Angelina Jolie In Talks For “Ocean’s 13”


Angelina Jolie is reportedly in talks to star in "Ocean's 13". If she agrees it would see her working again with lover Brad Pitt reports Ananova.

The pair first joined forces in Mr and Mrs Smith. Jolie has also recently worked with Matt Damon on The Good Shepherd reports Guardian Unlimited.

George Clooney, Andy Garcia, Bernie Mac, Casey Affleck and Scott Caan will all return along with Damon and Pitt.

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15 Comments on “Angelina Jolie In Talks For “Ocean’s 13””

  1. Any update on the angelina ocean’s 13 issue?

    –RC of

  2. Eric Ewing Says:

    I Feel it is in demoralizing poor taiste to star in something demeaning to her “Mission Statement” as a “Humanitarian-Based” activist standing up for the goodwill of human hope and dignity!

    I’m the President of Operations at OOPS, Sparkle The Light, Inc. and our Mission Statement is far more in alignment with your “Spiritually Awakening code of Ethics that shall change the face of the Industry forever!

    For Your Lead Role consideration; “OUI: Operation Unilateral Intercourse”

    Sincere Regards ee

  3. In due respect the third sequal is suprevilous, I would hope you’d have enough sense to avoid another blundrous sequal

    Best wishes this summer

  4. Brad Earhorn Says:

    You do whatever the spirit leads you to do Angie, my feeling is just go with your git instinct, God knows what’s right for you in this time of your life

    Cheers and have a great Summer yaaaa!

  5. John Minks Says:

    How many installments are we going to see, she needs to put her talent to good use by maximizing her potential in more authentic French spy thrillers complimenting her culture rather than “theirs”!

    Whatever you do just put your heart and soul into it, Warm Regards

  6. I’m a big fan of Angelinas and for her to star in Oceans 13 is not in the best interest for Brad or thge baby at this point in their lives. Let the babies have a chance to expand their horizons properly without distractions of Bad press already brewing on

    I hope she takes these blogs to heart following her heart to beautiful horizons

  7. Pam Eifert Says:

    Angelina is a beautiful person at heart, I think she should stay on her path helping out needy children around the world and get together with real people who feel the same way she does-

    Oceans Thirteen is not for her…..

  8. I’ve seen the first 2 Ocean installments and for Angelina to waste her time with the amount of creative juices flowing over I think is redundant

    My oppinion is let them sink in their own ship, no sense in her having bad reveiws to!

  9. Laura Aikens Says:

    From one spiritual person to another please stick with the light of insight on this one babe, just because they’re pushing Brad into filling the role don’t put the chilldren in jepardy by neglecting your heart, just keep praying for the light warriors to show you the way


  10. Terresa lepar Says:

    We’re heading into the Spring Equinox and as I look at all these blogs falling on the same day basically saying the same thing I think “Father is trying to tell you to follow his path and not the path of man.
    There’s a reason they’re trying to launch another Oceans Movie and its not because they think its fun to work on the same thing again its because they’re running out of creativity in fire up change in an ailing industry.

    Don’t let us down on this one do it in the best interest of human dignity and poverty stricken youths around the owrld
    God Bless

  11. Sammy Cook Says:

    The reveiws I’ve Benn hearing on O13 isn’t the most pleasant; From stealing exerpts to plagerrism issues running wild within their “Shady Camp” they reffer to in dignity as Section 8 which means in military terms as dishonorably discharged!

    Personally I’m outraged at the amount of gatekeeper keeping used up material like o-13 alive when raw creativity looms over shadowed dealings in the dark corners of Holywood’s Fate as an industry held high on moralistic values!

    Think again if you are an Exec. Producer on this one and don’t fear what sequals will do for your reputattion but fear what tretchry and slanderous acts does to WB’s Career! Good Night & Good Luck?

  12. Caren Griffith Says:

    Speaking from experience; it appears to me these privious bloggers have really lost their minds I don’t know what The Brothers @ WB have done to people in the past but we’re living in a new world now where we need to learn to appreciate skilled productions.

    Angelina is a skilled actor who is also a part of the tinsel town soiree. To carry through with this one is purely up to her agents; however, its a shoe that the studios can’t even force fit oops. I mean forfeit!

  13. muqwpoeaq Says:


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  14. isa Says:

    angelina is defenitely not right for him – no matter if jen is the one or not. he’s a normal guy and shes not a normal woman. thats why she hates her dad – cause he said it so and he was right!

    have yoy read this?

    “Brad Pitt is already laying down the law when it comes to being a dad. Sources say that when Maddox asked for a tattoo, Angelina agreed and even picked out a Buddhist symbol for protection that she liked.

    “But Brad just flipped out,” a source close to him tells Star.

    “He thinks Maddox shouldn’t have any tattoos until he is at least 16.”

    she likes to show the world she’s generous and good heart carring about people. how much didi she spend at the hotel entire floor that she had at Namibia to have her baby? why not open an orfanat with this money and show — when she can — that to be “citizen of the world” doenst need you to be born in the country you choose with your heart. is she’s sooooo good, and she wasnt born there, theres a good example. havng the baby there doesnt prove anything but IGNORANT people think its really important. what does make you ythink that her FAMOUS baby who will be raised in Beverly Hills and owns an airplane will ever get the same FEELINGS of her mom? we all know that no matter how you raise a child, you cannot make somebody else have the same feelings and believes as we do. she does wnat to have the image of a “generous and goog angie” when she allowas a child to have a tatoo? what in the hell she has on their mind? shit or the blood she used to have around the neck (rathen than having a wedding ring when married to billy bob?)

    be smart yourself not believing in everything you read. she helps people? yes. and lots of celebrities do it so – witot calling the press to take pictures like she does. or you think its a coincidence she’s the one that has more photos doing charity than bono vox and all the others do???????????


  15. don't like miss un Says:

    I don’t understand why she is a humanitarian goddess. This is the woman who lied to protect the sale of Mr and Mrs Smith’s tickets (i don’t need brad, i have many lovers, ring the bell? ). She even annouced she sent a message to pitt and aniston people to let them know that she didn’t say she was the shoulder pitt cried on, and denied he was closed to her. She changes her tune in Vogue. Now she spent a lot of time talking about what they both wanted and they admitted to each other they were deeply attracted to each other. She lied to protect her own image. Now SHE IS PIMPING HER LOVE LIFE FOR A MOVIE. What is so fantastic about someone likes this???

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