Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Take Trip to Paris for Prenatal Care

By Tina Sims  

Angelina Jolie reportedly wants to have her child in Africa.  Brad Pitt would prefer Paris and really would love for his girlfriend to give birth in the US in California according to a report in the upcoming Life & Style.

Will this cause trouble in paradise?  Reportedly – it has at least caused a surprise trip back to Paris for some prenatal care for Angelina.


Citing an insider, the magazine reports that Brad’s still worried about the health care in Namibia so the newlyweds were back in Paris on May 5 for Angie to get a quick check – up in a hospital.

Once Brad’s reassured she’s OK, “Angelina certainly plans to return to Namibia,” says the insider, “but Brad would rather the baby be born in Paris or LA.”


That's probably better. 

Jolie has reportedly experienced the usual problems with her pregnancy.  The wafer thin mom to be has had dizzy spells and on more than one occasion has had to take trips to the doctor for nausea and other symptoms according to published reports.

Is she pushing her luck by being s adamant that she have the baby in a third world country?


Let's hope not – and there's still time for her to skip the idea of an African birth and have her child delivered in Paris or Los Angeles.

–Tina Sims

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