Jennifer Aniston to Beat Angelina Jolie to the Altar?

 Are things really getting serious with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn?  The two reportedly are shopping for some fancy new digs in Chicago and with that – of course – follows wedding speculation.

Will Jennifer Aniston beat nemesis Angelina Jolie to the Altar?

The Chicago Times is reporting that the two could soon be playing house, making their love nest in a $12 million mega-mansion that used to belong to Mr. T.

Ted Casablanca checks in:

Rumor Number One: Bless Ted C., the nosy, all-knowing bah-staad. Before he jetted off for sunnier pastures, he checked in with Desk Chicago. And boy did she have some major scoopage. See, our source–who practically lived on the Break-Up set–got a little visit from one of her camera-savvy amigos.

That's Ted speak for his source has gave him some info for Vince and Jen in Chicago.

"My friend came into the studio last night and told us that Jen and Vince Vaughn were engaged," she blabbed, so excited you'd think she'd beaten Courteney Cox to the matron-of-honor punch.

"Vince's sister had emailed him asking him if he would possibly shoot the video at the wedding, so it sounds like if it goes down, it might be here in Chicago."


Ah – the old e-mail.  Hey – here's hoping she beats Jolie on at least this.  A Chicago wedding certainly is better than a fake African ceremony hands down.

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6 Comments on “Jennifer Aniston to Beat Angelina Jolie to the Altar?”

  1. Angelina Jolie is a slut, liar, all around demon. I know that language is hysterical, however, this latest round of interviews is mind splitting. How can someone like her be so celebrated. She is entirely selfish, a publicity whore, touting herself as a mother when please, be honest, who is really raising those kids? You flaunt them for more photographs – you are essentially prostituting your own children. Please go seclude yourself, go far away and try not to selfishly sleep with anyone’s husband while you are there.

  2. ahmad Says:

    hi miss jolia wery happy ing your rayting. see latr by

  3. hello madam nice smýt you

  4. Jennifer Fan Says:

    I think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie deserves each other because they’re both nothing but fakes who uses money for fame and popularity.They won’t get marRied soOn because they’lL soOner or later realize that they’re not meant to be and leave each other.I think Jennifer Aniston deserves someone betTer than Vince Vauhn..someone like Michael Vartan.They’re perfect for each other.They’re both high claSs with great loOks.I realLy hope Jennifer Aniston meEt Michael Vartan soOn..that wilL make Brad Pitt feEl stupid thinking Jennifer Aniston can never find another goOd loOking guy like him..

  5. votos-texas Says:

    is brad even good looking? heh

  6. Dustin Hotten Says:

    Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!…

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