Pitt & Jolie to Tackle the “Atlas Shrugged”

Scott Weinberg writes:

"Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" has somehow avoided being turned into a movie for decades, but that might be changing pretty soon. Lionsgate has acquired worldwide distribution rights for the (eventual) film, which will be produced by Howard and Karen Baldwin. Apparently, both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have an interest in participating.

According to Variety, ""Atlas Shrugged," which runs more than 1,100 pages, has faced a lengthy and circuitous journey to a film adaptation.

The Russian-born author's seminal tome, published in 1957, revolves around the economic collapse of the U.S. sometime in the future and espouses her individualistic philosophy of objectivism. The violent, apocalyptic ending has always posed a challenge but could prove especially so in the post-9/11 climate."

…and also that "Angelina Jolie, a longtime devotee of Rand's, and Brad Pitt, also a fan, are rumored to be circling the leading roles of Dagny Taggart and John Galt.""

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2 Comments on “Pitt & Jolie to Tackle the “Atlas Shrugged””

  1. Soumaya Says:

    This is going to be something!!!One of the greatest books ever being made into a film starring Angelina will be quite interresting…Ayn Rand rocks and i can’t wait for a remake of The Fountainhed….Atlas Shrugged will be made into a great film ,i hope…

  2. bwlass Says:


    If you would like to see the brilliant Jeremy Northam as John Galt in
    the movie “Atlas Shrugged”, please sign this petition which is being
    sent to Baldwin Entertainment, executive producers of the film.


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