Angelina Jolie Replaces ‘Billy Bob’ Tattoo With Tribute to Kids


Where "Billy Bob" was once inked in Gothic script, she's now penned the longitudes and latitudes of Cambodia and Ethiopia — the birthplaces of two of her children. No word if there's a third tat on the way for 15-day-old Shiloh.

The actress gave birth on May 27 in Namibia, in southwest Africa. The new parents left the country Saturday and headed home to their Malibu mansion.

Movers spent the day preparing the home for the family of five, carting in cribs, carpets and a motorcycle.

At least one Namibian was happy to see them go. A restaurant owner told cops their beefy bodyguard, Mickey Brett, roughed him up, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

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5 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Replaces ‘Billy Bob’ Tattoo With Tribute to Kids”

  1. Miki Says:

    If you’re thinking of replacing Billy Bobs vial of blood, you can replace it with Brads testicles. At least you know who knocked you up.

  2. donald Says:

    hi angelina and brad congrats on ur nu baby and i knw u guysmake a good couple.i am i,pressed by the gesture angelina has taken by changin billy bob thornton tattoes to the kids they are more important!mr and mrs smith was very cool though i will say angelina was wicked in the movie by acting too tough!also by choosing africa to give birth to ur baby maybe one day u will come to nigeria! ur fans await u guys!

  3. You and your baby looks so happy. He is so cute to me.

  4. Miki Says:

    You are ugly and your baby is OK! Hey maybe you can show us that tattoo around your belly. Just wondering how it looks like now after the C-section. Did they put the w h o r e … back in their proper places?hmmmmm…..

  5. C. Smith Says:

    Mike, good one. Personally I don’t care much for Angilina or Brad, there both a couple of hollywood accidents and probably deserve each other. Ange has so many tattoos it’s probably a down-side for the make-up artist having to cover all that crap up. She lost her looks when she had her lips puffed up to an enormous size, not even normal for well I won’t say it. ha ha.

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