Breaking Report: Angelina Jolie in Labor

 A report from Extra TV claims that Angelina Jolie is in labor in Namibia.  A headline on a story from the tabloid TV Show's web site reads, News From Namibia: Angelina's in Labor!

Is she really set to give birth?

The headline screams it and everyone is trying to be first on the story, but the report is a bit more cautious citing that Angie "could already be in labor."

Extra has this short item listed at this hour:

The buzz is flying from Namibia to Hollywood that “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” co-stars, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, could be new parents any minute!

Sources tell “Extra” that Angelina could already be in labor. We were the first to show you the latest pictures of Angelina in Africa earlier this week, looking more pregnant than ever.

It does appear the baby could be born at any minute, and as private as the couple has been – she could already be a new mom and Brad Pitt may be passing out cigars.

Rumors of the birth have been circulating all day – but Extra is the first mainstream source to scream 'Jolie's in labor.'

With the crush of press – even with the privacy concerns – they won't be able to keep it secret for long.

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5 Comments on “Breaking Report: Angelina Jolie in Labor”

  1. linda Says:

    ia sorryyyyyyyy

  2. astou diallo Says:

    j’adore angelina jolie

  3. khaled Says:

    i love you

  4. michelle Says:

    i believe that you are a true humanitarian and have much love wish you and your family the very best

  5. Selamawit Says:

    I like you & your movies v.much.You are so nice.

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