Brad ‘Walks Out’ On Angelina

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (Photo: AAP)

Looks like Hollywood's sexiest couple are on the rocks. While some reports say that the heavily pregnant Angelina Jolie has kicked her hunky husband-to-be out of the bedroom and onto the couch, another report literally goes a few steps further — and has Brad Pitt walking out the door.

"Brad and Ange have been fighting like cat and dog over where to have the baby, over whether Angelina should continue to fly and also over her thinness," a source reveals in NW magazine.

Pitt is also apparently "under pressure" from his family to get Ange to the alter as soon as possible because Brad's mum, Jane, is not keen on her grandchild being born out of wedlock.

But Angelina — who's seven-and-a-half months pregnant — is "not committing" to a date, and her refusal to launch into bridal mode is the main reason behind Brad's "dramatic" exit (either to the couch, or through the front door).

It's yet to be confirmed whether Brad's in the lounge room of the couple's Paris apartment, or whether he's actually left. But there have been signs of trouble in Parisian paradise for some weeks, with the couple spending more and more time apart and few recent photos of them together.

Perhaps the truth about their relationship will emerge when the bundle joy is finally is delivered. But as one insider says: "Ange has been putting up obstacle after obstacle and it's clear to Brad she’s not just stalling anymore. She doesn’t seem to have any intention of marrying him any time soon."

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2 Comments on “Brad ‘Walks Out’ On Angelina”

  1. Gabriell Says:

    I don’t know what to say. Is it karma or what? I am so dissapointed. I was rooting for them and now… I’m speechless.

  2. isa Says:


    angelina is definitely not right for him – no matter if jen is the one or not. he’s a normal guy and shes not a normal woman. thats why she hates her dad – cause he said it so and he was right!

    have yoy read this?

    “Brad Pitt is already laying down the law when it comes to being a dad. Sources say that when Maddox asked for a tattoo, Angelina agreed and even picked out a Buddhist symbol for protection that she liked.

    “But Brad just flipped out,” a source close to him tells Star.

    “He thinks Maddox shouldn’t have any tattoos until he is at least 16.”

    she likes to show the world she’s generous and good heart carring about people. how much didi she spend at the hotel entire floor that she had at Namibia to have her baby? why not open an orfanat with this money and show — when she can — that to be “citizen of the world” doenst need you to be born in the country you choose with your heart. is she’s sooooo good, and she wasnt born there, theres a good example. havng the baby there doesnt prove anything but IGNORANT people think its really important. what does make you ythink that her FAMOUS baby who will be raised in Beverly Hills and owns an airplane will ever get the same FEELINGS of her mom? we all know that no matter how you raise a child, you cannot make somebody else have the same feelings and believes as we do. she does wnat to have the image of a “generous and goog angie” when she allowas a child to have a tatoo? what in the hell she has on their mind? shit or the blood she used to have around the neck (rathen than having a wedding ring when married to billy bob?)

    be smart yourself not believing in everything you read. she helps people? yes. and lots of celebrities do it so – witot calling the press to take pictures like she does. or you think its a coincidence she’s the one that has more photos doing charity than bono vox and all the others do???????????


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