Handicapping Angelina’s bump


The woman reviled as the Wallis Simpson of the Hollywood Hills has also apparently become queen of the baffling world of online celebrity wagering, where more than a few people are willing to bet the keys to their '87 Tercels on how the stars will align in the life of Jon Voigt's (estranged) daughter.

Perhaps it's because of her current command of the supermarket tabloids but, if betting on celebrities is a niche pursuit, then Ms. Jolie appears to have carved out a kind of niche-within-a-niche.

Her name appears in wagers such as 'Which one of these celebrities will become a Scientologist?' and 'Will any of the following celebrities be involved in a fender-bender with the paparazzi?'

And, quite apart from her place on lists of possible wagers, she's also more or less unique in her ability to inspire bet-worthy scenaria of her own.

Take, for example, the option available on betonsports.com to take a flutter on 'Will Angelina Jolie marry her brother?'

Jolie, of course, infamously claimed to be "in love" with her brother James Haven at the 2000 Academy Awards. Given her flair for outrageous self-promotion, not to mention society's continued antipathy toward the marriage of siblings, it's unlikely Jolie was being anything close to serious. Yet, betonsports.com is offering US$100 on the dollar — relatively short odds, considering — to anyone willing to believe she's capable of wearing her brother's ring.

At the Web site sportsinteraction.com, punters with a little more faith in Jolie's current relationship with Brad Pitt are invited to bet on the name the two lovebirds will give the child they're expecting this summer.

Yet, these hardly ascribe any more tact to Ms. Jolie.

Best odds, at 9-1, are Brad Jr. and Angelina Jr. But at 34-1 is 'Jennifer,' the name of the woman Jolie replaced; at 67-1 is the unlikely moniker 'L'il Celeb'; at 101-1 is 'Billy Bob,' Jolie's ex-husband; and coming in at 501-1 is 'sportsinteraction.com.'

And somebody's waiting to get rich off the birth of L'il Celeb Jolie-Pitt.

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