Relatives Fly In: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Wedding Imminent?


Relatives are expected to fly in join Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt within days in their African hide-out, a published report claims.  That has led to the speculation that a wedding is imminent.

An insider told the UK Mirror: "We've heard Brad Pitt's brother Doug is flying out and some of her family, too. Everyone's wondering if they're going to get married here before the baby's born.

Reports are that it's been quite the power struggle between Brad and Angie as the more traditional Brad desperately wants to be married before his baby is born.  Jolie seems very content unmarried and has already been a single mother.

One thing is certain – even if they aren't married right away – that baby is coming soon. "It's only a month to go until Angelina is due to give birth, so they don't have much time left if they want to be married first,  the insider dished"

They have surrounded themselves with mega security at the Burning Shore Beach Lodge in Langstrand, Walvis Bay and reportedly have a private jet on standby just in case the have to bail in a hurry for health concerns or any other reason.

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2 Comments on “Relatives Fly In: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Wedding Imminent?”

  1. Shelby Aline Says:

    I think that Angie and Brad are going to make it through all of this hassle about weddings, babies, paparazzi and the rest of the rumors. I think that they are working very hard to try to fight the magazine tabloids and are very courageous to be able to deliver a baby in africa. I give my greatest wishes to them and hope that they have a beautiful little baby. And if anything else happens, such as weddings and others, it’s none of anyone other’s business so it may be better to keep things “hush-hush” for a while until everything settles down and they are off of the celebrity gossip magazines everywhere. Good luck guys! Love yeah!

  2. chadburn Says:

    Great job guys…

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