Angelina Jolie Gets Baby Shower From Namibian Government


Angelina Jolie is anything but traditional. As she awaits the birth of her first natural born child in Africa – it's hard to debate that fact. So when her mom wanted to throw her a baby shower earlier in her pregnancy – She told her mom she didn't want one.

But she couldn't tell that to the government of Namibia, they've been deluging her with baby shower gifts for some time, according to a published report.

In Touch Weekly details that the Namibian government is so eager for Angelina to give birth in their country they that the governor has even delivered "a baby carrier," reveals one insider.

Sounds like a government sponsored baby shower.


Public officials have also sent a representative to teach her about their local baby customs.

"After she gives birth, women give what they can to show their joy and appreciation like baskets and clay pots, source revealed to the magazine.

The local customs also have a tradition similar to America.

After Angelina finally gives birth, close friends and relatives will come over to visit Angelina and Brad and bring drinks to celebrate with the new parents.


So – when is the birth? That's still a mystery.

Extra TV had a source that revealed to them on Thursday night that Angelina Jolie had gone into labor. Either this is a very difficult birth or it appears their source missed. Other reports says she has been having contractions since early May.

Right now – just as it was with the pregnancy – the birth of the Jolie-Pitt baby is surrounded in mystery.

–Cris Bergman

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4 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Gets Baby Shower From Namibian Government”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hi Angelina Fans. I am from germany and i do not know what is a baby shower? is it just a shower for washing tzhe baby?? or an event to celebrate the babys arrival or what. i would be happy if you could explain this to me!!!
    Greetz and thanx, Sarah

  2. julie Says:

    it’s a party usually before the baby is born to give the mother and baby gifts that they will need like clothes, toys, cribs and other usefull items.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Thank you! This is what i thought it would be!
    We do not have celebrations like that here in germany but it sounds good an d funny!

  4. TitoBoots Says:

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    big tits fan

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