Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Pictures Leaked On Internet

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BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE have sold the first pictures of SHILOH NOUVEL JOLIE-PITT for over $4 million (GBP2.2 million), but the prized photos have apparently been leaked on the internet.

A number of websites, have begun posting what they claim are the first snapshots of the couple's baby.

Various gossip blogs show what looks like an upcoming cover photo of Britain's Hello! magazine featuring Pitt and Jolie gazing down adoringly at the new baby.

Yesterday (05JUN06), the couple announced they were selling the photos through Getty photo agency and donating the profits to a charity to benefit African children.

The entire process has been a closely guarded secret – until now.

 A source tells gossip site that all of the Us weekly magazine editors were summoned to the Getty photo offices in New York City late on Saturday night (03JUN06) to view the photos.

The source recalls, "The photos were shown to us around 10pm to midnight, and then we had to submit bids by 6am Sunday (04JUN06) morning. "No one got any sleep at all, as it was a manic game of phone-tag to top each other's bids. I'm convinced it was Brangie's (Brad and Angelina's) revenge on the weekly magazines."

Entertainment website TMZ contacted Getty and a spokesperson said the agency is "going crazy" trying to figure out what happened and says they cannot confirm the authenticity of the photos.

The pictures were eventually sold to US publication People magazine for $4.1 million (GBP2.3 million).

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53 Comments on “Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Pictures Leaked On Internet”

  1. […] O.K., very little New Media about this (except that People's exclusive is now worthless because of bloggers) but since I run All Angelina Jolie I thought I would show you guys this… […]

  2. […] People magazine is reported to have bagged the photos of Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh for $4 million. But even before they can score a scooped, someone scooped them– the Internet. Chartreuse (Beta) blogs on the entire circus that happened. Technorati Tags: Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Chartreuse Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt […]

  3. Check out Angie's Tattoo...It's a fake Says:

    This picture is obviously a fake, either photo edited or that baby is not Shiloh. Simply look at Angelina’s arm tattoo. She had the name (“Billy Bob”) removed after she divorced him. This is clearly an old shot of her.

  4. Capri Says:

    When she did her Dateline interview with Ann Curry, it looks like she has a tatoo there:

    And other sites are having to take down the picture because People magazine’s lawyers are threatening to sue. They wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t true.

  5. Minic Rivera Says:

    Must be the real deal. Otherwise the Deputy General Counsel wouldn;t have written this…

  6. jr Says:

    I don’t think they’d threaten to sue over fake pics

  7. […] I’m convinced it was Brangie’s (Brad and Angelina’s) revenge on the weekly magazines. All Angelina Jolie » Blog Archive » Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Pictures Leaked On Internet   […]

  8. frida Says:

    shes so cute

  9. VampireFeet Says:

    he has his moms lips!

  10. […] Then the drama began!  Yesterday morning, on their website, Hello magazine posted their cover with one of the baby pictures!  I wasn't paying any attention at the time, but apparently the internet celebrity-watching world went nuts, and that cover appeared on sites all across, well, the internet, including this one  "All Angelina Jolie "   […]

  11. Nicole Waterman Says:

    I think its really bad that the photos were leaked. What ever happened to privacy! I do think its wonderful that Angelina and Brad are doing so much for the underprivalged. Congrats on the baby girl! She is gorgeous.

  12. […] Now I feel for the big guys. After literally spending millions of dollars for exclusive photos, to see one of them on an idiotic website like mine has to be frustrating. […]

  13. templeman Says:

    I tink that the baby is gorgeous. She definately has her moms lips. I dont see any brad in her though. She is a beauty.

  14. Dawnfinder Says:

    When you have a tatoo removed dark colours such as blue, black and green are the most difficult to remove and the procedure is very painful. This is why Angelinas tatoo of Billy Bob is still visible but appears faded and over time will fade some more.

  15. anita Says:

    i realy could not care less about that husband grabber.she is saving the world ? not really adopt little orphans in the united states first lets see if she can do that . you know those crack kids in new york orphanage and then i will be her biggest fan. thing is she will not do that because the world could not care less.

  16. maria Says:

    Bet Jennifer Anniston has a prettier baby. 2 hot parents 1 mediocre kid. KARMA!

  17. kayla Says:

    hey anjolina this really isnt about your site altho its great but my class is doing this thing wher were looking for a dream job, and i picked to be an actress and we had to find somebody thats does that job and i chose to pick you but my teacher needs your e-mail adress i live in grande cache albeta and i go to summitview and it would really help if u would help thatnks bye.

  18. James Clark Says:

    It’s my first visit to your website. After just a quick browse, I’m really impressed!

  19. The baby shilo is gorgeous!I really admire the difference angelina is trying to make
    in other countries less fortunate than ours.Brad Pitt is so handsome.Angelina must really have something special that Jen didn’t.Sometimes I wish I were her.Not only would I be Beautiful, but I would get to experience the touch of Brad Pitt!

  20. janina perez Says:

    i have never seen such a cutier baby i think that she will look as good as her dad and be as sweet and talented as her mother is

  21. Gracie Says:

    Shiloh is very pretty…. She has her mom’s lips definitely. She also has her dad’s eyes…. i think. She is their true bundle of joy!!!… I’m definitely happy for them.

  22. Nicole Lowe Says:

    Shilo is the most beatiful little girl I have ever seen in my whole life. She is a mixture of the two of them she has her mom’s beautiful lips and her dad’s eyes. She is the cuttest baby ever

  23. I think that the baby is beautiful. Everyone should stop blaming angie for brad and jens break up. if the man was not happy, how is that angies fault. Real men who love the women their with dont cheat. Jen needed someone who really is in love with her, and maybe she’s finally found it. And to all the heartless prideful people who keep writting about their decision to adopt from third world countries, you must have never been to one.Those kids would probably love to just have a crack head mother or a purverted uncle to worry about (anita). Ask yourselves, all you haters if your going to adopt oneday

  24. joanna Says:

    Are you crazy. angelina and brad were having an affair before he got divorced – if angelina thinks that raising young children in hotels and airports is a stable home life then she’s plain stupid. Young children need stability, routine and familiar surroundings. Adoption aside angelina needs to fix her crazy mixed up self before she goes trying to fix young children. And oh my gawd Angelina definately played a big part in brad and jens break up – getting pregnant to a married man says it all. Angelina is not saving the world – she’s saving herself.

  25. Kat Says:

    Obviously the baby is innocent of everything, but I’m sickened by Jolie and Pitt. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a cheating spouse and their cheating partner I don’t think you’d be hailing these two individuals. And I certainly wouldn’t be changing my mind because these home wreckers travel the world with her adopting children from third world countries. What’s so wonderful about that? With her money she can buy a baby from anywhere. And all this junk about taking care of these children. Listen lady, if you’ve the money to throw everywhere, then how ’bout throwing it in your own country where there are truly needy people through no fault of their own.

    Real charity should be quiet, not searching for recognition of the “charity” you’ve just “donated” to….. Seems that Jolie has spent her “crowns”. And as for Pitt and his new found philanthropic duties…please…he couldn’t have cared less publicly prior to his affair. Does he really believe that moral folks are going to overlook his public sins because he now puts himself in the limelight as a “do-gooder”?

    Can’t change these cats spots

  26. Jessica Says:

    I think all of you people who spend your time talking shit about people you’ve never even met are pathetic and lifeless. How do any of us really know who did what in their lives other than what the all mighty media tells us…which some of you put far too much faith and regard in. It is pretty sad when people go and lay judgement upon others when they have never spoken to that person in their life. None of us know what kind of parents they are- good or bad….but I am guessing no matter WHERE they are being raised (hotel or not) it’s better than the conditions in which they came from, and I wouldn’t consider the ability to see the world a bad thing at all!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Chhem Sip and family Says:

    We want to congratualate both Anjolina and Brad for their beautiful baby. You both are great persons and deserve happiness at all time, We are sure that Maddox and Zahasa like their little baby sister, Shiloh.

    We are CAMBODIANS, and you know everyone in Cambodia loves Angelina. Hope youu will bring your family to visit Cambodia soon.

    Chhem, Lee, Rodnak and Chivan

  28. christina Says:

    I think the whole thing is a discrace. Angelina and Brad deffinitely should not even be together. Poor Jen. i absolutely feel for her an so does everyone else. Besides, I have no idea what Brad is doing with Angelina. She is an absolute tramp and is also mentally insane. if it wasnt for her looks, she’d be no where.

  29. mary Says:

    I think her beauty comes from both her mother and father.

  30. kaitlynn Says:

    Angelina your baby is so gorgeous i would like for her to be mine

  31. Ajla Says:

    hmm…well first of all i would like to congratulate the parents on their beautiful new daughter and i wish them all the best. Second of all i would like to tell all those people out there who have a thing against angelina and who are calling her a tramp and a home wrecker need to look around their own country and realize what kind of trash lives in their own neighborhood. You have NO RIGHT to pass judgment on a woman who you have never met in your life. And excuse you (Kat) but you have no right telling a woman where to adopt her children from! NO RIGHT! And yes there is something WONDERFUL about adopting children from other countries. I myself am from Bosnia….and currently I have been all over the world and have lived through a war, and have seen more things than Any other 15 year old in the United States has! Iunderstand America has their own orphans and problems, and yes its horrible when you have a crack pot mother or you have been abused..but you people need to grow up and get out of you god damn little shells and stop pretending that you need help. This country gives oppurtinity to everyone who is willing to make something out of their lives…..not many people have that oppurtinity in life…especially if they live in a third world country! America IS NOT a third world country! So you people have NO RIGHT to complain about the children of America…U HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THAT …BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE HAVE NEVER WITNESSED REAL PROBLEMS! The mere fact that you spend your time debating whether or not Angelina is a homewrecker is proof enough of how pathetic your lives are! You people dont go to a certain neighborhood because that is the “ghetto”, the place where the people of this counrty are located who have the problems. Third world countries….their whole country is in shambles! BUt you peole only believe in what you see on TV….only people who have actually traveled around the world know what goes on! You people swallow propaganda on TV ALL THE TIME! I can just imagine you people stating that you dont but your completely wrong! The rest of you just lead you r fake lives thinking everything is perfect. Dont get me wrong I have nothing against Americans….but Americans who believe that they are the ones with problems and that they should receive help from Angelina…and that she should adopt American children….I believe you should rot in hell! I cant believe (Anita) you can actually view children that way! What difference does it make where the child is from or how big their problems are? You are one heartless person to be able to make a comment like that about a child…and about a woman who is a diplomat! Do you have any idea what it means to be a diplomat…to be able to represent your country in the eye of the world?Does your little brain have any idea what that means? That means that Angelina Jolie represents the USA! She goes around the world TO HELP! She brings her children with her because she cares so much for them that she doesnt want some nanny…some stranger to care for them…she wants to raise them herself! But of course you people would never be able to understand! And of course you people could never like Angelina…the most beautiful woman in the world…a woman who is not only beautiful…but RESPECTED around the world….so in the end who gives a damn what you pathetic woman think about her? YOu women envy her and that is why you love and support Jennifer…because JEnnifer Aniston is just like you …she is average looking… of average talent…and of an average heart….there is nothing special about her….and no wonder so many woman can relate to her…its becasue your exactly like her! And no wonder you cant stand Angelina…a woman who you will NEVER be on the same level with…she is so beyond your class…..and she is the whole package! I dont know if you have noticed this but I have never heard a man say ANYTHING against Angelina….and you ignorant women out there might thing that that has only to do with her looks but you are wrong! The women who do no tlike Angelina are the ones who envy her for her success, her beautiful children, her great relationship, and most importantly her beautiful heart! So all of you people need to RESPECT the woman who you will never be…but can only hope to become

  32. Kauaa Says:

    I am from Namibia, and I did not get a chance to congratualate Angelina & Brad for their beautiful Namibian babe Shiloh. I wish thier babe a long life and hopefully she would be so wonderfull and special like her great mother, and here in Namibia we need her and we always pray for her, protect her through many evil which there are talking so bad things about the mother and father. I could not say much about those evil, Ajla have said all I wanted to say.

    Angeline & Brad you are so special, unique and wonderful, may God all always with you and your family, especially with our little beautiful daugther Shiloh

  33. yannis Says:

    No ajla Hmmmm, excuse you. You can kiss my american born ass. I have something for ya. Im gonna be a little briefer, shorter and sweeter and more to the point with my comments unlike you. Number one: we live in a country where we have freedom of speech, and hell we even like it, in case you didn’t know! And I know, cause I can tell, that your pissed off about that freedom but you know what, who cares, you’ll get over it, you sound very bitter towards us americans, guess you don’t get the vote there in Bosia do ya? in case you have a language barrier problem you don’t have to answer that, it was just a very retorical question. comprehende’?
    number two: I see you being from Bosnia you’ve suddenly developed a taste for our american websites, or do my eyes decieve me. Guess that means our american ways have rubbed off on your bosnian ass, or you wouldn’t have been still up and caught dead on our american website at 4:30 am debating with america with whom you call “you people” which is mostly american majority viewers, talking about brad, jen and angie. Somehow I hardly recognized what you had to say mattered or makes any difference towards helping solve, or deal or even relate to the world problems and issues that you bring up and want to cram down our throats and bellyached about it while you attempt to belittle and critisize us as being spoiled americans, but I bet that You do? All I heard was bitch, bitch, bitch about america. And more bitching…………sounds like your the jealous one….. towards us americans.
    number three: Do not dare to tell any americans anything about our struggles, strifes, trials or tribulations; just because you lived here for 15 years does not make you an expert or authority on americana, jack. We are loosing all of our business due to overseas outsourcing, such as our factories, mills, companies,etc. In a variety of departmental areas such as food, retail, medical, service centers, automotives etc and all of these venues are downsizing, or closed already and more and more are closing daily as I speak. America is fast approaching the mark of being 3rd world elligable. In my neighborhood alone, which is middle class their are people wanting jobs, but can’t find them because of department and company closures, not just one closure but a vast many. So, you can’t work, if there is No work availability. No work within a radius of 1.5 to 2 hrs. No money to buy a car, food, clothes etc. Or to keep up the payments for basic shelter, food, clothing, transportantion, household bills, and raising children. Futhermore I don’t see Bosnia or any other country providing any types of assistance to the U.S. Even when there is a National crises, much less for a day to day problem. I say Americans should stick together untill we get ourselves back on our feet. Feed, clothe, shelter our own needy, What’s left let that go to other country charity. Lord knows I don’t see anyone comming to our rescue, so many of our people have given much to others and we’re tapped out, it’s now our american time.
    lastly, back to reality: Angelina wish that she could look as good as Jen! Jennifer is poised, classic, regal, cultured, beautiful and sincere and honest. Angelina has big lips, steals married men, looks bed-wrangled and bed ridden. She does everything for show, including being a diplomat a dishonest diplomat I might add. And if you think that dishonesty is such a big deal then you have the little brain, not us because you can’t smell your shit for the smoke blowed up your own ass. Seems like she pulled a fast one on you that angie, with her witches brew, and a little bit more and she will have you hypmotized and believing their really is a wizard of oz, a fairy godmother, and munchkins. In reality she is really the wicked witch of the west and she reigns total supreme in your world and your universe and in Bosnia, but Us envious of her, no……but I think you might be, back up and get your head out your ass, she is just a woman not a super hero. Come on back down to Kansas Dorothy grab toto, click your hills 3 times and say there’s no place like America!

  34. Miki Says:


  35. Janet Says:

    This website is a trip! All I know is, give me Brad’s number and I’ll do an Angelina Jolie on her ass!! Another thing about “Us Americans”. This is the BEST country in the WORLD!! STOP hating on us. All we ever do is help everyone else and FOR WHAT, they still can’t stand us! STOP complaining – your country is what you make it. If it’s SHIT – that’s your own people’s fault! Getting back to Brad, Angie and Jen. I like them all. Who cares who did what – it took 2 to tango, Jen’s better off w/out a cheating husband and Angie’s lucky ’cause she has the finest man I’ve seen!! You go girl! I just think that Angelina’s freaky ass had Brad whipped. But Jen is alright too, they should have just had a big orgie – I know Angie’s down with that!!

  36. yannis Says:

    Right on Janet, I agree whole heartedly, you go girl!!!! It does take 2 to tango, Jen is better off without him. And i’m definately feeling the patriatism!!!!!! Angie, well she will most def get down with the 3some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holla

  37. pheelion Says:


    I am sure the founding fathers (and all those that died during the American Revolution) are pleased that they sacrified their lives and reputations so that future generations could be as selfish, ignorant and parochial as you.

    BTW Janet, I am reasonably sure that USA USA USA USA (sorry got caught up in your cheerleader mode) is not one of the few countries to extinguish third world debt and are still reaping the interest on the “help” they give to other countries. Yeah, the bank’s giving me a house too!!!!

  38. Jodie Says:

    what ever that thing is i hate it

  39. pheelion Says:

    Ahhhh. The classic defence of the ignorant.

  40. Yannis Says:


    Don’t even go there with me because if you do, I’m going to have to ask you to sharpen up on your English skills first and foremost and beforehand!! Please don’t “try” and school anyone on your first grade level knowledge of american history courses because I promise you won’t win the debate. What with the past history in America of slavery, civil war, the american indians, racism( yeah Pheelion it really does still exist) and I could go on and on and on etc. ( Oh pardon me Pheelion I got caught up for a minute in your sarcastic bs mode) but….back on track the U.S of A has just finally gotten our country somewhat back together. Which, I still might add just like in my earlier comments with, no help from any other foreign countries. We Still need to band together and help ourselves. Then if we can be of any service after that, help everyone else (other countries)!! So you see my dear and plain and simple,narrow minded and scope limited Pheelion or better else known and nicked named parochial Pheelion-laugh laugh laugh!!! You need to finish some of our more finer american schools and maybe say…….major in American history and then maybe take a English course or two and learn how to spell the word defense, before you use it. Which is definately not d e f e n c e …….aaaaahhhh the classic ingnorant!!!!! you!!!!! come back when your educated!!!! good ole americanna style!!!!!! C-YA

  41. nicole Says:

    actually black is one of the easiest inks to removed from a tattoo anything dark is easy purple ,some red ,some blues ….green will never completly be removed …..i know this because im removing someof mine and the laser can not break down the greens very well yet.

  42. Ann Says:

    Is this what it comes down to in this world talking about some person tatoo. who cares about her tatoo. and to make a quick comment Shiloh is not namibian just because angie gave birth to her there does not make her a native her father is american and her mother is what french. anyways shiloh is a beautiful little child and we must not forget that she is innocent in this hole brad,jen angie mess. what is the real reason we can’t let it go maybe because of the way brad and angie did it. its like that middle to high school code that should go on with you in life. you never never date your friends ex no matter what or go after someone who is taken. to bad that along the way we women let that slip are mind when we get all hot and bothered. I think we regular people can’t let it go is because its always in are faces if the media leaves it along maybe it could fade in the backround and maybe we could get regular news . so by reading this messages the writers seem young so maybe you should consontrate on your surroundings and what is going on in america because when the shit hits the fan brad and angie will not anywhere around to help. so let it be already let them raise there three kids and the ones on the way. read real news paper and watch the news on t.v or hell go outside get some fresh air.

  43. Jamie Says:

    Come on people. Why do we even try to understand these peoples fantasy world? Where I live when you wear vials of your lovers blood around you neck, kiss your brother on the mouth and then say your in love him, have lesbian encounters. admit to having sliced your body. you are considered screwed up. I saw her say on national tv that she knows she could never hurt herself again because she has a child now. I am expected to believe that one day she woke up found a baby that saved her life with no therapy what so ever? Bull—-. It is truely sad that these chirldren have been brought into this kind of situation. DID YOU NOT HEAR HER SAY THAT IT IS HER GOAL TO HAVE A CHILD EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW? Wake up! It is just another one of her sick twisted ideas. As for Brad he made his bed now he can lay in it. They are both big fat ZEROS in my book. I have spent the last twenty minutes reading these entries some good some so far off the original subject left field cannot be seen. As for adoption in third world countries education on BIRTH CONTROL is essential in reducing the number of unwated and orphaned children. I am sure our government would have no problem shipping a few thousand boxes of condems. Would that be considered helping? As far as leaks go “Where there’s a will there’s a way. Last but not least let’s not forget our GREAT AMERICA which was founded on the basis of IN GOD WE TRUST.

  44. kendra Says:

    okay no one have the right to say who is home wreker and whose not one i FOR ONE THINK that they make a great couple I say to them don’t even give A shitt of what anyone say and i say congradulations to both of them FUCK those other people who say it’s a discrase they are probaly the FUCKING HOMEWRECKER SO FUCK THEM ALL who say that about angelina and her wonderful children

  45. maureen Says:

    Everyone knows Angelina doesn’t think she white. Everyone knows about her stunt with the Marianne Pearl “character” that has all the NAACP members angry to the bitter end. And I bet you she and her baby’s daddy really think that their baby is Namibian. Not true. That is a big misconception. Blood is thicker than water. Shiloh’s parents are AMERICAN. Shiloh is nothing but an American child born into another country. Just because her parents flew to somewhere to have her doesn’t make the county her nationality. Her parents have to be from Namibia to say that their kid is Namibian. For example, I’m from Panama, but I grew up in New York City. My parents and my whole family are from there as well. If I was born in America, and my parents are from Panama, I can still say I’m Panamainian because thats where my parents are from. If my parents are from America and they go to Panama to give birth to me, that does not make me Panamainian. I’m just an American born into that country. Shiloh may not be like Charlize Theron (South Africa) but she is still cute. I have to pray for her though because she has Angelina “Trick” Jolie and Brad “Treat” Pitt for parents. Please have some kind of sense, do some kind of right by this innocent child. Legitimize your kid and get married.

  46. yannis Says:

    jamie I”M with you 100 %!! you took all the words right out of my mouth!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    America the great and beautiful, In God we trust is what we were built on, amen.

    I wanted to take the time to also wish everyone a merry Christmas
    and a very happy new year!!! Ja’s camp and AJ’s too, cause tis the season…………love and peace

  47. Stacy Says:

    I felt upset at first about brad and jen.until I have seen the way he looks at her and she looks at him they are totally in love.some people could only wish to have a small portion of what they have!everything happens for a reason and god had plans for them to be together and help other countries and bless those children .stop hating and resenting them and thank god someone cares for those countries and has the means to help them.those people dont have medical, food, lights,any of the luxries we have .
    my advise to you is dont judge them god will get you look at how blessed they are you need to think of that.

  48. citizen of the world Says:

    I find it rather sad, even funny at times, how far we have strayed from the main subject of this, for lack of a better word, website. This website depicted a photograph of young Shiloh, and here we have people arguing over much more serious things. We’re not all the same, and of course you’re not likely going to agree with everyone else. But please, lets keep some hurtful opinions to ourselves. I know where I stand on this “Jolie versus Aniston” little game that society has us playing, but why reveal it to the whole world? Is it really going to make a difference if you don’t like either one of these women? After all, unless you personally know these people, who you have so extensely ridiculed, we have no right to pass judgement on them. We see what the media wants us to see. Sadly, the media usually takes a negative angle on a perspective. Honestly, society wants to know the “dirt”, the “skeleltons in their closets.” Come on, don’t fall under the hype, don’t waste your time on passing judgement on someone. Neither one of these women has done something so horrific, that they deserve so much hate and negativety from people that they aren’t even personally aquainted with. Let them live their own lives, if they are trying to improve the lives of others; does it really make a difference whose life is improved, and from what country they are? We are all people, and a child is a child, no matter where they are from or how deserving they are of help. Worry about how to improve your life and stop passing judgement on this group of people. Worry about your children, your family, your job, your own happiness; and for God’s sake please keep your noses and your judgemental and rather, unfortunately, ignorant minds out of other people’s business; especially people you don’t know.
    Thank You 🙂
    Citizen of the World

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