Angelina Jolie Wants a Tattoo for Maddox, Brad Pitt Says No

The story comes from Star Magazine so it may not be true:

Brad Pitt is already laying down the law when it comes to being a dad.  Sources say that when Maddox asked for a tattoo, Angelina agreed and even picked out a Buddhist symbol for protection that she liked.

“But Brad just flipped out,” a source close to him tells Star. 

“He thinks Maddox shouldn’t have any tattoos until he is at least 16.  As a compromise, Brad did the right thing by allowing letting Maddox have a temporary henna tattoo painted on.”

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3 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Wants a Tattoo for Maddox, Brad Pitt Says No”

  1. isa Says:

    she’s defenity INSANE. how old is the boy to decide he wants to have a tatoo. he doensnt even know what it means. she’s so immature that she AGREES? shes’sick, her father is right.
    soon she’ll be replacing the childrem mlk for blood — that she seems to like better than anything. she’s gotten no moral and values and she’s no way the womna to brad pitt. i hope he realizes that and finds somebody else to marry to, and of course atke the kids from her. or they will have tatoos on theirs faces before they reach the age of 10 y/o

  2. Dorothy Hendrickson Says:

    Good for you, Brad. Kids grow up way too fast.
    A small child does not need a real tattoo

  3. cristina Says:

    i dont think angelina said yes, i dont think that it true. do u really think she would make her child suffer and cry while he is getting a tatto? that is insane, she is not that kind of mommy.

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