Angelina Jolie’s security boss gets tough with paparazzi


Angelina Jolie’s long-time bodyguard Mickey Brett has sent a chilling message to the paparazzi that are stalking the actress at her Namibian hideaway.

Hardman Brett is overseeing a huge tarpaulin structure, which will give the pregnant move star the ultimate privacy as she holidays with boyfriend Brad Pitt and their kids, and he has issued a statement explaining he'll personally discipline any snapper who gets too close.

He says: "If I find anyone getting a picture of Jolie I will f**king smash someone to pieces."I'm not joking. I'll f**king put someone in the hospital. Tell your friends."

Meanwhile, one photographer who captured shots of Pitt playing with his adopted son Maddox was reportedly doused with pepper spray.

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16 Comments on “Angelina Jolie’s security boss gets tough with paparazzi”

  1. Danny Matthews Says:

    Brett has also threatened reporters and photographers with physical violence. Here he is now, “If I find anyone gettin’ a picture of Jolie, I will fu@*ing smash someone to pieces. I’m not joking. I’ll fu#$ing put someone in hospital. Tell your friends.” Wow, what a catch. What’s he like on a date?

    A. Well apparently Mickey is the perfect gentleman on a date according to my Thai girlfriend Amy that he escorted to a restaurant on two occasions whilst holidaying in Bangkok, Thailand. He didn’t try to get in her pants and conducted himself in a polite manner. Amy is a very attractive lady and not your usual ‘run of the mill’ Thai date!!

    I have spoken to Mickey on the phone on several occasions and he has always been polite despite the obvious confrontational issues over Amy. He is obviously only ‘doing his job’ and it must be a pain in the arse dealing with the vermin paparazzi that chased a princess to her death! Amy and I were having a trial separation at the time so as I could concentrate and try to salvage my relationship with my long-term girlfriend and mother of my child another Thai lady Nina.

    Sometimes the only way to deal with constant harassment is to fight back and fair play for him for not tolerating the paparazzi bullshit!!

    P.S. Best of luck A.J. & Brad, any chance of an invite?

    I’ll even allow Amy to be a bridesmaid while I help Mickey knock a few paparazzi up in the air!!


  2. francesco dinardo Says:

    i know they need their privacy ..but hey its part of the business..i am currently been involved in the film industry for over 6 years an actor/writer/creator….and already i am getting all this media wanting to interview what do i do i take the chance of becoming more successful and suffer the consequences of whats up ahead if i do become successful or back off ..No i go forward cause thats mydream ..being successful in the film industry …

    i will keep you posted of my success..or email me and i can send you all the success that has happened so far

    thanks again,

    Francesco DiNardo
    Treschic Film Studios

    • Your Mom Says:

      hahaha. I guess you never went for that interview, eh? Can’t find you ANYWHERE!!!!! Your name doesn’t even pop up in any small website. I guess you’re just a fake!

  3. Enough is enough!!

    I personally know Brad and it is really awful how the weekly flesh traders are feasting on their moment of joy. It really isn’t the way things should be and demonstrates how depraved society, media and people have become.

    Pray for their family and leave them alone.

  4. Mickey also pulled the bully bs in the USA several years ago. As a result of his tough guy taticts he got banned from the USA entirley and Angelina had to get an USA bodyguard to replace him. He also chocked a photographer photographing her on the New York City set of “Life or something like it.” The guy is a menace and should be delt with as violently as he dishes out. I know that I am ready for him if he tries anything physical. Angelina should be smart enough to recognize him as the serious liability that he is and should be held legally responsible for his actions from this point on.

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  6. mickey brett Says:

    mr sergio cortez you are ready for what you idiot! get your facts right before you shoot your mouth off arsehole! and dont threaten me!!

  7. kenny adams Says:

    This guy is wacky. He dated my girlfriend in Bangkok too and he tried to get into her pants. Several times he managed. This he did with some girls but later never accepted that he was just short time fun for them, too.
    Sorry Mickey, you should treat them better

  8. Phil Ranstrom Says:

    I’ve read some of the comments and it seems to me the guy was just doing his job. Sure, he may be a little volatile, but most people don’t have to put up with the incessant hounding that these people do…photogs lurking, stalking, peering, making your life creepy and miserable. It’s not unusual that a trained bodyguard would inflict damage on some wimpy photo, either. As a former kickboxing champion & long-time martial artist, the few street scuffles I’ve had in my day have always resulted in the lesser with more than a bloody nose. Of course they’re going to call the police, try to collect damages, make it more than what it was. Papparazzi are scavengers by nature. Also, it’s not unusual for guys to try and get into a woman’s pants who they’re dating. What planet have you been living on, Kenny?

  9. Jerry Says:

    Too bad you’re not allowed in the U.S. Mr. Mickey Mouse. I would love to beat the crap out of you, you little sawed off piece of shit bully…

  10. mickey brett Says:

    I am a homosexual.

  11. my two cents Says:

    Well, the man is extremely aggressive from the stories that have been writeen. He is leaving a trail of bodies behind him.
    One thing you have to remember is that the Jolly Pitz are paying him to do just that. Bad karma in MY book! It seems like
    there could be a better way to orchestrate things. Like a wall of people surrounding them as they walk so that no one
    can even see them. Instead of one stocky ugly brute of a man that is one big nut of bad vibes. You have to wonder what
    they’re thinking! I wouldn’t want this guy anywhere around me, personally. He’s so gross!

  12. Larissa Says:

    shut up all of you talking about my dad like he isnt a real person
    no his not a homo n no he isnt wacky n yes he is doing his job

  13. Tim G Says:

    I met Mickey Brett a few months ago on a trip to Dublin and found him to be a gentleman for the entire trip.
    He is doing an incredibly hard job and protects his clients interests at all times to the best of his abilities.
    I hope that anyone reading my comments can appreciate his position and if they have not met him, maybe not judge him simply on the comments of the people he is stopping from intimidating and bothering his clients.

  14. lisa Says:

    oh get a grip you lot,hes just doing his job,you ones who are commenting are sad silly pathetic people.or men i guess.Your all like that when someones a threat but face to face you wouldnt say a word.I think hes great.x

  15. tj Says:

    i know mickey. you couldnt meet a more charming person. how are these photographers allowed to get away with what they do. they deliberately try and get photos up celebrities skirts etc. if any other person were to do that they would be prosecuted and labelled a pervert.

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