Brad Pitt Mad At Angelina Jolie About Time In Africa


A source tells Star magazine, "Brad's a huge proponent of modern Western medicine."

"His first choice of places for Angelina to give birth was Cedars-Sinai Medical Center [near his home] in L.A. Failing that, he was fine with Angelina having the baby in Europe."

Instead, Angelina dragged the whole family to Namibia and on April 3 ('06), they reserved the secluded 'Burning Shore Beach Lodge' in Swakopmund.

The family later went on a safari expedition in Namibia's wildlife sanctuary, Etosha National Park,  which takes up over 8,000 square miles, and on April 11 ('06), they went to an animal refuge for a 4-day stay.

A source explains to Star, "Angelina feels that having the baby in Namibia will make the child bond more with its siblings [Maddox was born in Cambodia, Zahara is from Ethiopia], instead of being born in the United States and feeling totally isolated from their third-world roots."

But Brad is worried.

Another source tells the Star that Brad "fears that taking the family to a continent where AIDS, tuberculosis and other diseases run rampant, and where he thinks kidnapping and terrorist threats lie around every corner, is not the safest thing to do. He has told Angelina that he thinks she is putting the kids (and their soon-to-be-born baby) at risk by taking them there."

— Compiled from wire reports

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