Breaking Report: Angelina Jolie Schedules C-Section for Today


A breaking report claims that this will be the weekend that Angelina Jolie gives birth.  Angelina is scheduled to give birth by Caesarean section (C-section) tomorrow, Saturday, May 27, In Touch is reporting that it has learned exclusively.

And the crowd cheers.  It's time to have this kid already.  Fans and all observers alike are ready – what is this baby waiting for?


The report reveals:

Although she had really wanted to have a natural birth, Angelina's doctors are urging her to have the procedure due to a minor complication. "There's nothing seriously wrong,” an insider says. "They are expecting it all to be routine.”

Angelina, 30, is scheduled to have the C-section at a Namibian hospital, according to the insider. The father of the child, Brad Pitt, 42, is expected to be by her side.


The baby, a girl, will be delivered by her American ob-gyn, assisted by local doctors, the insider adds. “Everyone is very excited, Maddox in particular,” says an insider in Africa. “He knows he is getting a new baby sister, now they are telling him how soon it will be.”


Also thrilled will be the hunted paparazzi that have been dodging security throughout the Jolie-Pitt stay in Africa.  That trip to the hospital should be quite the ride.

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4 Comments on “Breaking Report: Angelina Jolie Schedules C-Section for Today”

  1. hi, my name is esma husejnovic and i’m a huge fan of angelina jolie i wish the best to angelina jolie, brad pitt and also your children. i think that the paparazzi should leave u all alone byeeee

  2. Gonna Says:

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  3. Gonna Says:

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  4. Didn’t know she had a C-Section. Would have expected her to insist on a natural birth given she likes to prove how tough she is. Not criticizing her by the way. Just surprised but if it was doctors orders then guess she didn’t really have a choice.

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