox & Angleina

  13. (M)IKA Says:

    fajne to zdjęcie

  14. bardhi Says:

    plisse help me ai havce 1 problem ai from kosovo yugoslavia aim albana ai have 1 boy hev canser ai dont have mani for go in hospital plisse hellp me plisse JOLI

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