Angelina Jolie has been struggling with the most explosive Hollywood secret ever — Brad Pitt may not be the father of her newborn daughter Shiloh, a source tells The ENQUIRER!

The Oscar-winning beauty told pals that she slept with another man before getting pregnant, says the insider, and that's when she confided her fear about baby Shiloh's paternity.

The ENQUIRER has cracked the wall of security surrounding the clan to uncover the astonishing story.

In a stunning world exclusive interview, the insider also reveals the actress has been petrified Brad will leave her if the baby is not his — and she's desperate to keep him away from his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

"Angelina is thrilled about Shiloh's arrival, but deep down she was terrified Brad wasn't the baby's father and that he'd find out, dump her and the kids and go back to Jennifer," the insider told The ENQUIRER.

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  1. Fan Says:

    I am a huge Brad and Angelina fan but what they did to Jennifer Aniston is a no go!! I hope the baby is not Brad’s and that him and Jen can get back together.

  2. Gwen Says:

    The relationship with Brad and Jennifer already was over for some time , they already had troubles when Brad was filming oceans twelve what’s the fuzz about!! If their relation was stabil enough this never happend so Jennifer drink some more magarita’s girl that’s where she is good at

  3. bat Says:

    Okay well first of all the two kids they already had were not his and he adopted them. So even if that was not his baby, why would that change anything. Jolie and Pitt are perfect for each other. She is beautiful and the two of them could chane the world. The fact of it is that our world is all about gossip and how we can twist stories. They are the only ones who know the truth and either way i have happy for both of them.

  4. Paula Says:

    If this isn’t his kid he will be gone in a heartbeat….

  5. Miki Says:

    If not his(Brad) kid, its either her brother(why else she want him at the birth) or her ex-hubby(Johnny Miller who claims that they still seeing each other).

  6. raincoaster Says:

    Well I’m a mean, nasty so-and-so, but I posted about that possibility last week here:

    To Brad’s credit I think if it’s not his baby he’ll stick around. The man loves kids; the man will stick around and have more. Happy as a clam.

  7. hil Says:

    NOW THIS… WHATS NEXT.. leave the couple alone they seem happy together, u ppl are soooo sick!! :0

  8. poolejamie18 Says:

    Wow, you guys are obsessive! I agree with hil, who wrote something on June 14th, I think you guys are SICK! Go onto for some mild entertainment about some little character I invented called Orange Socks. She’s just nine years old but a LOT prettier than Angie Jolie, I mean, YUCK, what DO you all [her fans, that is, her admirers, the people who’d hold her pillow under their nose to see if it smells like her] find nice in her? is the BEST blog on this website, although I’m some random college student, and I just wanted to come on here and promote and of course bitch about Angie and Brad, ” Brangie “. Christ. I think we’ll be hearing that for a long time. I wonder what Angie will do when her lips sag. When she’s got Samsonite Two-Suiters for bags under her eyes, and pillow-plumped lips, I think I’d laugh forever if I saw that, haha. LEAVE ” BRANGIE ” ALONE THEY ARE JUST SOME RANDOM MULTIMILLIONAIRES WHO TRULY GIVES A F**K?!?! Thank you. 🙂

  9. poolejamie18 Says:

    Oh, and if you’re going on remember that the diaries are on the right, I think, and they run in order, one through six. Read six first, then go back and read one-through-six again. Haha, I think you’ll like it. VBRUHNGIE and I hate Jolie, and Pitt for that matter, they’re all crap, crap, crap, crap, and I think I forgot to mention something, oh, right, CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!! [if you are also tired of Brangie, visit thank you dear!!]

  10. poolejamie18 Says:

    Oh, and if you’re going on remember that the diaries are on the right, I think, and they run in order, one through six. Read six first, then go back and read one-through-six again. Haha, I think you’ll like it. VBRUHNGIE and I hate Jolie, and Pitt for that matter, they’re all crap, crap, crap, crap, and I think I forgot to mention something, oh, right, CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!! [if you are also tired of Brangie, visit thank you !!]

  11. Pryor Says:

    Were they together when she slept with the other man, did she cheat and screw him over with the drama? It doesn’t matter anyways because she only did what was done to Jenn. Hey atleast they get publicity in the long run. The whole Hollywood thing is nothing but him cheating on her and her having someone elses baby and in the long run they are still rich, famous, and staring in the next big movie. who cares next week they’ll both be separated and married to someone else anyways.

  12. Miki Says:

    We all know why shes doing this pretend ‘goodwill’ thing. Its all for the sake of ATTENTION. Since she doesnt have any movies coming out soon, shes figuring out more ways to draw the worlds attention to her mentally ill fucked up mind.

  13. Rhoda Dendron Says:

    If Shiloh were Angelina’s love child with the Namibian President, I’m sure Brad would still love her as his own. Just look at the orange tufts of hair on little Shy, like a ginger kitty. She’s all-Brad, all the time: 10-10 wins! The only give away that there’s a smidgen of Angelina in her child are the child’s baby pillow lips. Other than that, it could be a Brad clone left to incubate in Angelina’s womb. DNA aside, his earnest wish to be a father has been granted and he’s just all mush around his little baby girl not to mention Angelina. I wouldn’t say she’s mentally ill now Miki {hey Miki you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, hey MIKI! ;}..let’s not be taw judgmental. What would Jesus do, huh, HUH? Give her a break. She’s half-French on her Mother’s side, that’s gotta account for drama-drama-dramamine. Then there’s Daddy Jon Voight cheating on her Mommy leaving a huge imprint of the betrayal of men. That’s gotta hurt. But in the end, she is at that phase that Abraham Maslow terms her generativity stage: where she is giving back to the world, one innocent baby at a time, and making a huge difference all on her lonesome. What have you done Miki, huh Miki, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, hey Miki? What have you done today for mankind let alone making any kind of movies except on the video feature on your cheap cellphone. Huh Huh Huh? But seriously, peace to all, especially Miki who could be a Mouse…a Miki Mouse. hee haw.

  14. tequila mockingbird Says:

    Let’s not gang up on poor Miki! Just because the chick doesn’t know how to use an apostrophe (maybe her keyboard broke down from an excessive amount of cyber sex! eeuw…Lysol please!) in her sentences, she’s a person too you know. If you tickle her, does she not giggle, if you prick her, does she not bleed?

    Yes I happen to know and Miki and Miki is a Mouse.

    Angelina Jolie means “pretty little angel” in French and she really lives up to it. She has singularly increased the number of adoptions in Africa as well as raised the consciousness of many for the cause, so she deserves loads of credit. Et toi, Miki? Qu’est-ce que tu fait pour le bien-etre de humanite, ha? ha? HA? T’es juste une petite souris comme Miki Mousse. Ooh-la-la!

  15. Miki Says:

    LOL…..yeah, at least I my own father doesnt say that I need to check for mental illness….lol….I guess her father knows best, Pretty little angel my ass….lol…And why is she coming back to America then? She should stay in Africa at least she can really put her ‘goodwill’ talent to some use…lol…Mentally retarded….And who cares about putting apostrophe we are not here to be judge on our spelling, matauzi.

  16. Miki Says:

    Tequila….I dont see anyone else adopting from Africa now, cause they will know that the whore has already put a bad publicity for the country. Besides, theres a lot of many people that do these ‘goodwill’ thing, at least they dont brag about it like this sicko does, she brags about everything she does and we all know why, dont you? ATTENTION. Come on privacy my ass.

  17. lovebirds214 Says:

    rhoda dendron…get a life. hee haw, dumb shit!!!! and tequila mockingbird, miki ain’t the only one who can’t spell here. i do have to agree with miki. ang is nuthin but a fucking whore!!! the kid probably is not his. who knows who could be the father, probably is her brother. if angie ever needs psych counciling, she should call me. my best friends husband is a psych therapist. he is good and could probably help her through many years of counciling. then maybe she wouldn’t put out to so many guys. and don’t blame her problems on her family cause i ain’t buyin it. how do you like my spelling you stupid fuckers!!!

  18. aaeoni Says:

    Ok people I know we all Love hollywood because we get to live vicarious lives through them but I have to admit it may be possible that brad is not the father. It may also be possible that he is the father but Angelina isn’t 100% sure because she had multiple partners at the time. Those we may have heard of and I am sure many we haven’t heard of. Condoms break and birthcontrol isn’t 100% SO ALL THE MOETHODS IN THE WORLD AREN’T THE KIND OF GAURANTEE GIVEN THRU ABSTINENCE. As wonderfull as many feel aNGELINA IS she herself admits to being extremely promiscuos. She has had numerous sexual RELATIONS with both men and woman. She and brad although sleeping together were not committed to each other until she became pregnant. I seriously doubt Angelina would have stayed with Brad if she wasn’t pregnant. Never mind the fact she was at his throat for most of the pregnancy and he was miserable. But you make your bed you lie in it( at least until you have a good publicist) If Shilo is not brads baby ( no matter how much the kid looks like him only DNA is 100%) we will most likely never find out because it would be a career killer for both of them which they could never recover from. Brad for getting what he deserves after having screwed over his wife regaurdless of his poor excuse about her not being ready for kids he should never have shamed her so badly he should have quietly got a divorce and then fucked whoever he wanted and Angelina’s career and reputation would be unsalvagable so I think it is a good possibility that it could be true and it was leaked to the enquirer in order to destroy the credibility of this possibility but us little people will probably never really find out the truth.

  19. Jenny from the block Says:

    I think the baby is brads but the real question should be does Angelina love him enough to have the many babies he wants in his future? My answer is heck no, she has been quoted saying she will not be doing this again aka pregnancy thing. I feel for him, all he wanted was kids, he should have stuck with Jen and worked it out. Angalina is such a home wrecking sl@*. You can see it in her eyes, she does not love him, she never looks at him like Jennifer Aniston used to atleast I have not noticed it.

  20. Jeff Says:

    Jen is a goddess compared to that fish-lipped, goth, blood loving, slut. She’s so vainy- she’s like, one big vain (puking right now). her body is sickly looking- she’s hunched over, she looks like a 4 legged spider. Now Aniston, nice butt, golden tan, aqua marine eyes, sun kissed hair, GREAT frik’n bod man. No comparison dude.

  21. ROB Says:

    This is for jeff.

    you are SOOOOOOOO right.
    I hate that vampid man eating bitch.

    by the way, just for anyone’s information, Jen could kick that ‘i’m so depressed and woe me’ whore’s flabby ass any day in a physical fight because Jen does budokon (some martial arts) and angi’s a poser.

  22. I hope the baby is Brad’s but if it isn’t….OOPS! Well, he already adopted the kids so he’ll still be in the other children’s life if he chooses not to stay with Angelina. Aside from that, I think him and Angelina compliment each other more as well as Jen and Vince complimenting each other more then when Brad and Jen were together.

  23. Jere-Ann PA Says:

    this is bull **** you people need to get a life and leave them alone!

  24. Jere-Ann PA Says:

    this is bull **** you people need to get a life and leave them alone! really who comes up with this crap

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