Problems in the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt relationship?


The Star magazine has published reports about the recent clashes between the Hollywood love birds, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, just at the verge of them getting married. The media is pouring in with the news of the couples arguing over a wide range of issues putting their relation at a stake.

National Ledger reports that the couple had a quarrel that ended with Angelina taking Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 14 months, and storming out of their rented Paris apartment for four hours. This is not the first time a squabble between them has left Brad sitting alone, wondering what he could have said or done differently. Star later confirmed that the argument was about them getting married and in Brad’s words “she refused point-blank to set a date, and told him that if he kept pushing her it would be over forever.”

Star magazine has also stated, “They argue about everything, from his cigarette smoking to world politics to how much he loves her! And apparently Angelina has told him she prefers the way he was when they first met — independent and masculine — and that she’s getting tired of his whining and possessiveness.” Brad says that its like he can do nothing right these days.

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12 Comments on “Problems in the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt relationship?”

  1. desiree Says:

    sorry to say this but i think brad and angelina should end it its just doesnt seem right i think brad should be with jen and angelina move on with her life ya know maybe something could come from it

  2. bullshit detector Says:

    Desiree………. you ARE STUPID, ignorant, and retarded….. and you are probably only 14, unless ofcourse you’re an illiterate 22 year old who gets wasted half the week and the other half sniffs cocaine…………. what kind of retarded mess are you ON?!!

    Brad and Jen are OVER….. Jen is Happy with Vince, who is a total cutie pie, meanwhile Brad and Jolie are happy together…… all relationships have their ups and downs….. stupid arguments don’t end it…………………and by the way, just because you never knew who your dad was it doesn’t mean that Shiloh should live without her father as well. Do us all a HUGE favor………….just keep your STUPID thoughts to your self, and while you’re at it……why not get your stupid hands amputated since you have no actual use of them, and you would be saving us one less shit comment we have to read………….. and by “we” I mean….. people with jobs, personal lives and relationships, and most importantly………….SANE…..

  3. isa Says:


    if she’s 14 and you’re not, lets say you’re retarded yourself. who do you think you are o call her ignorant when you give us the biggest example of being stupid by your answer.

    angelina is defenitely not right for him – no matter ig jen is the one or not. he’s a normal guy and shes not a normal woman. thats why she hates her dad – cause he said it so and he was right!

    have yoy read this? “Brad Pitt is already laying down the law when it comes to being a dad. Sources say that when Maddox asked for a tattoo, Angelina agreed and even picked out a Buddhist symbol for protection that she liked.

    “But Brad just flipped out,” a source close to him tells Star.

    “He thinks Maddox shouldn’t have any tattoos until he is at least 16.”

    she likes to show the world she’s generous and good heart carring about people. how much didi she spend at the hotel entire floor that she had at Namibia to have her baby? why not open an orfanat with this money and show — when she can — that to be “citizen of the world” doenst need you to be born in the country you choose with your heart. is she’s sooooo good, and she wasnt born there, theres a good example. havng the baby there doesnt prove anything but IGNORANT people think its really important. what does make you ythink that her FAMOUS baby who will be raised in Beverly Hills and owns an airplane will ever get the same FEELINGS of her mom? we all know that no matter how you raise a child, you cannot make somebody else have the same feelings and believes as we do. she does wnat to have the image of a “generous and goog angie” when she allowas a child to have a tatoo? what in the hell she has on their mind? shit or the blood she used to have around the neck (rathen than having a wedding ring when married to billy bob?)

    shut the fuck up and be smart yourself not believing in everything you read. she helps people? yes. and lots of celebrities do it so – witot calling the press to take pictures like she does. or you think its a coincidence she’s the one that has more photos doing charuty than bono vox and all the others do???????????


    be carefull when you say the word “ignorant” because you’re the biggest one

  4. CiCi Says:

    Brad should be more choosey where he puts his penis. Now he’s stuck in an ugly situation with a strange woman who can’t settle down. Her kids will be raised by nannies while she’s out ‘saving the world’. Those are all posed pictures of their precious family time. Brad, you’ve really screwed up your life now, what were you thinking?

  5. ha ha ha Says:

    i like jen and brad to getha they were great !
    Poor jens relationships have been tre tre tre crap after brad and u can tell shes not over him!
    And his mother told jen that brad told his mum he stilled loved jen
    that may be complete made up bla bla but i dont see why his mum would lie about her son
    and the thing with angelina really aint working and it sounds to me their just staying together for the kids and angelina sounds like she already fed up of him ( even though thats hard to believe hes gorge!! )
    but i feel really soz for brad and anges kids it must be ver hard seeing there parents go throuhg this and it to be all over the bloody press!!!

    god can celebs ever be happily married i think the only happily married celeb couple iv heard of is posh and becks

    xxxxxxx ha ha ha xxxxxx

  6. Jeannine Says:

    I am sickened by this whole “Angelina Jolie” good will stuff! A message to Angelina. GET your head on Princess, figure out your sexuality, and stop being the homewrecker that you are!!!! Then and only then will you have the right to try and save the world. You were quoted that you would never date a married man, because your father did that to your mother. You are pathetic, and in my own opinion this world is not safe with you trying to save it. How ironic that you should stand before the public with your withering body, proud to be over in Iraq as if your presence makes a difference. It doesn’t……trust me when I tell you that everything you and Pitt are doing is in vein. Brad, you deserve to marry such a wretched woman. You are looking as pathetic as she is.

  7. lisa Says:

    thats a load of rubbish.l think angie made her decion not to marry brat coz he is not good in bed maybe his penis is small god forbid bad things angeline is quite pickyand fussy concerning her love life l think.why wil l marry a handsome man who cant f… big deal l guess les give them time.

  8. lisa Says:

    what is this rubbish i hear of angie saving the world what does sjhe know about that he should be home petting her ever moaning boyfreind.angie u need to get in now leave saving e world coz u a no good at all

  9. lisa Says:

    what is she doing in namibia anywher why not zimbabwe or some poor country maybe we can appreciate that

  10. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people can comment (mostly adversely) on others ( particularly high profile celebs) they do not know nor have had any experience or relationship with.

    No one knows what goes on in real life between their mothers and fathers save observations as children, let alone strangers from whatever walk of life that the media appears intense on whipping up statements on without fact or confirmation.

    Guys, engage your brains befor you operate your mouths.


  11. angelina i beg you in the name of your mother grave and god almighty do not make me cry and sad in my life , i love you and like you like my sister , pls married brad pitt , do not make us subject of discussion and talk with paparazi , just make up your mind and marry brad , my regards to james heaven , your six kids , god bless you , i love you deeply.

  12. fatima zaharau usman Says:

    October 4, 2008 at 1:08 pm
    angelina i beg you in the name of your mother grave and god almighty do not make me cry and sad in my life , i love you and like you like my sister , pls married brad pitt , do not make us subject of discussion and talk with paparazi , just make up your mind and marry brad , my regards to james heaven , your six kids , god bless you , i love you deeply.

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