Angelina Jolie fires agents

Actress Angelina Jolie has fired her agents at top Hollywood talent firm CAA after only 13 months of representation.

The Tomb Raider star signed on with CAA in March 2005 and is not expected to sign up with another agency, reported. CAA also represents Jolie's boyfriend actor Brad Pitt, who still remains a client.

The celebrity couple is currently in Namibia with their two adopted children, awaiting the birth of their next child.

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22 Comments on “Angelina Jolie fires agents”

  1. Mary Smith Says:

    How can we get in touch with Ms. Jolie for a webcast interview to highlight her UN refugee and children’s work? We have a huge international audience that she could reach.

  2. Would like to give her a Kool Mama Reward for being the best mom. How do we reach her agents or CAA

  3. Donna Blackwell Says:

    We have a 2 1/2 lb (1 1/2 year old) teacup Poodle named Chrissy Angelina Jolie (smile). She is a special needs little dog, she was born with a disfunctional back leg. She has since broken her two front legs, in which there was two casts, but this did not stop her, she is tough and beautiful (that’s how she got her name) Inspite of her handicap, she found a way to skoot around the house to get where she wants to go. This little girl is strong and a survior. Her two front legs are now healed, but the malfunctioning back leg remains, it hangs like a question mark. We are told that she will suffer greatly if surgery is not conducted to correct the problem. However, we cannot afford the surgery. We seek Angelina in hopes this would be a charity project worthy of her honor. Chrissy also is the Ridgewood Nursing Home Special Need Mascot. She also was featured in the Springfield News & sun on June 5, 2006 Springfield, Ohio. I would love to send Angelina Jolie a copy of the news article it is beautiful. Please help us help her. Thank you Donna Blackwell

  4. lana franklin Says:

    i wanted to know how can i get in contact with angelina jolie? i recently met her and wanted to get back in contact with her. how can get in contact with her before she move to new orleans.
    lana franklin

  5. I want to get in touch with Angelina or Brad to see if a Proust group can visit their Proust inspired Chateau Gabriel near Deauville, France.

  6. Hello! I am the owner of children’s clothing called Pollilops and I would love it if I could send Angelina Jolie some of our cute outfits. We design our clothes and have really unique and original styles. How would we be able to send something to her?

  7. Daniel Aument Says:

    I would like to thank Ms. Jolie for her work with the UNHCR and in particular with the people of South Sudan and also with the girls and young women of Kakuma.

    Ms. Jolie: You are an inspiration to me and to many people around the world.The next time you see Opra W , tell her about Sudan and challenger her to get involved there just as you have done.

  8. robert jones Says:

    How do I get in contact with Angelina Jolle ? Australia needs Angelina’s assistance to support drought abatement project to save this country from drought.i can be contacted on 61 7 41290429 Queensland me for full details. thank you.

  9. Shay Says:

    Hi, I wanted to tell you what a great team you and Mr: Pitt make. I am told I look like you at almost every day. I have long dark hair, full lips and my eyes are blue sometimes green. I’m flattered that peolple say I look like you . your very beautifull inside and out. I wear my hair in a long braid like you do. If you ever need someone to fill in as a look alike for you please let me know. Pictures sent upon Request.
    Warm regards Shay

  10. Shay Says:

    You can reach me at 239-440-8685. I live in Florida

  11. candace dean Says:

    yes, I would like to know how to contact Ms Jolie’s representative.

    I want to make a request to them. I would like to photograph Ms Jolie and children and use the profits to establish a national organization to fight age discrimination – more responsive than AARP that is bogged down in bureaucracy. I know she supports good causes. Thank you.

  12. Olivia J Says:

    I would also like to get in contact with Angelina or someone that works for her. I so admire all she has done with charities and I would like to bring a newborn non-profit organization to her attention.
    The WilLiv Center, helping mother’s and their children survive the almighty struggles of divorce – mentally, physically, and financially.
    Founder of this organization is a single mother that went through this herself and now only wants to help others so they are not faced with all the fear and heartache that she had to bear, and is still feeling the aftershock.
    Would be so grateful to hear from someone
    Olivia J

  13. Anita Browne Says:

    Good evening Ms Angelina Jolie. congratulations on the birth of your twins. I know you are really busy but could you please spare a few mins of your time. I really need your advice and some help. it would mean everything to me right now.

    take care and stay blessed.

  14. rekhadwivdi Says:

    i want toget in touch with herits because nfch needs economic help we support ten thousend children all over the country. if we have more money we can give them better care . these children have become prphan its because there parens or one of bread wi have been killed in cimmunal riots in india

  15. wisdom Says:

    hi Jolie rst i just wanna say lol.and thank god at-least i believe that this message will reach you.i have been dying to get any of your contact.i just want to ,et you know that YOUR JUST A PERFECT CREATURE.I WISH I CAN AN OPPORTUNITY TO MEET U .EVEN IF IT MEANS DOING ANYTHING POSSIBLE.YOUR THE QUEEN OF OTHER CELEBRITIES.I WISH I COULD ONLY GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU.I BELIEVE IF I DO I WILL ARCHIVE ALL I WANT IN LIFE.SKINGDH@YAHOO.COM IS MY ID,+2347032282452 IS MY #.LOL AGAIN.QUEEN OF THE WORLD.

  16. marcie Says:

    Hi Jolie, you are an inspiration to all the mother’s out there. You are a strong woman and thinking love, family are the priorities to a happy life. I need your advice on how to keep my will going like you have done these past years.. Please contact me. Stay strong, Keep your family together know matter what it takes. Those loving children need a father and a mother..God bless you and your family..Marci.xoxo

  17. marcie Says:

    My e-mail address if anyone needs to talk or listen.. Mother of two who needs help on a situation. Needs to talk to a strong person who can help me figure out possibilities or reason. My head can’t process any more reason..Marci

  18. samuel Says:

    i wish and dream and even think of getting in touch with jolie so if i do that i think i will be happiest most successful star on earth

  19. nicrub Says:

    i know its funny that i try to contact u via a public site and expect you to give me an answer…
    but dont know other ways either…
    anyway if u leave me to myself in my dreams, (if souls come together when we sleep thing is true, you know what im talking about) i can stop searching you…
    doing funny things…
    writing idiotic sentences…
    there is nothing to say for me 😦

  20. MJ Says:

    i would like to get in touch with angelina in regards to the movie she would like to make in bosnia… i am bosnian girl who might be able to help angie and also my story might be very inspiring to her… i was in pakistan for earthquake relief and missed her while she was visiting also… if there is a way to contact angelina and for her just to hear my story, would be great… i always dreamed of making a movie about my country…

  21. Fatima Says:

    I am refuge. can you help me?

  22. adrianna Says:

    hi im Adrianna Hibbard im a 17 year old young lady,im 4’11. I have light brown hair, and, hazel green eye. im verey friendly and random, I like to laugh and make other people laugh, I love to act, its my dream and im willing to do what it takes to be an actress. I will be 18 in november! something im haveing a problem with right now at this moment is money i don’t have it at this time but i really have the talent that could suprise you . I have gone to many acting auditions and made it, but not able to pay but i promise my talent could pay the price!! I could act, model, and sing just need a little vocal lessons and ill be on point, I have alot of energy in me, so I no I could do this, im a hard worker , I have courage and insperation, and im motivated in doing my dream that i will succeed in!! i would be honorred to meet you!

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