blog: Jolie Uncomfortable With “Husband’s” Extravagance

(lainey gossip) 

Word is, Angie is extremely uncomfortable with the extravagance. The drivers, the barricades, the almost 'royalty-like' existence – it is a huge contrast to the relative level of freedom she had when it was just her and Maddox. When they first chose the African birthplace, she originally believed it would be much more lowkey. But after the attention they received in Europe, Brad arranged to dramatically increase their protection and though she understands the importance of keeping everyone safe and surrounded, she has apparently expressed concern about the longterm effects of this kind of lifestyle on her kids.

Rumours is, she alluded to it during a brief conversation with a civilian the other day who happened to be granted access for service reasons at the resort. The discussion allegedly began when the staff person talked about a popular local park or play spot that her own children were fond of. After asking a few questions about the location etc and laughing about being too big to play with her son, Angie supposedly sighed and said something to the effect of 'I'll mention it too my husband but he's being so cautious lately. It will be better once the baby comes but right now, Madd is getting bored!'

Needless to say, I heard the two magic words 'My Husband' and tried frantically to get confirmation with no luck. While there are certainly suspicions, no one stateside can say for sure and no one else can get their hands on any evidence. I suppose however that at this point, it's very possible that if her children call him daddy anyway, referring to him as her husband, even without the paperwork, isn't exactly a stretch, is it?

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4 Comments on “blog: Jolie Uncomfortable With “Husband’s” Extravagance”

  1. letty Says:

    Angie is absolutely right how to address her husband.

  2. letty Says:

    Very obvious Brad is protecting his family but for how long are they going to suffer the exhorbitant toll of that security ? It just results to extravagance and most of all inbalance lifestyle. I can imagine how hard it is for them to live without privacy.

    How about being more open so that the curiousity about you, lessens, Brad ? How about doing an open day each month but all who want to see you pay of course ? Let’s call it Fans’ Day ! This way you can even find out easier how pricey your future movies can be. We hope you and Ange make a serious Love Story movie this time.
    Suggested title : Against all Odds, True Love Wins !

    That will be the most sought after movie of the century.
    Forgive us Brad, Ange it’s just the peoples’ love on you that they really want to see you together. Beautiful and lovely combination but hard to handle.

  3. jude Says:

    what is all the fuss about this person she is not in the least beautiful. She has a big mouth, and how many bloody kids does she want, all the tatoos, she has make her look cheap and nasty, I have never liked her, and sick of the sight of seeing her all over the papers, with a brood of kids.

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