The Astrology of Shiloh Nouvel

The birthchart of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt offers a fascinating glimpse into the potential future of this long-awaited child.

Her Moon (mother/emotions) is in Gemini, the sign of communication and experience (representing Angelina, who is also a Gemini), and is conjunct Mercury (the planet of communication) and in the third house of communication and learning.


This is a triple significator that communication will be important to her and she will probably be a writer of some kind. She will want to accumulate as many experiences as possible (Gemini/third house) and will be very bright (Mercury in Gemini in the third house). She is also likely to move quite often with Gemini at the cusp of her fourth house, and like Angelina she will not want to be tied down. Uranus (radical change) is square (conflict) with her Moon/Mercury conjunction, showing that she may perceive Angelina (Moon/mother) as being unstable and undependable (Uranus). Uranus/Mercury people often have a unique style of learning, they almost seem to absorb information directly rather than study.

Her chart shows Venus in Aries at the cusp of the second house of possessions, showing that she is independent (Aries) in relationships with others (Venus) and possesses a confident nature (Venus in the second house). She will also tend to love beautiful (Venus) things (second house) and attract (Venus) financial gain (second house). Venus in her chart trines transformative Pluto, adding a passionate streak to her nature that is not normally found in an Aries Venus. Her relationships will be intense, and she will be attracted to partners with power.

Mars in her chart is exactly quincunx Pluto, showing that her drive (Mars) will be strong but she will be frustrated (Pluto) by her attempts to express it. The quincunx (50 degrees) and inconjunct (30 degrees) are considered "minor" aspects, but when they are exact on the degree can be extremely irritating. Unlike the conflict and tension of the squares and oppositions which eventually result in release and change, the quincunx and inconjunct are never fully expressed.

The most difficult thing in Shiloh Nouvel's chart will be the configuration of Saturn (restriction and limitation) opposed to Chiron (wounding and healing) which is square to Jupiter (opportunity and good fortune). This T-square (the three planets form a "T") creates a tension between the three planets which are all in fixed signs, giving her a strength of character and personality but also causing her to be prone to outbursts until she is able to integrate the challenge of this configuration. Saturn in her chart is in Leo, showing that she is hindered (Saturn) from being able to fully express herself (Leo), which I believe will be somewhat mirrored in the Pisces/Aries ascendant. This will result in frustration for her which will force a crisis and eventual transformation and awakening of her inner strength. T-squares are difficult, especially in youth, but it is the difficult configurations that bring the most personal growth and self-awareness.

The opposition of Chiron to this block to her self-expression will add a painful component there, and she may experience health issues as Chiron forces a continuous pressure on her to develop her sense of self (Leo/Aquarius). Both Saturn and Chiron are squared by Jupiter, which wants to break out and liberate her from this pressure. She is therefore likely to be rebellious and want to make her own way in life, which will facilitate the self-expression which is the key to her chart.

Only time will tell how these signatures manifest; astrology is the study of potentialities and our free will determines the outcome of our lives.

Lynn Hayes has been a practicing astrologer for over 20 years, specializing in psychological and transformational consulting.

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5 Comments on “The Astrology of Shiloh Nouvel”

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  2. Miki Says:

    That baby doesnt look like a newborn. Oh and I thought she said back in May that shes ‘not quiet 8 months yet, wonder if the baby is premature or something? lol. Baby looks way older.

  3. Diane Says:

    Miki: I agree! Looks like she’s already 6 months or something. 🙂

  4. Jumana Says:

    Where did Angelina get the black dress she is wearing with Namibia president just before leaving for the U.S. with her new made family? I’m pregnant now and want to purchase the black dress for a wedding shortly after my delivery….

  5. Nita Says:

    you are fantastic Shiloh Nouvel..because you have great parents.:).Kiss for your Family..(K)

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