Jennifer Aniston’s phone call refused by the Angelina Jolie camp

A source quoted in Grazia magazine has revealed that Jennifer Aniston tried to call ex-husband Brad Pitt to congratulate him on the birth of his daughter with Angelina Jolie.

The source revealed: “she thought it was the right thing to do. But she couldn’t get her call accepted. Jen thinks Angelina has changed Brad and made him as insensitive and uncaring as she is.”

“As far as Jen is concerned, not taking her phone call was the last straw. She had intended to be civilised and be nice but Brad and Angelina don’t seem to want to do that.”

The Jolie-Pitt family is set to return to Los Angeles from Namibia within the next few days. According to, staff are working on their Malibu home in advance of their return: a new CCTV security system has been installed and cleaners have been freshing up the mansion. A tent has also been placed over the tennis courts in the grounds, making them into a giant playroom for Maddox and Zahara.

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20 Comments on “Jennifer Aniston’s phone call refused by the Angelina Jolie camp”

  1. AL Says:

    It is understandable that some feelings remain after a marriage, but this war with Jennifer is Jennifer’s alone. Brad and Jennifer had no children or any thing to hold them together other than a broken marriage that is over. Brad and Angelina now have a wonderful baby girl, are forever parents with the children they share. Nothing can compare. Jennifer need not call ever. This beautiful life Brad and Angelina share has more in it in a single year than all the years he was with Jennifer, It has passed like a wind never to return. This Family we will see for many years is the future. Congrats!

  2. Renee Says:

    It doesn’t matter that Jennifer didn’t have children or not. what mattered is Brad and Angelina did not respect Brad’s marriage vows. Many couples have children and still get divorced. How do you know that Brad is the father? I think a DNA is in order. Angelina is a loose whore. What goes aroung comes around. There relationship will not last and he will beg Jen to take him back!

  3. Miki Says:

    Brad change since hes been with that manipulative calculating whore. Its like hes got no voice in all (just like the vidoes she goes on and on and Brad just listen), its just like Katie(TomKat)these days.

  4. hil Says:

    the break-up of brad and jen was gonna happen anyway, cuz this is hollywood and thats hw couples eventually end up it was gonna happen sooner or later, so thats that .. i dont see why angelina is refwered to as a home wrecker, cuz she is not, all she’s tries to do or does is build a home (maddox,zahara and now shiloh) and to me she seems to be a very kind person, because of her constantly giving to charity!

  5. ray Says:

    As far as I am concerned –Brad has “married-up” when he hooked up with Angelina. She is not the typical self-centered startlet who only cares about fashions and men. She at the least puts her money where her mouth is and works for children in countries that US has long ignored. Congrats to both and as long as you continue to help the most innocent in the world…you are both alright with me!

  6. When will jennifer anniston realize its over. Leave the Pitt family alone

  7. kyky Says:

    Jennifer aniston does not blame Angelina so why are any of you….she was the one in the relationship…ya’ll don’t even know what happened….you don’t even know if this is true my god!

  8. Christine Says:

    Angie and Brad won’t last. Noone of these couples do…its even a little weird that they are together. Beside good looks they have nothing in common. Brad changes his personality depending on who he is with. His totally over powered by Angelina…It seems like he has no say in anything. Once the honeymoon phase is over so will there relationship..

  9. Nina Says:

    brad and jen have been married for years, means they shared their life … so, if (as here said) the “jolie camp” did not accept the “congratulation call” that’s disbehaviour like I’ve never seen before … trying to do what? trying to erase or ignore brad’s past? it’s common to make a call and congratulate, is that so bad? i am wondering what people are thinking? if jen wouldn’t had made that call, people would call her names, saying how impolite she is, ignorant, whatever … crazy world, where one can’t pick up the phone and say “congratulations on your baby” even more than a crazy world, sad sad sad world …

  10. alexandria Says:

    Umm, jennifer aniston is a controlling, manipulative, self-centered, materialistic and completely fake slut who enjoys gathering attention to herself. angelina jolie, on the other hand, i only trying to create a new family, while contributing to the world in ways that aniston couldnt even DREAM of.

    angelina, you are an amazing actress and a truly good person.

    jennifer, go back to friends. no one likes you except for those weird kids who, for some reason known only to themselves, religiously watch that awful show.

  11. gingin Says:

    jennifer aniston needs to move on. a li’l ole hallmark card would have sufficed than a long distance phone call…too much energy devoted to something that’s she’s clearly not a part of, nor welcome to anymore. it’s not like she and brad and angelina are at that “we’re one big happy extended brady bunch forgive-and-forget” stage yet (if ever) and i heard angelina wants to have face time with jennifer to make peace. if so, that’s awfully big of her, but i wouldn’t even bother…she’s got her hands full literally (no nannies for 3 kids and a hubby away filming all day? yowza!)…if i were jen, i would do some small intellectual play in the west end in london, try and make some good movies for a change, be kind to the rebound relationship boy vince and set him free, and set some priorities for herself…like a chin job, a nose job, dye her hair jet-black and be a goth. no, seriously, she should either marry vince or chill out in some monastery and figure out Plan B (wasn’t that the name of her production company with Brad?..) so sad!

  12. chuckie Says:

    brad’s definitely the man! after marrying hot and pretty jeniffer aniston.. now he has hot and sexy angelina jolie!lol wish i’d get to bump into both these hot ladies at webdatedotcom. surely they’d add up to the hot chick there!

  13. lana Says:

    angelina does not know how to act.If she is an actress what was Greta Garbo!!!!!!!!
    she just wants to attract people’s interest and she is going around adopting children as if it is a game.why doesn’t she adopt from the US?dont they have orhpans over there?
    if she is so into karma and stuff she should be thinking of what awaits for what she did.

  14. Ashleigh Calllei Says:

    Why on earth don’t YOU adopt the US kids? Until her critics can match her achievements, it’s pure jelousy oer something stupid like it. What makes the life of one kid more important than another?
    Jennifer was at a press conference not long ago and made statements bout Brad being gay and how he so sucked in bed. Now that is fact, not made- up fiction to try and rouse interest. After THAT she wants anyone ion Brad’s vicinity to have ANYTHING to do with her?

  15. Frank Jenkins Says:

    ^^ If you think adoption is a game, you clearly have no adopted kids. Anyone who has had kids of their own or adopted or both knows how hard he process is. Instead of playing critique on subjects you clearly know immensely little about, how about admire her for being very able to do what you most likely cannot?

  16. Cool girl Says:

    I really think Ange is a real inspiration She is cool

  17. dyheissi Says:

    ela tem 17 anos e precisa de cuidados ,gostaria q angelina jolie desse oportunidade,para ela pois ela é uma grande escritora,mesmo sem poder estudar.
    se angelina jolie estiver entereçada em ajudar essa garota entre em contato com esse em-mail.

    helpe please…

  18. music phones Says:


  19. Angelina J Says:

    fyi, this story is full of crap

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