Angelina Jolie’s Biggest Fears


What do you get when you cross two A-List stars and a ton of press watching their every move? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are those two American stars and are in a foreign land – struggling with many different variables and now it appears that fear is creeping in as well.

The sexy actress is getting bigger each day and is with weeks of giving birth. 

There are reportedly several things that are bothering the couple and Susan Hatch has noted earlier that Life & Style is detailing Angie's three worst fears as the due date gets closer.

–Maddox will be jealous of the new arrival

When Angie told Maddox, 4, that the new baby was growing inside her, Mad said, "But I didn’t come from you!" an insider reports. Angie has tried to comfort him but still worries Maddox will envy her and Brad’s biological child.

–She’ll finally have to slow down (a little)

She flies her own plane. She visits kids in Third World countries. She addresses the U.N. And she even finds time to be a movie star. So far, Angie has resisted Brad’s calls to put on the brakes, but once the baby’s born, something will have to give!

–Brad will freak out — and take off!

Brad wants to give the couple’s baby a more traditional upbringing than Angie does. "If Brad isn’t going to be along for the ride, that could spell doom for them as a couple," says a friend of Angie’s.


The latter seems to be the biggest fear of all.

The stress was reportedly really showing when the family flew from Paris to the South of France on March 23. Now it appears to be growing with each passing day.

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