Why Angelina Jolie Won’t Marry Brad Pitt


A report set for release Friday says that the last wedding plans were all set – and Brad is desperate to get hitched – but Angelina did not want to have any type of ceremony without her mom present.

So – no mom, no wedding.

Angie's mom, Marcheline Bertrand has reportedly been quite ill and battling cancer and until recently was in Los Angeles seeking treatment.  Angie was so concerned that she was tempted to hop on a plane last week and go to LA to be with her mom.  But Jolie is reportedly fatigued so now a report says that she has flown her mom to France.

Will that get the couple hitched?

In Touch reports that Pitt is so desperate that he will even get married in their Paris apartment if he has to.  "Brad wants to get married," a pal tells the weekly magazine.  "He won't be happy until (he gets Angie) to say I do.

Now that her mom is in France – will that get them to the altar?

–Cris Bergman

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2 Comments on “Why Angelina Jolie Won’t Marry Brad Pitt”

  1. Peter Melford Says:

    Actually, there is another rumor circulatiung that she will not marry him because she does not see the necessity in marriage to Pitt. he is a good lover, good person, but he may not even be the true biological father of her soon to be born baby. Pitt is convinced the baby is his, but Angie just recently confided to him about the slight chance it may nto be. Insiders say she is “testing” Pitt to see how committed he is to her. Pitt won’t be swayed away. He’s invested in the family, altho he has informed a friend that he would be hurt if the baby wasn’t his, but he would learn to move on and accept the baby as his own.

    (note*this may or may not be fictional data)

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Angelina and Jolie are the best couples in the world. These are the most sexy, beautiful, smart who are tide up with humanitarian work rather than silly hollywood bimboos. I am so inspired by them. I FEEL LIKE LIVING WHEN I HEAR OR READ ABOUT THEM even in the most boring moment. I hope they will NEVER, EVER separate.

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