Angelina Jolie Dreading Jennifer Aniston and the Paparazzi Wars

As Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gear up for their return to Malibu one report claims all is not rosy. The new mom is dreading all that comes with the return to the US, including having to face Jennifer Aniston and the paparazzi wars in Los Angeles.


But she has no choice – as her baby’s dad, Brad Pitt, has to get back to work. “Brad has had it with Africa and is ready for the comforts f home,” a source tells Star Magazine. “(But) Angie dreads having to deal with all the paparazzi and the jen thing all over again,” a pal says.


You’re not in Namibia anymore.

“She’s not happy about (living in Malibu) but she knows she has to compromise,” the insider tells the weekly. The report claims that once filming is completed – Jolie will again leave the US and return to Paris.

“Once (Brad has) finished the film she’s going right back to Paris where the press attention is less crazy. And she has more peace,” another friend is quoted in the magazine as saying.


Malibu may indeed be culture shock for Angelina.

She has been holed up in Namibia where it appears she had total control over the media and even what reporters were allowed to enter the country.

And she certainly wasn’t going to bump into Jennifer anywhere in Africa.

–Susan Hatch

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34 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Dreading Jennifer Aniston and the Paparazzi Wars”

  1. Gwen Says:

    Angie isn’t afraid of the media and why has she??
    The relationship with Brad and Jennifer already was over for some time , they already had troubles when Brad was filming oceans twelve what’s the fuzz about!! Angie doesnt have to be guilty at all !!

  2. Paula Says:

    Ofcourse she needs to feel guilty. She is the one who even said in an interview she would never date or be with a married men….and look what she did.

  3. Miki Says:

    Yeah, why else she keeps running off to some foreign country? I guess truth hurts. Cant wait for them to get back to USA, get back to reality. Dont believe what she said anymore, everything she vows for in the past just seems to come back and bite her big fat ass. I guess that woman just cant separate reality from fantasy.

  4. Jean Says:

    Leave them alone. Who are we to judge anyway? If Jennifer can no longer keep her man, it can be any woman if not Angie.

  5. Cheryl Says:

    Did anyone realize that Jennifer Aniston says Shiloh when speaking to her boyfriend in the movie Rumor has it

  6. Miki Says:

    Also, Vinces character is Wedding Crasher had an imanginary friend name Shiloh. What a weird coincidence they all still have with each other.

  7. kylie Says:

    miki you fat computer geek get a life

    i bet she doesnt give a flying fuck as to who or what she may have to face when shes in malibu …between her and jen angie is totaly innocent brads the one who cheated..which was caused buy a lack of love ,commitment ,and attention from ms divorced aniston who was way too infatuated with her golden couple image rather than her golden other half…… shes regretfull and sorry….vince vaughn is only a rebound just wait and see

  8. Mother Teresa Says:

    That’s right, Kylie! You said it gurl, uh-huh! You give it to that mean old Miki. She puts the icky in Miki. Angelina’s off to a foreign country because she’s got property there, duh!: Buckinghamshire, south of France, etc. Why should she hide? She’s Lara Croft!, or the one-eyed androgynous character in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, she’s a hacker in that hacker movie, etc. etc. I don’t think someone who plays strong characters is a weakling in real life although I’m sure being in Malibu next to Jen puts a dent in her carrot cake, the jam in her jellyfish sandwhich. So get down on your knees Miki and pray to me…and a one, two, three, four! You need some serious spiritual healing for saying mean and vicious things about the angelic Angelina!

  9. Miki Says:

    From her scanky past we all know what shes like, shes acting all so innocent, come on, shes a homewrecker.

  10. Miki Says:

    Oh, and shes mentally ill too. LOL.

  11. lovebirds214 Says:

    mother theresa smokes crack! that’s right. how could angelic and angelina be in the same sentence? she is the devil’s daughter! and they baby is her spawn, so you see what that comes down to. also that baby was not a week old in those pics. she was probably pregnant when brad and jen were still together. who knows, it might not even be his kid. angie is a fucking whore and whoever thinks she is a good doer is just as mentally incapacitated as she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Miki Says:


  13. Laura Says:

    I can’t say much about any of them because NONE of us truly know them but Angelina seems like a whore and jennifer stupid for letting the cheating hottie Pitt go. And well… now it doesn’t matter. deal with the consequences.

  14. Lola Says:

    Shut your face Miki You suck

  15. honey03 Says:

    First of all, Angelina Joli is a homewrecker, no one can deny that,. She is attracted to every single person so any one practically has a shot with her, n who knos how many people shes screwed since she seems so easy to get up into. I’m sorry but that comment she made about how she would never come inbetween a married relationship bc her dads done it to her mom n shes not on good terms with her dad clearly shows she’s a lying, cheating, hypocritical women. For all you other people who are hatin on the entries made on angelina jolie and how it really is, u bitches are fucked up just her jolie ahahahahah. How can any women actually be on jolie’s side knowing what she did, your practically saying its ok if some stank hoe came after your man, your gonna let it slide!…. Your fucked up. Put yourself in anistons situation, you were her wut da fuck would u do? Praise da hoe? Gimme a break !!! LOL …. Also for da girl up there who commented on how if aniston couldn’t keep her man, any women has da right to come in between n’ take her spot!… R u stupid too! Anyone in this world has the potential to get anyone they want, its how you do it! Who knows da man your with right now is probably checkin another girl. LOL There are limits and territories you stay away from. All im saying is cheating is cheating straight out no matter how u try to twist and bend and change the situation. Cheating with another womens man is even more fucked up, your just creating drama for yourself. Karma’s a bitch it’ll come back to u twice as hard.

    KYLIE, LOLA u 2 need to shut da fuck up others are trying to give their opinion on aniston and jolie and u come out dissin da person writing da msg, u ammature bitches lol ahahahahh back your shit up with da topic n’ da people. ahahah im outz…..

  16. Man Says:

    first jenny have too big (wide ) pussy that a baseball bat can go through
    but angelina jolie is cool, sexy,attractive etc…………………………………….

  17. Jeff Says:

    Jen is a goddess compared to that fish-lipped, goth, blood loving, slut. She’s so vainy- she’s like, one big vain (puking right now). her body is sickly looking- she’s hunched over, she looks like a 4 legged spider. Now Aniston, nice butt, golden tan, aqua marine eyes, sun kissed hair, GREAT frik’n bod man. No comparison dude.

  18. girl Says:

    i jst wana say honey03 got it totally rite same wif miki nd lovebirds214.angelina jolie hmmm how wud i describe her one word HOMEWRECKER!!
    u guys hu think dat angie is rite u totally retarded!!
    wat if it was u u stil think ud b sayin wat u r now?i dont think so SOMEHOW!!
    jolie suks ass!!

  19. girl Says:

    wat da hell Man on i hve no idea!!

  20. emilee Says:

    ok, I think everyone should just leave brad and angelina alone, including Jen. Now, I love jennifer aniston, but she has to face it, brad isnt hers anymore, and that to just et over it! We should all think of brad and angelina as regular people, which is exactly what they are! there are thousand of people evryday having babies, and oprah nevr does specials on them, so why on brad and angelina??? its the same with every celebrity, just cause they are in movies and on t.v doesnt make them any different then us! I am in a journalism class at school, and I am on t.v, and yes, people treat us differently,. but we have to tell them, that we are normal people, just like them! so for Gods sake, please just leave the poor people alone!!!

  21. motley Says:

    ok everyomes has there point of veiw… but it is rong that brad is dating agolina, but u never know he might have changed his feelings.. its BETTER to leave her and find somone who u truly wanna be with insted of staying and leading her on into making u think u like them.. i mean he did what his heart was telling him to. its not right to blame him for that..and yes it sounds bad the angolina took him from her.. but ang didnt.. if angolina tied him up and made him be with her it be a diff story but its part of his disision too.. ive even put myself in jennifer’s position “what if somone came along and took the person i dedicated my life to ” id be sad too but its life.. if the guy left u for them u didnt need them neways nor was meant for them.. its reality.. suck it up and move on.. i know it takes time.. i would prob cry my eyes out.. but id have to get over it so does jenn.. she can find somone else.. let angolina and brad be happy.. jennifer will find somone that will make her happy too.

  22. john Says:

    You all act as if Brad is innocent and had no say in the decision to leave Jennifer. Poor Brad. The powerful and hypnotic Angelina just looked into Brad’s eyes and he was helpless. He had no ability to put meaning into his marriage vows. He’s the looser, not Angelina. If Brad had commitment, ten Angelina’s couldn’t have taken him away from Jennifer. Jennifer is the winner in this equasion.

  23. Me Says:

    Angelina is sexy lol homewrecker? how can you be a home wrecker if the truly wasn’t a home to wreck. All Brad had to do was say no I’m inlove with my wife, however he didn’t so obviously the relationship (in his mind) was over. I have a question though, if Bard and Angelina are together now with kids and a home and Jen decides she wants Brad back and trys her best to get him… would you consider her a homewrecking whore?

  24. Janie Says:

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why people who hate angie would bother to go to sites featuring her pictures. Why bother unless you’re a very jealous person and are confusing anger with jealousy. See that strong negative reaction you have when you see a pic of Angie, you hateful b****, it’s pure jealousy and don’t try to deny it.

    It’s obvious that both are the happiest they’ve ever been in a relationship.
    Angie is more genuine than Jen is in interviews, when you see Jen in interviews it’s pretty obvious she is in no way interested in what anyone has to say.

    I may be biased because I believe Angie is the most wonderful, gorgeous person in the public eye but oh well.

  25. kadie Says:

    you all are retarded if u ask me. the heart wants what the heart wants. If they love eachother they should be with eachother. no it is not right to cheat but they are together and happy and jennifer is obviously not meant to be with brad. angelina is beautiful brad is too hot for jen.

  26. kristina Says:

    Angie is the best

  27. pheobe Says:

    first of all, all of u skank ass bitches who haten on angelina need to quit fucken being nosey and judging her. cuz why yal up in her business somebody might come and snatch yal man. so get a life and stop getten all up in hers. and second of all i dont feel sorry for jennifer if da chick cant hold on to her man thats her fualt. if he really wanted jennifer he woulda stayed but he didnt. boohoo. it was his decision not ours so bitches get da fick out da way. just cuz yal mad yal broke ass son of a bitches dont got no life doesnt mean yal can put yal ywo cents in where it fit in.

  28. Ciks Says:

    I agree with those who say that Brad is the motherfucker in the whole story!!!
    But put yourself in his place!!! Two gorgeous ladies… and you can take only one… a very difficult doubt… isn’t it?
    You gotta be smart… you gotta choose the one that’s offering more!!!
    Angie put her belly in the bet !!! Aniston couldn’t compete with that!!! Too bad for her!!!!
    But I’m totaly against this bizarre relationship!!!! He don’t deserve such an amazing lady!!! If he does that with Aniston… of course he’s going to repeat that with Jolie!!!

    That womam should be mine!!!

    (sorry about the English… It’s not my mother language… I speak portuguese)

  29. Helena Says:

    Let’s just face the fact: Angelina Jolie is a homewrecker and a bitch. She had done it once before, and now she done it again. She only doing all of the works in Africa so she can have a better image. Hell no! This is a mean, cold-hearted person who hurts everyone around her. All she could think of is herself.

  30. pblongboarder Says:

    What I want to know is, what did Angelina do with the vial of blood?

  31. Gwenn Says:

    Angelina Jolie being bi-sexual,why didn’t they make a three-some?

  32. ds Says:

    Angelina is nothing but a cold whore … may destiny or fate or whatever bring her to her knees

  33. Dandi Says:

    Ok what I want to know is do any of you have your own lives… I mean come on is all you have to do is sit around and talk about actors and actress…. who’s living in a fantasy world now… It’s all a stupid publicity stunt and if you all are to stupid to see that then you really need an eye opener. I mean really do you think Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, or Angelina Jolie really hate one another… I mean really they prolly sit around chit chatting about how the fucking press is jumping all over this shit. It’s to get attention and nothing more… just something to keep them all in the lime light, personally I think all 3 are damn fine actors and could give a fuck less about their personal lives.. that’s why all the shit is talked about because people think it’s real…. Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble people but don’t believe everything you read… and for gods sake stay out of their personal lives you have never met them in real life…. and you never will. So unless you’ve met them then you don’t know the story and you never will….. everything put in papers is exaggrated just so you will think they are larger than life…. if you want to think they are larger than life then like them because they are stars….. not because this one screwed that one over.

  34. Wayne G Roberts Says:

    God Bless all you peoples. Look, why bother worrying about these people. They sure are not worrying about you, with their millions. Stop!!

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