Pop Star Pink Finds Angelina Jolie ‘Amazing’


Alecia Moore, more popularly known as Pink, has been gettin' parties started for quite some time now.  But it seems the wild child is discovering her more grownup side, telling Sunday Life in an interview about her troubles and her inspirations.

Saying she "couldn't have been any sweeter", the mag talks of Pink's current reign as the "undisputed princess of pop" and of how she's not afraid to court controversy.  Pink, 26, has spoken openly about her former drug abuse, and her love for animals.  This little lady doesn't "take lip from anyone", but also admits that love and marriage have brought out her softer side.

Pink met her motocross biker hubbie Corey Hart in 2001.  Their on again, off again romance-friendship finally settled down when she asked him to marry her via a big sign she mischievously held up trackside at one of his races.

Says Sunday Life:  While the singer is famous for her wild hair-cuts, tattoos and piercings, she confides that she's an old-fashioned girl at heart, preferring a more feminine look for her nuptials.

"There's a little traditional, screaming woman trying to claw her way out of my belly button," she confesses.

"I have many, many different personalities and me and Carey are very traditional in the love we have for each other and our families.  It's not about who we are that keeps us together.  We don't care if our significant other raises our profile or anything like that, we just love each other."

When asked who she viewed as today's positive role models for young women, her answer was revealing.  "I think Oprah is amazing.  I think Angelina Jolie is amazing, and I think Reese Witherspoon is awesome too.  There are so many smart women out there."

What an odd assortment… but then again, Pink is an odd assortment …all in one person!

— Compiled from wire reports

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5 Comments on “Pop Star Pink Finds Angelina Jolie ‘Amazing’”

  1. my comment for angilina is i love her shes great.but i feel bad for her with the lack of privicy people like me wish we could have her life syle and money but all in all she has no privicy there should be a law for the paparotzi i think there assholes this comment is for everyone dont believe everything you read or see because the paparozi make shit up as the go .. good luck in everything you do and congratulations on the baby..a fan in michigan sandy.m

  2. laura Says:

    she is very beautiful!!!! the film that more likes than she did is it of Lara Croft!!!!!!

  3. moi j’adore angelina jolie j’aimerai être comme lui un jour actrice ces le travail de mes rêve moi je veu être un joueur de film ces cas que je veu être actrice svp édait moi a l’être merci.

  4. Is that supposed to be Pink in the picture? If it is then it’s amazing how different she looks there from what she looks like now. Didn’t even know she had a real name. LOL

  5. sammy Says:

    fuck them lesbians

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