Angelina Jolie reportedly turns down Brad Pitt’s marriage proposal


Angelina Jolie has reportedly turned downed Brad Pitt's marriage proposal.

The stunning 'Tomb Raider' actress, who is heavily pregnant with actor's baby is refusing to walk down the aisle.

A source revealed to Britain's Grazia magazine: 'Brad has literally got down on his knees to beg Angelina to change her mind but she laughs pulls him to his feet, kisses him and says, 'Let's not ruin something so perfect'.' However, Brad's traditional parents are apparently unimpressed with their son fathering up a child out of wed-lock. The source added: 'They'd rather their son bring a child into the world with the benefit of marriage.' Angelina is reportedly anxious not to rush into another marriage following her divorces from actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton. The couple are currently in Namibia with adopted children Maddox, four, and one-year-old Zahara awaiting the birth of their first child together

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21 Comments on “Angelina Jolie reportedly turns down Brad Pitt’s marriage proposal”

  1. Nubiiaa Says:

    If she feels that this is what she wants, she is the mother, and Brad and his parents should honor her decision. As a mother myself, I would be damned if my parents or my child’s father’s parents have the say-so on what goes on in my parental desicions. It is up to the mother and father to decide what they want to do. But it is really up to the mother-to-be to decide what is more comfortable for her. I don’t care how famous, rich or what-ever you want to call it, it is really up to the mother-to-be to decide what she wants. Besides, it is easy for others to say what they would do, but if they are not the ones giving birth, then they should stand aside and give the mother-to-be room to breath and decide what is best for her child-to-be. All the man did is contribute in having her pregnant. How would the man feel if he was having a penial surgery and the woman and her parents decided how it would go? I wouldn’t be fair.

    Just because Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have all this attention and money and star status doesn’t mean anything. They are human just like you and me. And they are going thru issues just like the next person in their possion. I say, whatever is comfortable for Angelina, would reflect on how the pregnancy and delivery would go The grandparents should stay out of it. My goodness, she did not lay dowm with the in-laws and get pregnant. She layed down with Brad Pitt and Brad should have a backbone and tell his parents to stay out of it.
    And just because Brad allegedly asked Angelina to marry him doesn’t mean a hill of beans. That is the oldest story in the book. If Brad really loved Angelina as it is reported, he would have asked her to marry him before she got pregnant. I appload Angelina to reportedly turn him down, because she is making sure that his proposal is genuine and not because she is carrying his child. She is also making sure that Mr. Maddox and Ms. Zahara is being protected. I can’t stand a man asking a woman to marry him after they found out she is pregnant. That makes any woman think “Why didn’t he ask me before all this is going down?”
    All I have to say to Brad is, where was this alleged proposal before her pregnancy and what is his motives? Is his motives due to the fact that he left Jennifer Aniston for another woman? Does he feel guilty? Does he want his sparkling image of a good guy to stand with his fans? If he value his fans oppinion more than his woman, then what does that say about her, and him for thar matter? I would respect him more if he value hia woman’s oppinion more than his fans. That, to me, would say that he genuion care about his make-shift family more than us and he cares about his woman’s feelings.
    As a fan of Brad Pitt, I always thought of him as a family man, regardless of who he was with and a honest man. And for him to do things in the order that did, it makes me wonder,”What type of man is he, really?” Good looks don’t acctually get you much. It just get you in alot of trouble..
    Angelina Jolie is a strong woman, who, just because she said she would not get pregenant, got pregnant with Brad Pitt child, doesn’t mean she will give up heself for anyone.
    Brad Pitt, just because she is pregnant with your child, doesn’t mean that she will do whatever you and your parents want. Just ask yourself, ” How would something that she never expreicnce before be more comfortable for her?”

    I say to Angelnia, do what makes you feel comfortable in your delivery, and whereever you decide to have your child, I know that you are takimg precactions on having a healthy child.
    Good luck on your future endevour and I pray that your child is healthy and beautiful,

  2. holly Says:

    hey my name is holly
    and im 14 and from australia now that jolie n piit have had their baby i say well done they got away from all the glitz n glamour n want 2 b real parents not like some other actors. So shiloh is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby whihc is expected especially from the looks of the parents especially jolie who i think is one of the most stunning women in history i love them theyre the best actors love mr and mrs smith hopefully there will be a number 2!!!!!! okay well its not like jolie n pitt hopefully soon to be both pitts? no actaully angelina should keep her own last name its not like these guys actually read these if they do im ur biggest fan!! peace out xx angelina is my hero !!

  3. Hair grow Says:

    i Think she is stunning! she exemplifies what beauty is, what a woman should be like
    power, money, confidence, beauty

  4. rim Says:


  5. luke Says:

    she is utopic !!

  6. adel Says:

    very very good

  7. adel Says:

    she is utopic !!

  8. tamanna Says:

    She is beautiful, and charming. She and Brad pitt Really look good together.God bless them and their love life.

  9. lala Says:

    It is the humanitarin that she is that truely makes here beautiful

  10. 2 ol hu’s insecure 2 angelina,just always keep ur eyes open 2 know wat ur talking about and dont u ever down her i’ll make sure if u sleep after ur negative comment 2 angelina u have a nytmare dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!bye……

  11. jade Says:

    im sorry twin of Angelina bot i was complimenting her not putting he down

  12. jade Says:

    angelina jolie is the best chick ever

  13. lovely dagalea Says:

    i think agelina is smart because at first i just thought she was just gonna marry anyone but now i think shes clever for not marying that pile of shit

  14. tabrej Says:

    i love you

  15. Tessa Says:

    I think Brad and Angelina should NOT be together. He is wayyyyy tooo good for her. He should get back with Jennifer. Thats my wish!!!!

  16. mojtaba Says:

    I want all pictures of angelina jolie

  17. First of all…, why Jolie has broked the couple Brad & Jen 2 years ago? Inside 2 years, Jolie has broked a very nice couple, has obligated Brad to be the father of her 2 adopted children and very soon, has falled preagment! Brad have a lot of money that he has wined by himself and now Jolie looks like crasy to make him spend all his money, she is capricious and that’s all! So, I understand very well Brad’s mother don’t accept this wild, strengh and creasy women. WHY BRAD STAYS WITH HER????

  18. mathieu Says:


  19. dieter Says:

    sexy y will angelina jolie naked

  20. saranda Says:

    tung a po ban aje mir shum me pelqen anxhelina

  21. mor Says:

    I want all pictures of angelina jolie

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