Angelina’s Mother Flies in for Baby Birth


Angelina Jolie has flown her dying mother from Los Angeles to Paris so they can be together her for the birth of her child. The actress, who is pregnant with lover Brad Pitt's baby, arranged for her cancer stricken mum, French actress Marcheline Betrand, to travel out to the city.However, when Betrand arrived she decided it was too cold and wet in the French capital so decided to jet to a chateau in the south of France with her daughters' two adopted children Maddox and Zahara. Angelina has decided to give birth in the European country as a tribute to her mother – who wants her to maintain a "circle of life" by delivering her child there.

A source revealed: "Angelina is very close to her mother and so she wanted her to be there for the birth. "Angelina has been having regular check-ups at a hospital in Paris and it is expected that she will give birth within the next few weeks."

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One Comment on “Angelina’s Mother Flies in for Baby Birth”

  1. sheffield Says:

    Great job guys…

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