Angelina Jolie in Today Show Interview


Angelina Jolie's interview with Ann Curry on the Today Show was great!
Angelina talked about so many important humanitarian issues that need tackling.

What was so interesting, watching Angelina smile & giggle so much! It was so obvious! She admitted that the giggling is a hormonal effect from the pregnancy, and that Brad Pitt has told her that she has been giggling a lot too! She is absolutely stunning! No makeup, just glowing from inside, full of joy and love, no wonder she cannot stop smiling and giggling.
Unfortunately, she didn't give away the sex of the baby, although she knows, & also it wasn't really clear where she's going to have the baby!
Well, These things are worth waiting for!

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One Comment on “Angelina Jolie in Today Show Interview”

  1. Jake Says:

    This is great, bookmarked, thanks!

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