Brad Pitt Family: We Are Not Angry With Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt's Missouri family is trying to squash rumors that they are angry with Brad's pregnant and unmarried girlfriend Angelina Jolie.  Published reports have been saying for some time now that Brad is upset that the family still is chatty with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

Other reports were claiming the close-knit Pitt clan felt they'd been snubbed and basically left out from half a world away when their son, 42, and his 30-year-old missus Jolie suddenly moved to Paris and then Namibia.

Now the family is doing a bit of damage control according to the 3am Girls.

Brad's brother Doug says the family are glued to the phone in America waiting for the news.

"We all want to help them get through the birth in any way we can," Doug says. "We just want them to enjoy it and to know we're all thinking of them."


Even so, after almost two months hidden thousands of miles away in Namibia, it looks like super-private Angelina is happy for Brad's family to take a front seat in their future.

Doug revealed they were planning a trip to Paris for a "family vacation", prompting speculation that Brangelina will return to the city after the birth.

It did seem an odd choice for the couple to bail on the US when they did as Angelina is very close to her mom and she lives in LA and Brad's family would have been just a three hour plane ride away from California from their home in Springfield, Missouri.

But it appears it was Angelina Jolie's call and she made it.

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10 Comments on “Brad Pitt Family: We Are Not Angry With Angelina Jolie”

  1. Rockmeister Says:

    Please Stanby for Transmission:Just two word’s people,”Dr.Phil!If no positive result’s there I’m sorry to say the next two word’s,”Jerry Springer!”.Peace.

  2. letty Says:

    High time for Brad’s parents to publicly receive the blessings and best fortune that has ever happened to Brad with Angelina . She is a great lady, a loving and caring mother and dedicated wife to Brad. See what love can do between them. They have been against many odds but they are still there, strong and proud.

    They may have strange beginning but that’s life. We are all bound to make errors for as long as we are willing to change. We become better than those who judge us.

    All the best wishes to Ange and Brad.
    All Thumbs Up !

  3. Gosia Says:

    Although Jen was Wonderfull too, but when majic happends you should follow your heard and thats what Brad and Angelina did, theirs no one to blam. They are the perfect family now and their is nothing standing in their way
    Congrats ! 🙂

  4. Tia Says:

    i think tha jen sould fuck off and grow up that little bitch and if i was brad i wouldnt even think about her angelina is fucking hot hot hot hot hot hot and so is brad lol

  5. jess Says:

    brad should take shilo and leave, why be unhappy with that bitch angelina, she is as ugly as hell.

  6. amanda Says:

    I think jen needs to grow up and find another man if brad is happy with angelina then he should stay with her.But if he isent he should just leave.

  7. gilly Says:

    Brad is not happy with Angelina. He puts up with the relationships for the kids. They are not a happy normal family. Tia and Amanda when you both grow up you will understand the term what goes around comes around.

    Jolie days are coming very soon – 2009 will be a rough year for their relationship even if the get married and it will go down hill. Brad is looking and feeling like crap and men can’t take pressure – it’s just a matter of time before he get courage to put himself first and leaves.

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