Brad Pitt Begs Angelina Jolie to Slow Down


Brad Pitt is reportedly very concerned about his very pregnant girlfriend and her passion for life.  The sultry babe still seems to be in overdrive and has continued to play hard despite the fact that she is around seven months pregnant.

That has reportedly led Brad to beg Angelina Jolie to slow down.

The Star Magazine uses this week’s cover to ask the question – ‘Is Angelina crazy?’ 

The easy answer – at least in the old days – yes.

The magazine will report that it is very dangerous to be flying at such high altitudes so far along in a pregnancy.  Even father to be, Brad Pitt is baffled by Angelina’s cavalier behavior, sources tell the magazine.

“Brad has point blank begged Angelina to stop flying planes, solo or otherwise,” the source says.  “But at this point he realizes there is nothing he can do- she will do whatever she wants.”  Another source tells Star, “Brad says he’s confused.” 

“Hopping around Europe in private planes is fun but it’s the last thing he imagined he’d be doing in the weeks leading up to the baby’s birth.” 

“He’s had to tell Angelina to slow down.” 

“He thinks they should both spend a lot less time on their feet as the due date gets closer.  It’s stressing him out and he’s starting to wonder out loud why Angelina is so crazy.”

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19 Comments on “Brad Pitt Begs Angelina Jolie to Slow Down”

  1. alyssa Says:

    Oh my god you your my most favoret actor in the world and i hope you and brad work thing’s out i love you girl -alyssa llacher

  2. sarah Says:

    I think he shouldn’t beg her or nothing because brad pit is much hottier and sexier then she is and she doesn’t deserve a face like brad pitt because she’s so ugly and she doesn’t have any hair and l’m much prettier then her I deserve that cuttie

  3. suise r.k Says:

    yes…i agree wid sarah,..caz brad pitt may be in greaaaaattt..confusion n may be rememberin his Ex- jennefer…..

  4. Arica Says:

    I love both of you … ur both beutifull people and work well together, love the kids together, and could have the nicest richest life in all history…. i Think if yall cum across problems you should work them out because the world and kids need you together

  5. reema Says:

    you guys make the absolute best couple. Dont be like all the other celebrity couples that only last 2 years, make yours last forever!

  6. blaadje Says:

    Thanks for this great post, it was just the missing info that ui was looking for, for my study



  7. lesly salameh Says:

    u r z best!!!!!!!!! don’t ever break-up 4 stupid things

  8. ally Says:

    I think Brad was better off with Jennifer Aniston she was gorgeous!!

  9. gRACE Says:


  10. roxana Says:


  11. Jasmine Says:

    Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie stand really perfectly at each other, find I,
    greetz !!!

  12. parsa Says:

    hi i love anjelina.
    give me her beautyful photo .

  13. lancelot Says:

    beautiful online information center. greatest work thanks

  14. tarah Says:

    i cannot stand Angela Jolie i hate her guts she does not deserve brad i think he was better off with jennifer she was great and they was gdgd together i think now he is only staying with ang for the baby well she dont deserve him

  15. tarah Says:

    and all u ppl that said she is beautiful u are all wrong she is well ugly

  16. nmes Says:


  17. Brittni Says:

    All you jealouse people who say angelinais ugly are you blind or on drugs? Shesthe most beautiful women alive.

  18. Liza Says:

    I think that Angelina is a good actress and very gorgeous. I think that Brad is to die for and is hotter than hell. However, I think it was totally wrong of brad to leave jennifer for angelina. It made my respect for him go way way down. I dont like her much either respect wise. They’re both dumb and shouldve stayed with their husbands/wives because thats the right thing to do and im sure jennifer is completely devestated. i know i would be. stupid stupid.

  19. Melany Says:

    Angelina is one of the best actress in the world. It wasn’t wrong to leave for Jolie.

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