More Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt Pictures

Sent: Thursday, June 8, 2006 3:37:34 PM
Subject: Notice of Infringement re. sent on behalf of Nicholas J. Jollymore

I am an attorney for Time Inc., the corporate publisher of PEOPLE Magazine.  PEOPLE Magazine has purchased exclusive North American rights to the only photographs which have been taken to date of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and their newborn baby girl, Shiloh Nouvel.  A website hosted by your organization,, has posted three of these photographs including PEOPLE Magazine's cover and photographs appearing in PEOPLE and HELLO! Magazines in violation of PEOPLE Magazine's exclusive rights (see Alljolie’s posting of this photograph is a clear violation of the U.S. Copyright Act.

Under the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act, your organization has a legal duty to ensure that this photograph is removed from any website you host.  Your failure to remove this photograph from would be a clear violation of the Act.

YOU ARE HEREBY PUT ON NOTICE that the photograph must be removed from immediately.  Please confirm by email or telephone that you have complied with your obligations under the Act by removing the photograph from

Very truly yours,

Nicholas J. Jollymore

Deputy General Counsel

Time Inc.

1271 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10020

( (O) 212 522-3083

( (F) 212 467-0844

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124 Comments on “More Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt Pictures”

  1. mojcazizmond Says:

    How cute is that?!
    But couldn’t they just left her sleep in peace? Leave the cuteness be, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for snapping shots later on.

    Congrats to Brad and Angelina, BTW!

  2. Ellie Downs Says:

    She is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Nina Says:


  4. ALEXANDER Says:


  5. Angelina Says:

    I would’ve thought she would’ve been alot cuter based on her parents. She looks nothing like Brad. Maybe his not the dad.

  6. Brangelina Fan Says:

    For the person that replied: Angelina says: June 8th, 2006 at 4:18 pm

    Quit being a hater! If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.


  7. Angie lover Says:

    it’s such a beautiful baby, and i’m sure Brad is the dad!
    she may looks like her mother, but that means nothing.
    she’s greate, also are Angie and Brad! You two made a beautiful baby!
    I love you so much and I wish you very much luck together.

  8. Lola Says:

    I agree that they should be left alone, let them enjoy their private moments of joy. One comment though: how can she look SO good right after giving birth like that?

    La Jolie is one unworldly beautiful woman.

  9. Angelina Says:

    Call me a hater…I don’t care. I think its really funny how people are obsessed with these two home wreckers.

  10. MELISSA Says:


  11. guest_reply Says:

    For Brangelina Fan: June 8th 2006 at 4:44 pm.

    Shut the hell up. People can speak their mind. And damm the baby is okay looking although I’ve seen my share of babies and she doesn’t look quite like just say born recently….but if brad isn’t that dad so what he is with her anyway with kids that aren’t biologically his anyway.

  12. Jennifer Says:

    When did Angelina become a “saint”? Just a few yearsago she was obsessed with Billy Bob Thorton and wore his blood around her neck…and was making out with her brother. What is going on here…These two and their not so cute kid need to disappear.

  13. Theresa Says:

    This baby so beautiful. ..looks just like angelina…..haters give da baby a chance to breathe n grow up….you people act like the baby is a grown person….F*C* all da haters Kisses to Shiloh

  14. Jeannette Says:

    You guys are so full of venom, God, I am so grateful not to be like you. Wait till you have your kids and see how wonderful it is.

  15. Congratulations Brad and Angelina! Little Shiloh Nouvel is absolutely precious!

  16. julie Says:

    the baby is alright…but i hope brad leaves that bitch angelina w/ the kids, like they say . ” what they do with you, they do to you” brad leaves jen for angelina, hopefully he will leave angelina for someone also! that poor baby has such fucked up parents, its so sad

  17. Felecia Says:


  18. Says:

    No my dear, we’re not so full of venom, just call us realistic. These two people have been extremely selfish in their hunt for lust and adulation. Now tell me, how can you steep so low by selling very intimate pictures of your new born child when you are supposedly a saint? The hoo ha they have created in recent months, I think they were the genial directors if you ask me You simply do not get papped left and right when you do not want to.
    The way they live now, holed up in their 25 star domain, you would think they are emperors of the new world. It’s Hollywood after all. It makes me sick.
    Naturally, it keeps us all very much entertained too. No my dear, we’re not so full of venom, just call us realistic. These two people have been extremely selfish in their hunt for lust and adulation. Now tell me, how can you steep so low by selling very intimate pictures of your new born child when you are supposedly a saint? The hoo ha they have created in recent months, I think they were the genial directors if you ask me You simply do not get papped left and right when you do not want to.
    The way they live now, holed up in their 25 star domain, you would think they are emperors of the new world. It’s Hollywood after all. It makes me sick.
    Naturally, it keeps us all very much entertained too. No my dear, we’re not so full of venom, just call us realistic. These two people have been extremely selfish in their hunt for lust and adulation. Now tell me, how can you steep so low by selling very intimate pictures of your new born child when you are supposedly a saint? The hoo ha they have created in recent months, I think they were the genial orchestrars if you ask me You simply do not get papped left and right when you do not want to.
    The way they live now, holed up in their 25 star domain, you would think they are emperors of the new world. It’s Hollywood after all. It makes me sick.
    Naturally, it keeps us all very much entertained too.

  19. b23 Says:

    You people should get a life

  20. CUTE BABY GUYS ! Says:

    She so totally looks like both parents ! Congrats to you both . Brad looks so in love !
    how wonderful !

  21. vanessa Says:

    yea. she doesnt look like brad at all. but, she is really pretty.

  22. kelley Willis Says:

    Brad & Angelina, Congratulations! on the beautiful baby. Remember to savore every min with your new joy, and enjoy every day with her ,.watching her grow and become her own person. I am a BIG fan of both of yours and think what ya’ll are involved with is a great thing. Don’t let anyone condemn you for what you beleive in. Again congratulations!! on your beautiful family.

  23. Queen B Says:

    I understand that people dislike the couple because of what they have done, But that’s not the baby’s fault. She didn’t ask to be brought into this chaos and she didn’t ask for them to be her parents. She’s a beautiful baby. She doesn’t deserve to be called the horrific things you morons are saying about her. CHILL OUT!!!!
    She’s a beautiful baby!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jen Says:

    awww shes so cute congrats to both of you….

  25. allegedly Says:

    Melissa, you think attacking a child makes you superior? And makes Team Aniston or Jennifer Aniston look any better? If you do, then you’re obviously not thinking straight. It just makes you, Team Aniston, and Jennifer Aniston look like assholes.

    My God people get a life. Calling an baby/child vulgar names and insulting them is pretty low.

  26. jane Says:

    angelina jolie is the best. the past doesnt matter even though she was a wild person that doesnt mean you should judge her for that. she has become more serious and responsible and we should all be happy for her because, she is finally happy and not hurting her self. the baby is the cutest baby. i congratulate them in having such a beautiful baby. brads wish came true and i hope they last together til death do them part.(even though angelina said they arent getting married).

  27. Judy Raines Says:

    I think the baby is beautiful, lips like Angelina. I read she has blue eyes like Brad’s. Can’t wait to see her with her eyes opened. Beautful baby, YES, what do you expect, look at her parents. Best of luck to the whole family.

  28. Shilohlalala Says:

    The baby is beautiful. All babies are. New life is wonderful.
    That said:
    Two good-looking, idiotic, self-involved, phony, unmarried people have a baby.
    The only thing you can probably count on is the child’s future therapy bills.
    God bless Shiloh and all the other babies around the world born that day.

  29. t. ramon Says:

    I think the baby is beautiful, its not her fault. I also believe Brad Pitt is a selfish egotistical maniac. There is no reason to call jen anniston an asshole, she had nothing to do with it, and she also congratulated them.
    I truly believe that anyone who thinks angelina and brad are wonderful is sick with the morals of an idiot. They got together, no matter who they hurt, I don’t believe that is right.

  30. Diana Says:

    She is as breath taking as her parent are. Congratulations & best of luck !

  31. Guest Says:

    I don’t condone the way they started their relationship but they said it once themselves. That if they would have known that someone was getting a reward for the first picture that was taken of them together, they would have posed for it and given the money to a charity. Well that’s what they did. Someone would have gotten the money anyway and instead of some psycho paparazi being the recipient, it was given to a charity. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think they’re awesome parents to the two they have adopted and I hope they’ll continue to be great parents to their sweet little miracle. I’m sure Ms Aniston is over him and happy now. It’s time the rest get over it with her. Congrats to the parents on their sweet little addition!

  32. Brooke Says:

    She is a beautiful baby.. I can’t wait to watch her grow up into a beautiful young lady…. As for the mother and father..It’s not my life so I can’t judge but I feel bad for Jen because of how Brad left her.. and then those two went and got pregnant before Brad and Jen’s divorce was final.. To me that was a slap in the face… I think Angelina is a wonderful, caring and loving person who has helped so many children and their families out of the kindness of her heart… I just feel bad for Jen..

    Angelina and Brad congrats and enjoy her.. Best of wishes to you and your family…

  33. onecoolsoul Says:

    Best wishes to Brad, Angelina, Shiloh and the rest of the family.

  34. yolanda Says:

    All i can say is Beautiful! Just Beautiful! Good Wishes for you all! Hugs and Kisses from Seattle!

  35. Asia Says:

    You haters are so retarded! Of course the baby doesn’t look extra cute right now! She was pretty much JUST BORN. All babies look that way when they’re new. Just watch, Shiloh will grow up to be a beautiful young lady.

  36. alex H Says:

    Gongratulation for you all, especially to that new Namibian daughter.God will bless you all good luck.

  37. brad and angie lover Says:

    The baby is beautiful…..
    All these people who have nothing better to do –
    First rant and rave about them being together – Hey – if Jenn and Brad weren’t broken in teh first place – Brad and Angie would not be together – they are in love – so is Jenn –
    then evryone chases them down forever while pregnant so they family leaves for some peace – and now people rant that the baby isn’t his! Geez… never enough for some of you…
    Bard and Angie your daughter is beautiful and so are your other two children
    Have a wonderful life with yoru beautiful family and who cares about the jealous people of the world who have nothing better to do..

    And personal life is your personally life – who the hell cares what anyone gossips about!

    You are both dedicated parents and people who have dont so much for charities and for all of us fans who love your movies.


  38. debbie Says:

    I cant beleive there are people out there that would attack an innocent child purely based on what her parents did. Dont you think there is enough hate & animosity out there for our young ones to deal with? So what if they sold the first pictures but look where it is going to – charity. At least they are trying to help where others have just forgotten or dont care. Correct me if l’m wrong but when last have any of you given something to a needy child, even indirectly?Every single child is a blessing, regardless where they come from. l am not condoning how they got together, l really think that they could’ve handled things alot better but l cannot judge them for that, let alone say sick and disgusting things about a beautiful little baby.
    To Angelina and Brad: Congratulations on the birth of your little one, l know she will be a blessing to you both. lt is obvious she will be a wonderful person. God bless & keep you& your family.

  39. alex furtado Says:

    its always that acelebritychild is something out of the world .Though the creation is divine but the replication is no way an instantial one. Hope they (the parents don’t succumb to this pressure.)Anyways this a very warmth wish of charisma and good living from my side to the couple and the child. Also believe this pair lasts along not like the usual hollywood pairs.

  40. Lee Says:

    Congratulations on your precious little messiah welcome to the world little one

  41. Anon Says:

    Ange and Brad are great people who genuinely care about sharing their material and experiential wealth with those who many, living with far more then they need, find it easy to forget about.

    So many people love to have an opinion about their pasts – Every one has some history of pain, loss and sadness in thier lives, wether that be what some people see as dramatic or not – it’s our own experience and no one elses to be offended by – If people feel the need to judge Ange and Brad those people need to look at their own lives and experiences and ask why they care so much!
    Ange and Brad’s journey may be the trigger that brings up some peoples insecurities – but that’s all. They’re not right or wrong for their choices, they’re just living out their lives and they’re doing a great job.

    Leave them alone and let them find some kind of peace – being parents to three kids is hard enough without having to deal with people stalking you with cameras or having people judging your every move.

    I think they make an amazing couple and you can tell there is a depth to Brad that Jen would never nurture or challenge… It’s obviouse Ange and Brad can bring out the most amazing qualities in each other – as well as the worst – and that’s the balance you need in a long term relationship. Their relationship will work because not only can they nurture the amazing qualities in each other – they’ll tough it out when it’s difficultand ultimately help the other when they need to understand the ‘darker’ parts of their personalities.

    Brad and Jen should be gratelful for the things they learned out of being together but their ‘life partnership’ was never meant to last.

    Well done to Ange for getting through the whole pregnancy experience – it’s certainly one of the toughest things I have ever done. (Just remember you’ll be on survival mode for atleast the 1st year and it’s ok if you just can’t be everything you think you should be – try your best obviously, but take care of youself too).

    Brad gets a special mention for providing the sperm (remember though, anything you had to deal with from Ange when she was pregnant would have been far more intensified for her – pregnancy is wonderful but hard!)

    There’s so much more I could write it would go on for days but thats enough – I have a life!

  42. Sam Barretto Says:

    Angelina and Bradd, You’re both great… not for the movies you make, but for showing the world that you could make a difference in the life of children. I’m not fond of all the spotlight-fanatic jazz, but all I see in you is a happy family. Don’t mind all the negative things other people say. Let the past be the past. People move on. People change, people learn. Be happy and congratulations!

    – Sam, Filipina, mother of 4

  43. Natasha Says:

    Fe with the apostrophe …….your a twat…sorry let me repeat that ….that your a twat. For someone who is a realist why the hell on you on this website? Shouldn’t you be off reading George Orwell or something? Great read by the way..
    He said she said so what….let them be…these two are together now and are committed. Who knows how long it will last… and who are we to judge?
    Shiloh is beautiful!
    And she is a gift of life and that is all that matters.

  44. januarys Says:

    holy. cannoli. Even Warren Beatty didn’t have this kind of gall. Not even Charlie Sheen. I worry that Angelina is going through a phase, and one day she will just tucker out, Madonna-style, and get involved in some new craze. Then Brad will have to split and join the Nick Lachey club of Confused Ex Husbands.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is Brad P. Brad P, share with us. “I used to be married and everything was all right but then, I don’t know, somehow I was overpowere, and I was taken advantage of, just because I didn’t have the good sense to stay with my wife. It doesn’t seem fair….”

    Let this be a lesson to cheaters. You will end up in Africa with someone else’s babies, selling your family to the tabloids but later spending the rest of your life trying to shield your family from the tabloids. I am just saying!



  46. team Jolie Says:

    Congrats to Angie, Brad and baby Shiloh. Your baby is gorgeous (just like her parents). Live your life for the future.

  47. I Love Angelina Jolie Says:

    I just want to say

    1) babies just born dont show there beuty yet, untill a few months for your 411 so this baby looks so good for the camara already
    2) for the haters no body is saying angelina is perfect we admire her for her movies and her beuty
    3) i think that….. this baby will be so beutyful although if it would of been a boy i dont know how he will look with angelina’s lips but being that is a girl she will grow up to be very beutiful

  48. kristy Says:

    I am all for Jennifer Aniston, but its not the babies fault for everything that has happend between her parents. The baby is beautiful and doesnt deserve to be called names or downed on what so ever.

    Congrat. on your baby girl Angelina and Brad!!!

    But I still love Jennifer more!

  49. Jesse Says:

    I cant figure out for the life of me how obsessed u people r, over a stupid birth. ,Do u not realize women give birth every freakin day. And who gives a crap if its Brad’s and Angelina’s. I lost all respect for the both of them…
    And honestly how long do u think they will stay together. DUH.

  50. all you haters fuck off the mother is beautiful the daddy’s beautiful and so is the child. don’t hate the playa’s hate the game.

  51. Ali Says:

    Who cares? All babies are beautiful. I just worry about her other children. If you notice, all the tabloids refer to the other two as her adopted children. Just by stating that, is degrading. Most adoptive parents think of their children as their own and don’t like when people label them otherwise. How are these children going to grow up without resentment towards their genetically gifted sister. Even if they are treated equally, everyone is going to want to know about the little beautiful baby. Hopefully Brad will stay in the picture. He should have stayed with Jen. But I think Jen is better off without him. He is more Angelina’s type. I just find that when you can’t get along with your own family you tend to raise your children the same way. I don’t know why she hasn’t spoken with her estranged father Jon Voigt in 4 years, but she’s not setting an example for her children. Let’s see how much Brad will be involved with the older two once they’ve split. I am not saying it to be mean, but when in Hollywood…….

  52. Cindy Says:

    whatever Daphne…there is such thing as showing respect for other people. Especially when you are married to someone for 5 years. Brad and Angelina are both messed up people. I give this relationship 2 years tops…Especially once Brad finds out its not his baby…

  53. Mandy Says:

    Does anyone even care about the other 2 kids anymore?….I geuss not…that’s what I thought. I feel sorry for them. Shiloh will always get all the attention and the will always be look at the “adopted” kids. Good luck Angelina….you need it…

  54. Sarah Says:

    Welcome to the world, little baby and welcome to all babies!!

    Somehow I came across this website. Everybody has the right to change, find balance in their lives, turn to a new book. Maybe, these two people are like some in the world-want to change their lives. Or, maybe, they are like a few in this world who want to change the lives of others. Everybody has their own path to follow. And, most people don’t wake up with an agenda on “Who Can I Hurt Today?”

    Frankly, I’m happy for anybody who has a baby and that baby is wanted and loved so much. I have 3 little daughters and I know what they are feeling about their children. No matter who the parents are-there is such adoration of that new little life.

  55. Andrea Says:

    Congratulations to Brad and Anjelina. Shiloh looks just like Brad, with her lips. To all the Anniston camp, perhaps if Jennifer would have loved Brad enough to give him a child, he never would have gone looking elsewhere. Anniston is self-centered and only interested in her career and used Brad to go further. Well, she has her Break-Up movie, which is number one, which is what she wanted. Anniston once said when she first dated Brad, “I want to have his baby!” Well, she had nearly five years to try but it seems to me that she lied and was only saying that to nab Brad and make him think she was interested in family. Anjelina is honest and passionate about children and Brad. She loves Brad enough to give him a child even though she only wanted to adopt because of all the orphans in the world. Anjelina has grown in a beautiful way and is a great role model. All you haters should excuse her far past mistakes since she’s done so much good. Selling the pictures is a great idea since they’re giving the money to charity. Else, one vampire photographer would get rich off their kid’s picture. And how can a woman break up a marriage that was already broken? If a woman steals a man, then he must be unhappy with the woman he’s with. That’s Jennifer’s fault. Not Anjelina’s.

  56. Aila Says:

    Baby’s cute. Love how she’s helping out around the world. And how she adopted 2 children who needed a family. Love how she loves her new children, how she’s donating to the all the children shelters and helping out in the comunity. A good inspiration.

    Not against anything between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina.

    Other people who dislike this woman and her child is a person who can rot in hell. Im not saying all of you should love her, but appreciate what she’s doing.


  57. xetjoe Says:

    beautiful !!

  58. Nancy Says:

    Jen wanted to have kids. It was Brad who strated that stupid rumor to make himself look better. I still don’t get all Angelina lovers how you can’t see her for who she really is. A few years back all of you thought she was a weird freak and now because she has a kid she’s like Mother Theresa.
    I am not for either Jen or Angie , but Jen has way more grace. She is not trying so hard to be in the public eye like Angelina.

  59. love then all Says:

    The baby is sweet like most babies.Nothing speacial she just has very famous parents that are famous for many things.I hope every things works out and they stay a happy family.

  60. slp9688 Says:

    i can’t stand to see them in the media all the time!! it must be so hard for jen to move on.. just because you are divorced, it doesn’t mean the love for the other person disapears.. angelina has a broken family, she no longer speaks to her own father..therefore it is ok for her to run off to other parts of the world..but brad’s parents, who were once apart of his life (especially when he was with jen) no longer gets to see their son ..he is letting angelina drag him all over the place..i feel bad for brad’s parents…

  61. Cinnabana Says:

    To all the haters:

    I don’t understand…some of you just discovered this site. That means that you searched the internet to find a AJ site that would allow to spread your hatred and racist comments. What gives? There are no other celebrity sites in the world. You guys have nothing better to do but to talk how much you hate this AJ. This is oxymoron-like behavior. You need to stop spreading your hate of AJ. I know you are mad at her for getting Brad and having his baby. But get over it. Brad is a big boy he can handle himself. Jennifer has moved on so should you. Besides, he didn’t cheat on his wife. And AJ didn’t wreck his marriage. It was already broken. People break up all the time….all over the world. Get over yourself…

    By the way much love for this beautiful family…love you AJ…Brad…Mad….Z…and the new baby Shiloh….wonderful.

  62. alex Says:

    ew man, baby is nasty looking. Look at the lips!

    yup ew. jennifer aniston and brad would of had a BEAUTIFUL baby. that shit is ugly.

    sorry people

  63. Cinnabana Says:

    Alex says….get a life you moron….you are the sick shit one and ugly….

  64. jenny Says:

    i saw the omen, that child is the antichrist lmao

  65. alex Says:


    lmao how the hell can you call me ugly?! YOU DONT KNOW HOW I LOOK LIKE, that was the stupidest thing ive heard in my life. okok look im not here to argue with you, im just submitting a comment 😀

    i dont support 2 home wreckers thats a first. second, i dont think the child is pretty 🙂 its a comment!

  66. alex Says:

    plus.. baby those have nasty lips

  67. nick Says:

    jennifer is a bitch and a coke-head that way that bitcj got dumped

  68. nick Says:

    jennifer is a bitch i wish someone could get her on video for every one could see her ture ways

  69. Natasha Says:

    If you cant say somthing nice dont say it at all. No bosy knows what brangelina are like. so let them Be!! by the way shiloh is adorable shes only a ababy so who knows what she will look when its older!

  70. rosaleen Says:

    I feel sorry the baby. Mom and dad are both messed up. Mom and dad will eventually split and baby will be on planes back and forth, custody issues and visitation right. All for a piece of ass mid-life crises for both. Another misfit in this society.

    Jennifer is much better off without them both. Just another statistics for all concerned.

  71. Cinnabana Says:

    immature prick…..see how nasty your mouth is “alex says nothing…..” you are ugly..

  72. Cinnabana Says:

    Rosaleen….go to Ansiston site to spread your hate…this an all jolie site.
    this family is beautiful.

  73. kate Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says…that baby is CUTE!!! All babies are…!!!

  74. Vinit Says:

    hi angelina,
    may this baby gets all the happiness in life, CUTE..
    i have been a great fan of yours, please reply to this message i will be glad
    take care, and all the best


  75. Leesa from Down Under! Says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter Brad and Ange – she is beautiful.

    People who preach hate should not throw stones from their glass houses – no one is perfect. You should think about what you are writing, as if you were to reflect on your own life it would not be all so black and white.

  76. Congrats to Brad and Angelina. Shiloh is adorable. Angie I think you are amazing. You are doing great things over there in Africa. You and Brad are the best and will make great parents to all 3 of your children. Don’t change for your inner beauty surpasses your outer beauty. Enjoy those little ones now for tomorrow they will be grown and gone. Best wishes. I love you both.

  77. Says:

    Can we please cut the ‘new messiah’ act. Of course, it’s a cute baby, naturally this baby is not to blame. It’s an innocent little creature trapped in the fame craving cave that her parents have set up.
    Still, this does not make a messiah. This is not god’s child. Do you actually realise what you are saying? You don’t even know these people. The only image you get from them is the one that their publicists have created for pure entertainment.
    If you look at it from a neutral point of view: two alright looking people with a stonking career, had sex, one of them, her father, cheating on his wife he always proclaimed to love so much. The mother, a beautiful woman with a penchant for the obscure and it’s deciples. It’s not quite such a fairytale now is it?
    They shagged, they made a baby, end of it.

  78. Capri Says:

    You got the warning from Time and People? 😀 Now you’re famous since they found out about your site. 😯

  79. foxylady Says:

    The baby is cute, and it’s stupid to say such ugly things about an innocent baby, but I have no respect for what Brad and Angelina did. For the person who says that a man cheating is his wife’s fault because she couldn’t keep him happy, you are a freaking moron. Brad cheated on Jen; that was ALL HIS FAULT. Brad couldn’t even keep it in his pants until his marriage to Jen had ended and knocked up Angelina Jolie. They were seen together when Brad and Jen first started having problems, and it is very possible that they were sleeping together even then, which is WRONG.

    I think it’s great that Angelina has adopted children from other countries and given them a shot at a better life. But I also think that the media is making way too much of it. She’s filthy rich, and it’s really not much of a sacrifice for her to do such things, especially since it makes her look wonderful in the media. But there are other people who have average incomes who adopt several (more than two) children, and because they don’t have her fame, people don’t even give them a second thought.

    The baby is adorable, but no more so than any other baby out there. People just need to stop making such a big deal out of this couple and their baby and move on.

  80. pyro Says:

    Two people had adulterous sex and got pregnant. She’s cute but nothing amazing when compared to other babies. Get over it.

  81. Sarah K Says:

    well this is my two cents! personally i love both brad pitt and angelina jolie, i always have even before this whole brad, jen etc incident. Partners break up all the time and even jen has said that brad and ang didnt get close until after her and brad seperated. Both brad and jen couldnt give each other what the other wanted which is why people get divorced! and for gods sake people are going to get new partners, this is everyday life except brad and ang’s lives are high profile press stories! and so what if they sold pictures of there new child? its pictures the media and the public desperately wanted to see and theyre giving all of the money to worthy charties, hardly evil is it. not to mention the fact that angelina was doing charity work well into the last term of her pregnancy instead of resting on her arse like other stars would be doing. shiloh is a beautiful baby and people who are insulting a child that is only a mere few days old are sick and immature. and im not a jen hater or whatever i love jennifer anniston and think she has done so well in dealing with the break up of her marriage but again this is an everyday occurance and jen is happy with vince now so get over the whole brad, jen and angelina thing and move on, they have.

  82. aaeryn Says:

    Oh I wanna know where People has these pictures cause THEY have yet to be found in this week’s magazine as they claimed there would be. And yes i heart jenn. Good luck to her

  83. lovebirds214 Says:

    angie is a disgrace to this society. she makes out with her brother, has her paws all over billy bob on air, has lesbian relations and is a homewrecker. but because she goes prancing all over this god green earth doing good deeds for the impoverished, she is a saint???? i don’t think so. she is a whore. i feel way bad for these poor children. kids will be picking on them saying stuff like my dad fucked your mom!!! and it would probably be true. yea so they have this baby. SO WHAT!!! people have babies everyday so get over it. and yes, i did come to this website to vash angie because she is an ugly stupid whore and i hate her. brad has lost his marbles. jen was way better looking and had more class!! love to jen and my heart goes out to her.

  84. lovebirds214 Says:

    FUCK ANGIE, FUCK BRAD, we should all put maddox, zahara and shiloh in our prayers and hope they have the best life they can have

  85. mandee Says:

    i have read this whole page, and i really believe that most of you are stupid and inconsiderate. are you telling me that never in your life have any of you ever made a mistake? this woman is trying to make the most of her life, she has saw the mistakes she has made and she is trying desperately to put them behind her and have a good life, which i dont see why there is anything wrong with that. plenty of people in this world do way worse things than falling in love with someone who is already married. you can not choose who you fall in love with, you can not call someone a homewrecker just because 2 people fall in love and choose to follow their hearts, rather than deny them. you all have so much time to bring up every bad thing angelina and brad have ever done, but what about you? what about people that abuse, murder, rape…brad and angelina are people just like everyone else, they have feelings, they have a heart, they cut, they bleed. stop thinking that you are so much better than them and you can come on here and talk badly about them. how would you feel if your whole life was out there for everyone to see? for everyone to comment on? i am sure that no one on this site would look any better than angelina and brad do. so what if she was in love with billy bob and wore his blood around her neck? at least it shows that she is passionate. how many of you have adopted children? as a matter of fact, how many other celebs have you saw adopt children that are in need of a good home? how many other celebs do you see that are travelling the world to look after people and children that are in need? how many other people (not even just celebs) do you see actually donating ANY of their time or money to help ANYONE but THEMSELVES? before you sit there and judge the 2 celebs that are actually trying to MAKE A DIFFERENE IN THE WORLD, how about you judge yourself, or the other people that are too lazy or too careless to be bothered helping out another person in need? you people need to get over yourselfs and realize, there are many bad people in this world, well, here are 2 good ones. brad and angelina, congradulations on baby shiloh, maddox and zahara, i wish you well and i hope you have all the happiness in the world, you definately deserve it after everything you have done for this world! i am sorry that people are so heartless, but when people envy your life and are jealous that they could never amount to as much as you have, what can you expect? (too bad more people arent like the 2 of you! the world could definately use it!) take care of yourselves and those babies!! lots of love!

  86. Miki Says:

    We made mistake but we learn from it and try not to repeat it, unlike this whore who seems to just hop on from one mistake to another. Just shows how insensitive she really is to those around her. Tell her to check into a mental facility cause she seems she really need it, once she’ll land her fish ass lips in the USA, and she wish she stayed in Namibia cause America really dont need her self absorbed ass.

  87. Jenny Says:

    personally speaking, angelina jolie is way hotter than jennifer.. but of course, it was wrong for brad to do that.. but i guess there are just too many good fishes in the ocean.. trying out webdate dot com proves that!

  88. Amanda Says:

    The baby is gorgeous and she’s got Angie’s big lips. (: Congratulations to Angelina and Brad.

  89. lovebirds214 Says:


  90. Miki Says:

    Tell the Time attorney to get lost, what is he on about, the pictures are already out for the world to see. Oh, that baby is not a newborn, looks way older.

  91. Angel Says:

    I think the way some of you are bashing and discrediting a new born baby is very sick! What has she ever done, except to be born? She’s so beautiful and Angelina and Brad are extremly lucky. So all the shiloh-haters go look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself are you proud of what you just said? It’s people like YOU who do nothing to help society and instead of doing something you crtitisize a baby! Get a life!
    GO BRANGELINA! love to shiloh, zahara and maddox!!

  92. Laura Says:

    Noone knows what went on behind closed doors with Jennifer and Brad before this all came out. We do know that Jennifer was not wanting kids at that stage of her life and Brad’s paternal clock was a ticking time bomb. He has mentioned that he wanted a LOT of kidlettes. For all we know, they were already in the toilet before Angelina entered the picture.
    Shiloh is just a gorgeous as most babies are. Let us hold our comments until she is older and we can see how she is being raised.
    BTW…you hear of the kids being taken with Angelina on site when she is doing movies…she sounds like a very hands on mom…how many other Hollywood parents are involved with their kids??? I would take Angelina as a mother anyday over some of the others …a.k.a Britney!!!

  93. rockwatching Says:

    Now who said lawyers did not serve a useful function in society? Oh, and congrats for the baby and shame on people magazine, I will never open another page, how totally petty.

  94. eliza Says:

    Man, I wanted to see these pics. 😦 I agree with rockwatching this was petty of them. taking photos off after they already sold them.)

  95. adifferentapproach Says:

    I think it’s amazing that people slam people they don’t know.

    Why is it people are obsessed with Celebrity’s? Because they have money or flashy things? They at one point in life struggles like the rest of us but where fighters to get to the top. Do you think it’s fair to slam their new baby? And Just an FYI to the people saying this precious gift is ugly… or that she doesn’t look like her father? Most babies are not the most attractive things when they are first born and they generally have their own little look about them. Its fun to watch them change day to day to see who they will look like and watch their personalities.

    Grow up get a life and stop slamming people you don’t even know.

    That is all

  96. jaja Says:

    😀 well, i’ve gone half way of this page only.. can’t help but write this one..

    I’m neither brangelina nor jen.. by the looks of it, i can’t really tell if the baby is cute or adorable or ugly or whatever.. i guess, if she turns out beautiful then good for her and mum and dad.. she doesn’t have to go through all surgeries like others do..

    and if she does look ugly… well, mum and dad got loads of money to take care of that.. so who cares????

    and if jen and vince get their kid.. hhmmm.. i wonder how the kid would look like.. i fever they’ll have theirs..

    anyways, bringing new life in this seriously funny world is a new gift.. so rejoice!

  97. kelsey Says:

    how pathetic are some of you people to talk such trash about a baby and about two people you do not know. you do not know how brad and jennifer’s marriage was like. and who are any of us to judge other people’s actions? only God can judge. and everything happens for a reason, if brad did not leave jennifer then she would never have met vince vaughn, who seems to be making her quite happy. not every marriage in the world lasts, so why should you expect every celebrity’s? they’re normal people too. why should someone have to stay with their spouse when that person doesn’t make them happy? so they don’t look like an asshole? if you can’t make yourself happy first, then you can’t make anyone else happy. it’s not being selfish, it’s doing what’s right. i guess brad thought it was better to end the marriage and save her years and years of unhappiness. now she has found happiness…the both of them have. so go brad and jenn

  98. Aleja Says:

    God loves babies no matter what! So, leave baby shiloh alone!

  99. mindy Says:

    They are happy that is all that matters. The baby is a beuty. Unlike most of you I think Brad and Angelina will be together for a long time. this little baby girl is one of the luckiest in the world.

  100. Just wonderin Says:

    I’m not a big fan of Brangelina but I do appreciate what they do to make the world better. I was really inspired by them, really. They’re probably one of the richest (may be) celebrities in Hollywood and still, they care about others. That is amazing.

    I don’t know why people call Angelina a home wrecker. I mean, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston didn’t even have a baby and by the looks of their marriage, Brad didn’t seem to be genuinely happy.

    There are so many “worse” cases of home wreckers in Hollywood if you sit and think about it. What about M. Douglas? He already had a teenage/20 something-year-old son when he married young C.Z. Jones. And he was going thorough a horrible divorce. There are so many actors and actresses who “stole” someone’s wife/husband who already had children.

    I think there is a huge difference when you have a child or when you don’t have any. A real family starts, in my opinion, when you have a child. So, I don’t think Brad did such a terrible thing. It certainly wasn’t a right thing to do, but compared to what others did, he and Aniston went through rather a simple divorce (without child custody, etc).

    Also, I don’t think Jennifer Aniston is a total angel as well. She hasn’t spoken to her mom, what, for 10 years or something? I think moms can say something (even if it’s degrading) about their children if they want to. It doesn’t mean she deserves no invitation to her daughter’s then-wedding with Brad Pitt.

    I think Aniston is acting a bit too harsh to her mom. If she can’t forgive her own mom for saying something wrong, I don’t know…

    Angelina Jolie was struggling with the relationship between her and her father for years, because he left her while she was still an infant and the fact that her father cheated on her mom.

    All people aren’t perfect. Brad and Angelina, Jennifer Aniston aren’t. We all have faults. So stop judging and let’s get on with our lives.

    BTW, I love Shiloh. She looks adorable, and I don’t know about you, but to me, she looks exactly like Brad Pitt (with Angelina Jolie’s lips)! I am not too fond of babies, but Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt looks so cute. I guess every baby is cute.

    I wish the Pitt family the best of luck!

  101. fanny Says:

    I am happy for Brad and Angelina. They deserve to be happy. People make mistakes all the time, it does not mean they are bad entirely. People also do change. Let us give them a chance to be happy. Congratulations to this wonderful bundle of joy. Parenting becomes you both… May your relationship last forever.

  102. Jenny Says:

    Is happiness really possible when it’s built on someone else’s ashes?

  103. Daphne Says:

    I started off reading the beginning of this thread and some thoughts shared by various posters were very kind and others just plain mean. We as the public see people in the SPOTLIGHT the way media wants us to see them. Most of us dont actually know the people first hand, unless you may happen to be the select few that are on their inner circle. Everyone has the right to be happy in their life and some dont find that happiness the first time around. They start off happy and with expectations of the other partner only to be disappointed. That is what is sort of looks like what happened to me. People should look to the positive out of life and not dwell on the negatives. Shiloh is innocent and pure. How can someone say such mean things about a child that has only been in this world for a matter of a few months. Shame on you.
    Step back and take a closer look at your own life. When did you start being so unhappy with your life that you lash out at a newborn?

  104. Daphne Says:

    Opps mt there….

    That is what it like may have happened.

  105. Barbara Says:

    I think Angelina is so wonderful and do not care if others do not agree with that. She has brought more interest into Darfur and so many other areas of the world and now others are jumping on the bandwagon. This is a great thing to have happened. Want to know if there is an address to send a letter to Angelina, does anyone have that information? Thanks

  106. ingypops Says:

    i just stumbled across this site. i love reading harmless gossip just as much as the next person but some of the stuff posted here is ridiculous. some of you people need to get a life and take a look at what you’re saying. you’re speculating about people you don’t know and saying terrible things about an innocent child. These people are actors. They are not evil. They are normal people living their lives in the public eye. Give them a break.

  107. dreamy Says:

    Uhh…Ingypops, these people know what they were getting into when they decided to become famous so they really outed themselves, have knowone to blame but themselves, for putting themselves in the public eye. I don’t like Angelina Jolie, as an actress, her movies suck at the butt. Without makeup she isn’t nothing special. She’s an atheist and I don’t like that.

  108. privateguest Says:

    Well, I’m not a Angilina and Brad pitt fan; but I must say, it’s wrong to call an innocent baby a demonic person. That’s totally uncalled for, you can’t blame the poor kid for her parents wrong doing. Now as for Angela, I never got it when people say she was beautiful, I beg to differ, she’s just an average woman, more on the border of ugly if you ask me, and I hate her lips. Now regarding her history especially when it comes to breaking up relationships; she has a history of creating relationships with her on screen partners regardless if they are already in another relationship themselves. Billy whatever his name was engaged to someone else, before ms jolie snatch him away. I think she did this 5 times on the last count; so tell me if this isn’t evil. I think she’s a parasite, she get talking to these men and beginning to mould herself to their wishes and those idots falls for it until they realise her true colours. Look she even got a far as getting pregnant for Brad!! As for Brad he’s a fool, I don’t know how happy he was with Jen, but I believe that you should try your best to compromise and make this work with your woman before running off with some whore. I know people say, why give the woman more stick then the man, let’s face it men are idiots and woman are very manipulative, and we know what their like, and so they get the blame most of the time; that’s just how it is. As for Angelia and adopting “deprived” children, many people do it, that doesn’t make her a saint, it’s good yes, but it don’t make her a saint. I’ve never like the woman, and Brad and Jen as well, but what these two tossers did was wrong, and I refuse to celebrate it!! And shame on the media for constantly trying to shove down their relationship down our throats, even naming them the most beautiful couple; I don’t accept them as a couple and I’ll never will, maybe if they broke up and then came back together then, only then!!

  109. Amy Says:

    I don’t think any baby is ugly, demolic all that stuff. The baby is cute and kudos to both parents even though am not a fan of the two. All I imagine what JEN’s kids will be like the CUTESTS kids in Hollywood. Thats my point of view, so please no cursing.

  110. Helene (from norway) Says:

    Shiloh Nouvel is an adoroble baby:)
    I`m a fan of Brangelina!, because they are different!
    they give money to charity , how many celebritycouples to that???
    don`t hate the little baby just because of the parents! that`s just stupid!
    and people that`s on “jennifer`s team” , stupid!
    its okey to like her better! but think, Brad choose Angelina self! and, jennifer send gratulations card to them, about the baby! i think that fans dislike it more than jennifer does!
    they are a good example!, adopting, give money, and they have a good family!;)
    the whole family is very beautiful! I LOVE THEM!

  111. Just being honest Says:

    Brad and Angelina should have more biological children, because Shiloh is so gorgeous. The three of them are the most beautiful family. However, the other two adopted kids make the family odd looking. I know many of you are just being kind, but I have to be honest and Zahara is the ugliest child I have ever seen period. As for Maddox, he was cute as a kid, but now he’s just a punk with an ugly hair do.

  112. olivia Says:

    Some of these posts are really frightening and sick. How could an innocent child be ugly. This person in particular needs help. I think jealousy is likely at the root of these negative posts. I think Zahara is exceptionally beautiful. Her eyes are amazing and so soulful. All three children are very beautiful and I am happy for the whole family. Everything happens for a reason and I am sure Jen Aniston will find happiness with someone else more suited for her. They are all wonderful people and to like one does not mean you have dislike and worse, bad mouth the others. It is a sick and unhealthy way to live. By saying and thinking these things you are putting negative and ugly energy into the cosmos. Thoughts and words have energy. Love has the highest vibrational force for good. Why not spend a little time trying to put out some good thoughts and make the world a better place. I hope you find some peace and happiness in your life someday. You can begin today with one kind thougt or word.

  113. ash Says:

    I used to think angelina jolie was the prettiest person in the world but now I realize that she’s just another white woman who got a nose job and will wrinkle without botox & is trying to build her rep by doing the whole Goodwill Embassador stuff & adopting children. Also–you people need to get a life. Shiloh (who is named after a damn dog) is cute, but not THAT damn cute. There are way cuter babies in the world

  114. ash Says:

    Oh, yeah. Another thing: the baby is cute NOW, but it might grow up to have Angie’s lips AND Brad’s squinty-ass eyes…which may look okay on him, but damn sure ain’t a good combination with some big-ass, chapty lips.


  115. david Says:

    Did you guys get cheated on or something? Frankly, I thing NORMAL people couldn’t care less about the whole Jen/Brad/Jolie triangle. The baby is cute. Not as cute as TomKat’s baby. And to criticize Jolie’s lips is utter nonsense. Those pillows are what made her famous. Skinny-lipped girls suck.

  116. fiorella Says:

    i just love shiloh! shes so pretty! brad and angie make a beautiful couple!

  117. tina Says:

    hey! aren’t you happy that these people found their happiness? we can’t blame angelina if she can give what Brad was hoping to have in his entire life that sad to say Jen Aniston can’t give to him. Poor Jen but that’s life she may feel so sorry but it’s too late now because Brad had finally have his own baby with this Bitch girl as they called her Angelina. Sorry for all those haters there because angelina and Brad will surely enjoy their realtionship until their old age, eat your heart our!

  118. Natalie Says:

    How can you make so much noise and call a baby so many cruel names?! I bet that if Shiloh, Angelina and Brad WEREN’T FAMOUS and if you saw Shiloh in the park playing with her mom and dad you’d most probably say “What a beautiful baby she is!So cute! But of course it seems she got the great looks of her parents!!!”.

    How can you judge the outer beauty of Brad and Angelina (and in addition their little daughter’s) the moment you are probably worse than them?? Shiloh is a combination of Angelina and Brad and that makes her beautifully unique! It seems that there are many people who dislike that couple (and each of them serarately) but there are as many people who adore them! Each of you in this world is unique in his/hers own way! Especially when it comes to an innocent child!

    And in final analysis it’s not the outer beauty that counts on a person, it’s the inner and Angelina has proved that she is just a woman, a person who may have made some wrong decisions in the past but now she became a great mom and, by her donations, adoptions and her pure care, an example for all of us to follow as mush as we can!

    I admire Angelina, I like BRAD and I also like JENNIFER because she is sweet and smart..SMART enough to go on with her life the moment you people DON’T!

  119. Fan Says:

    Ok, for all of you who think Angelina and Brad are home-wreckers, that may be true, but they do have good sides to them since they are adopting many children from poor countries around the world ad well as donating a lot of their money to charities. Also, for those of you who keep defending Aniston, yes I do feel sorry for her, but she chose her career over her husband, and he really wanted children, so I don’t really blame him for dumping her even if it wasn’t a very nice thing to do.

    over all I think Brad and Angelina have a beautiful daughter.

  120. Doris Says:

    I think when Brad left Jen, they were already over. Even though many may think Angelina as wild, she has since change ever since she had Madox and I believe that she had matured. Jen, though we pity her for what happened, is doing OK, and maybe jeleous with what she might hve missed. Humans are like that, you never appreciate what you have until you loose them. They had 4 years together, if Jen loved Brad that much she would have consented on having his baby, but no there we other important things. I am happy for Angelina for making Brad happy. The media will always go after Angelina, no so much on Brad but Angelina because of her background and her news is more marketable because it create such a sensation which is great for the Angelina’s haters.

    We must learn to forgive and give someone a chance to be happy. I belive by getting together with Brad she had sacrefice a lot of things especially her privacy and happiness. I admire her integrety in her previous relationship. She has tremendeous courage that will be a pillar for her family. Believe me for this Brad will stick through thick and thin with her. GO ANGILINA, you know what is best for your family.

  121. Privateguest Says:

    TomKat baby is much cuter than Shiloh… I don’t the child, but I wish if people were honest, She may grow to be cuter but for now, she isn’t all that… sorry

  122. Privateguest Says:

    TomKat baby is much cuter than Shiloh… I don’t hate the child, but I wish if people were honest, She may grow to be cuter but for now, she isn’t all that… sorry

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