Angelina Jolie wants to talk it over with Jennifer Aniston


Angelina Jolie has apparently told partner Brad Pitt that she wants to meet with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston to talk about what happened.

Angelina is apparently keen to smooth things over before the family move back to Malibu at the end of the month to avoid any awkwardness if they bump into Jennifer.

An inside source quoted in the Daily star has revealed: Angelina felt really guilty about the way things happened with Brad. She likes Jennifer and has always wanted to explain the situation to her.

Brad's publicist Cindy Guagenti has reportedly added:Jennifer is very happy for Brad and Angelina. And they are keen to get their friendship back on track.

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40 Comments on “Angelina Jolie wants to talk it over with Jennifer Aniston”

  1. Capri Says:

    First picture of the baby is already out. I already posted it on my site if you want it.

  2. melanie Says:

    I’d like to see a picture of Shiloh, let me know where I can sse it.

  3. Lynx Says:

    and what is your web address ?


  5. Robin Says:

    I personally don’t believe Angelina has a thing to worry about. I’m on team ~*Jolie-Pitt~* Sometimes in life we just wake up, turn the page, and there is a road..A road we’ve never traveled and love is standing there. I’ve known love before and it’s stronger than any emotion we can ever feel. Angelina, sweetie! You are a true lady..I’d probably do the same if I was ever going to have to see Jen in public and I didn’t want a big ordeal with the press. Angelina should never have to explain for falling in love with anyone’s ex-husband. Brad is part of this love affair. I’m sure he’s explained his heart out. Jen need’s to get over herself and move forward.

  6. team aniston Says:

    Poor Shiloh being the daughter of a whore… No matter how many children this “woman” adopts it should never be forgotten that she makes out with her brther, is a lesbian, had said before that she has many “partners” and need I remind anybody that Billy Bob was engaged when she got her grubby homewrecking hands on him! Jennifer Aniston is the essence of being proper after everything that happened she didn’t have pity parties for herself, she never dissed anybody and everyone is being so hard on her. I only hope that this situation would happen to the people that say horrible things about her and then we will see how you react! After everything she has been through she is still absolutely beautiful and always melts our hearts with her stunning smile. She will ALWAYS be Americas sweetheart, which is WAY more than can be said for THAT OTHER ONE!

  7. team Jolie Says:

    To the response from TEAM ANISTON: Get over it. Jolie and Pitt make a far better couple then PITT & ANISTON. Jolie is a humanitarian, what does Aniston do? All Aniston cares about is herself. Congratultions on your beautiful arrival, she’s truely beautiful like her parents.

  8. Susie Says:

    Why does Angelina Jolie fascinate everyone so? She is a beautiful woman, but there are many in the world.

    It seems all of a sudden she and Brad Pitt are Queen and King. What did they do to deserve that? Older actors didn’t become “instant” successes — they worked at it, and not by shameless self-promotion!

  9. Pam Says:

    “Congratulations on the beautiful new addition to the family. After reading many of the comments, I find it sad that grown people (I assume)would say horrible things about an innocent little child, she did not ask to be brought into the world, but she is here. So, Shiloh Nouvel, a few days old … how do you like the world so far?

    I have to tell you that God loves all little ones, “Suffer the little ones to come unto me.”

    My wish for this little one is that she will be raised with love, and wisdom. Her parents do not at this time follow the Word of God as is Biblical, but non-evident within their relationship; but their sins are not on the shoulders of little Shiloh. I pray that through their love for each other, they will discover a love for Christ as well, and raise and teach all their little ones the Word of the risen God.

    I kindly say to them, stand tall, but bow deeply before the Lord. All relationships should be between no lesser than three. The two partners and the presence of the Living God. When He is the center of a relationship, the relationship becomes one that is pleasing to the Lord.

    God Bless you Shiloh Nouvel, and also your parents.
    They have many sins, but so do we ALL.”

  10. Cindy Says:

    Am not Team anything, but agree with what “team aniston” had to say. Angelina is a whore and always will be one. She sleeps with everyone and loves going for already married men.

  11. Anon Says:

    Ange and Brad are great people who genuinely care about sharing their material and experiential wealth with those who many, living with far more then they need, find it easy to forget about.

    So many people love to have an opinion about their pasts – Every one has some history of pain, loss and sadness in thier lives, wether that be what some people see as dramatic or not – it’s our own experience and no one elses to be offended by – If people feel the need to judge Ange and Brad those people need to look at their own lives and experiences and ask why they care so much!
    Ange and Brad’s journey may be the trigger that brings up some peoples insecurities – but that’s all. They’re not right or wrong for their choices, they’re just living out their lives and they’re doing a great job.

    Leave them alone and let them find some kind of peace – being parents to three kids is hard enough without having to deal with people stalking you with cameras or having people judging your every move.

    I think they make an amazing couple and you can tell there is a depth to Brad that Jen would never nurture or challenge… It’s obviouse Ange and Brad can bring out the most amazing qualities in each other – as well as the worst – and that’s the balance you need in a long term relationship. Their relationship will work because not only can they nurture the amazing qualities in each other – they’ll tough it out when it’s difficultand ultimately help the other when they need to understand the ‘darker’ parts of their personalities.

    Brad and Jen should be gratelful for the things they learned out of being together but their ‘life partnership’ was never meant to last.

    Well done to Ange for getting through the whole pregnancy experience – it’s certainly one of the toughest things I have ever done. (Just remember you’ll be on survival mode for atleast the 1st year and it’s ok if you just can’t be everything you think you should be – try your best obviously, but take care of youself too).

    Brad gets a special mention for providing the sperm (remember though, anything you had to deal with from Ange when she was pregnant would have been far more intensified for her – pregnancy is wonderful but hard!)

    There’s so much more I could write it would go on for days but thats enough – I have a life!

  12. RC Says:

    Can Brad & Angelina just go away fora while. After the hype of Shiloh cools, lets say in September, can the media just stop the Brangelina frenzy? I don’t apprciate them together but Im not exactly Team Aniston – Im no one. Just speaking out. Everywhere I look it’s about them and how Jen is feeling. Personally I believe the divorce was a mutual decision, Brad has moved on with Ange and Jen has Vince and her movie career to think about. AND SHE TOO HAS MOVED ON!!! IT’S TRUE!!! WHAT MAKES YOU BLOCK HER OUT, I DUNNO!!! Brangelina is being overpublicised. If when they leave Namibia, they could focus on being parents and time will tell how long they last…
    I’m outty!

  13. SS Says:

    To Robin.(and the rest of angie’s team)..1st off Jen and Brad were’nt just married for a year, they wasnt just having a fling… and for you to say that “she just need to get over it” . Like its not going to hurt… B*&^$h you’ll be hurt too, Love just dosent go away like that. And yes I am very happy for Jen, she is moving on w/ her life, even though the pain is still there, shes being a very strong woman! And yes Brad will see what he let go!

  14. Marcelle Says:

    To RC – One point it wasn’t Brad and Ange flaunting themselves around after they got together if that bitch (Jennifer) wasn’t so selfish and backed off and tried to settle down with Brad maybe it wouldn’t have strayed. How can we blame Ange for Brad’s actions he’s a man and obviously saw class sitting on his front door and must of realised God has presented this gift to me and took it. Jennifer should just get over it, concentrate on her acting skills and find someone at her own level. Even Vince Vaughn is too good for her. And even more it wasn’t Ange and Brad publisicing themselves it was the public, not once did they go on T.V and blabb a sad story like Jen on Oprah how friggin rude is that bitch. They kept low, gotta outta hollywood and still they were followed, it seems to me Ange wants to settle down with Brad raise a good family and provide her services to Charity. NOW FUCK UP!!

  15. Shelley Says:

    No matter how wonderful of people Brad and Angelina are, and how deeply they love their family, the fact that Angelina stole a married man from a decent person doesn’t go away. And poor Jen, having to see their relationship flaunted in front of her face, when all she wants is to move on. And what is this disgusting trend happening here that is making having babies outside of wedlock cool? Just because Brangelina are “saving the world” and raising a family, it makes them more important than Aniston or others? It’s sad though, because I think Brangelina really are doing a service to the world and humanity by shedding light on the situation in Africa and raising awareness, but unfortunatley their lives will always be stigmatized by their shameless beginning and relationship.

  16. anita Says:

    poor angelina … ? billy bob thornton ewwwwww so scussyyy to look at him.. brad did you have gonorrea ? or you got angelina’s yeast infection. lol making out with the dirty looking bro.. lesbian lover .. drugs.. im pretty sure thats why the fake baby pics coz babies head full of white stuff from all the dirt in her mothers womb. wonder how many have used angelina.. raised your hands men …lol..MANHANDLER.. thats the best tittle for the whore!HOLLYWOOD.. the most hyprocrite city in the world ..too scared to condem what that whore did..HOMEWRECKER! big time..

  17. Miki Says:

    WHORE….oh and how she said ‘before she die she wants to have lots of sex and she wants to taste everyone in the world’ man imagine what those kids will go thru when they are constantly reminded of their mothers sick past.

  18. diannelone Says:

    She’s so pretty in that picture. My fiancee I met in webdatedotcom has a crush on her. I really want to have my facial features enhanced to look like her.

  19. Kaye Says:

    Pretty sure, everything will settle down or maybe not….because the next headline would be…Angelina falls again…with her new leading man. OMG, I hope it’s not Matt Damon!

  20. janellefeliciano88 Says:

    shes so gorgeous. but still a homewrecker, i dont appreciate any woman (or man), famous or not that goes off with someone already married.

  21. Lisette Says:

    Team No One, however, have you ever noticed that this couple doesn’t appear to be affectionate, completely opposite of AJ with Billy Bob. I admire what they are doing for the kids of the world, however, she will get bored with Pitt, there is a reason why Jen never had a kid with Pitt, she was with him for seven years. Has anyone ever stopped to think that there may be a reason why she didn’t have a kid with him? Once all the hype is over, Pitt will be the GREAT babysitter. Everyone has a past but no one changes as fast as they have. In less than two years, he has earned three kids and is moving on to #4. What about quality time and not quantity? Regardless, I wish all of them the very best that life has to offer, all of them including us.

  22. LM Says:

    None of you know what really happened. Suspending your disbelief does NOT extend to the private lives of public people who selectively release details of their stories via statements through a press agent. In the real world, if Jennifer’s name were Sally, Brad’s name were Earl, and Angelina’s name were Jezebel, every witness to it would have looked at Jez’s history, behavior, and attitude, with embarrassment and said, “Jez is a Jezebel, Earl is chasing ‘kitties’, and Sally got screwed over — REGARDLESS of what was going on between Sally and Earl… keep it in your pants, E-Boy.” Look up the meaning of “triangulation”, people. Plain ol’ Earl would suddenly be a thoughtless PIG, Jez would always be Jez, and you would be rooting for success and love for Sally, to get on with her life. So please stop suspending your reality in favor of Hollywood press releases. Earl and Jez may care, however condescendingly or naively, about thwarting world hunger and adopting three-legged babies and donating millions to genetically engineered pig’s feet to feed the masses; Sally may not. But who in your church, or anywhere in the Real World said that Sally has to do exactly what Jez does in order to be considered a good, valuable, knowable, lovable, loving human being with feelings? I don’t want to meet that authority.

  23. raised_eyebrows Says:

    People, honestly, everyone needs to take a collective sigh and a prozac – have a nice day..

  24. girl Says:

    to marcelle wat r u on y is jennifer a bitch?dont 4get that she was the one hu was hurt

  25. serenay Says:

    hello angelina how are you you me signed photograph and e-mail adress want okey children kiss byee

  26. mitbfdom Says:


    flfjlkveuc kkirsxphe nphzkxoea vkpadno

  27. Ann Says:

    o.k brad was a married man when angie and yes angie knew is she a woman who goes after married men she might be. was jen hurt by this of course she who would’nt be duh and of course this is something you don’t get over even though to outside world you start dating. Ido believe that angie and brad were dating before jen and brad divorced. ANGIE knew she knew and when they both cross the line everybody knew everything. I lost interst in BRAD movies I don’t care much for their stories anymore I am not a great fan of Jen either,but never the less a marriage is a marriage regardless if it is great or not. Hang in their Jen like they when you want something bad and when you finally get you start to get bored and its all it was made to believe to be. sooner or later will be in court fighting for custody to even see Shiloh because as everybody knows Shiloh was not born in the great U.S .

  28. coco Says:

    People, people! Wake up please!
    Jen clearly said to Vanity Fair tha in five years she wants to be married with kid(s). She clearly wants to have kids in the future. Brad Pitt lied and trashed her to the media to hide his affair. Are you blind? Jolie was pregnant before the divorce was final. They just didn’t wake up one day and said “Let’s have kids” The affair must have been going on for a while, yes, while he was married. I don’t care if people call you the sexiest man alive, you’re a cheater and what goes around comes around. That part was his fault. Jolie has a part in it too. It’s not like she didn’t know Brad was a married man. She knew it and when she was asked about the affair she said “I would never do that cause I know what my mom went through”. This is somebody who constantly claims that she is honest about who she is. Obviously not. And you must be asking “What does everybody in America have to do with all this?” Well, Jen is America’s Sweetheart and people care about her whether you like it or not. All those people who call Jen a bitch know exactly that one day that can happen to them too. Everybody gets dumped by a dumb person once in their lifetime and there’s nothing wrong with that. I think she is trying her best and she should be applauded for coming out of it with dignity. All you women out there, put yourself in her shoes for one minute.
    Now about Jolie, I honestly think that she is overrated. Is she really the most beautiful walking human being in this planet. If your answer is yes then you need to get out there and explore cause she’s not. I didn’t say she is ugly either. But her appearance is blown out of proportion.
    I’m starting to think that those women in Hollywood are attractive but insecure. I think they are the most insecure people in the world that they have to date other people’s husbands, boyfriends, fiances to feel validated. This is not the first time it happened in Hollywood. If those women think they are so beautiful and nice persons as they all claim, how come they can never kind a guy that respect them or a guy that isn’t taken. It’s all appearance.
    Brangelina humanitarian. Last night I happened to talk to my girlfriend from Ethiopia and I asked her what Ethiopians think of the adoption and is she really doing stuff over there. She told me that she is ashaimed for her. That she is only picking one child and go around bragging. She also stated that she is tired of all those Hollywood people who go to Ethiopia cause visibly there’s nothing they have done there. This comes from an Ethiopian person, not from me.
    To me, I believe in charity not in talking about it. A doctor that dedicates his life to save people wounded from the war is not different from Brangelina. If people think that they are king and queen, maybe they are your king and your queen, as far as me and a lot of other people, they are not our king and queen. I think if we want to choose a king and a queen, we can do much better that them.

  29. Team Aniston Says:

    What the hell are you nasty jolie lovers talking about?! Do you even know what she’s done? Yeah, your probably sitting there, saying ‘get over it’!!! YOU need to get over it, and realise that Jolie’s a home wrecker. Pitt’s really goin to regret what he’s done, if not already… IDIOT, he was a married man and Jolie just took him, cause she has this weird obsession about married men!! And you guys sit there and say that Aniston should just get over it??? WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN ABOUT??? You guys need to get over the fact that Jolie’s a SL*T. Hang in there Aniston!! I wouldn’t go have a meeting wit Jolie either, like what is she thinking?! Why in the hell would you/Aniston need that embarrassment, to go out in public and make people think that your cool wit the whole man stealer, awkwardness?! LIKE RUDE!!! And i honestly think that Jolie and Pitt were sleeping together before Aniston and Pitt ended things, cause the dates just don’t match up… So i hate Joliepitt now, don’t think that i will EVER enjoy a movie that they make, so yeah, well im finished wit my point 😀

  30. anicia Says:

    jennifer aniston looked like a man!!!!! we dont like her coz shes a liar, shes acting like a good girl…and team aniston are really PATHETIC, CHILDISH…

  31. anicia Says:

    jennifer aniston became popular ONLY because of brad pitt….and she’s so plastic…look at her face, she really looks like a man!!!!

  32. Melanie Says:

    Wow, Pam, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank God for your faith, and I pray that Christ can bless the lives of all the little ones. Thank you for sharing your love of Christ on this page, as many people seem to forget that life is about LOVE and serving the Lord. It is not about obsessing over movie stars and trying to fit into society’s molds. It is about bringing your love to all people in the world, and sharing God’s love. Nothing is better put than “a relationship should be no lesser than three…” Even our relationships with persons: friends, spouses, significant others, parents, siblings, coworkers, even strangers… should always have the Lord in the center.

    May God bless you all, and for those who are lost in Hollywood’s blinding light and glamour, may you see LIFE and the beauty of the natural world that the Lord has created for us.


  33. elli Says:

    Angelina Jolie tries SO hard to look “dark” and “mysterious” which is pathetic to me because it shows she feels less of what she appears to be and is trying to over compensate for it. She says this and does that, all the time. Not knowing that all she is is an insecure lying bitch who wants to give the impression that she actually has personality and values. On top of all this, she is a twisted fuck! And I feel more sorry for those kids that she adopted, and gave birth too. Because if she wasn’t an “A” list actress and loaded with money, no agency in the world would have let her adopt them. If she doesn’t sexually abuse them, she is sure to teach them how to cut themselves sometime soon.

  34. Jen BABE Says:


    Think again before you speak!

    Jennifer waqs big way before she got involved with Pitt and she was sizzling the screen even before Jolie.

  35. Jen BABE Says:

    TO ANICIA again,



  36. coffee fiend Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is all the rage right now

  37. Omer Lydick Says:

    I think Jennifer Aniston is one of the hottest women on the planet…my dream If she was a cake, I’d eat her up!

  38. I can’t believe that Jennifer Aniston was voted as the most sexy bikini body by the magazine Parade. To me she deserves it as she is just so gorgeous in every way. She has a great style too and a kind person

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