Jon Voight’s Agony: Wants To Say ‘Hello’ To Angelina Jolie’s Shiloh


Hollywood legend Jon Voight insists his heartache over being excluded from his daughter Angelina Jolie's life has now doubled since learning that she has had Brad Pitt's child.

The 'Deliverance' star is desperate to talk with his daughter Jolie and be an active grandfather in the near future. But, as far as Angelina is concerned, the animosity between them continues on.

Voight says, "I'm always trying to reach her and send her my love but I still haven't spoken to her … I wish somebody would help me and give her a call," Voight lamented recently.

Voight appears to be heartbroken over his daughters snub. "I would love to be included in this exciting moment," he continued.

Since Angelina Jolie apparently still refuses to speak to him, the 67-year-old Oscar winner has launched a public lobbying campaign to be allowed to see his new granddaughter, Shiloh, reports the New York Daily News.

"The birth of this child is very exciting," Voight told Steppin' Out mag's Chaunce Hayden on Monday afternoon asthey sat in a van parked outside the restaurant Veselka, at Second Ave. and Ninth St. "I'm very, very happy for both of them. My love is with them always. … I hope one day soon that I'll be saying hello to them."

According to the News, Voight reached out to his 30-year-old daughter just two days after she delivered the 7-pound girl by Cesarean section at the Cottage Medi-Clinic Hospital in Namibia.

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5 Comments on “Jon Voight’s Agony: Wants To Say ‘Hello’ To Angelina Jolie’s Shiloh”

  1. angelina Says:

    I just wonder if Jon Voight is there for Angelina now, a little, too late.
    Maybe if he had been there for her when she really needed him, as a young girl. she might feel more comfortable being there for him, now that he is old. Reminds me of Cat Steven’s song “Father and Son”.
    Also, by airing his problems with Angie in the press, I am sure he is just pushing her further away from him, No one likes to be forced into doing anything.
    He needs to stop thinking about himself, and try to see the pain of a young girls heart, broken by her own father, and figure out a way to deal with that before he seeks the perks of being a grandfather to her child.

  2. Wallace Says:

    Come on. Real life honey -parents divorce. Just because she is wealthy and can afford to live life without her father, travel, have lesbian girlfriends, doesn’t mean its right. Get over it. This girl is mentally ill and doesn’t have a heart, or a soul. She needs help. Failed marriages, no friends, brags about casual sex with boy toys– she has problems and its not her dad. If we all wrote our parents off for causing stress what kind of world would this be? It really shows her lack of character. She will make-out with her brother but disown her dad… I think her father should be happy this mess is out of his life.

  3. Miki Says:

    I would say its good that he hasn’t seen those kids, let them grow up and make their own choices if they want him to be part of their life. But then again, the mother might already poison their minds about him. And how on earth can you claim you care about the world and you adopt those children when you don’t care about your own father your flesh and blookd? It really shows what a mess up mind and heart she really has. People grow up and they forgive and forget.

  4. mimi palmer Says:

    I love and respect Angelina for all that she is and doing for humanitarins all over the world. I would love to see her make up with her dad and let bygones be bygones. If you never forgive you will never have piece of mind, and hate is a very heavy burden.
    I would love to see her and her dad make up before it’s too late while she still has a chance. I have 13 grand children and it is a blessing to enjoy their laughter and their tears. I cannot imagine not seeing any of my grands the pain would be too much.Brad should try to step in and get them together as a family and let mr. voight enjoy those kids while he is still able. I will keep him in my prayers. God bless

  5. Karen O'Neill Says:

    I reckon Angelina should get over herself. All parents make a nightmare of themselves at one point or another, as I’m sure she will herself. Not exactly sending the message of foorgiveness to her little ones?

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