Angelina Jolie To Be Interviewed By CNN’s Anderson Cooper


Extra has this short item:

Former wild child Angelina Jolie is opening up about settling down.

"Extra" has learned that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has landed Angelina's first American TV interview since she and Brad Pitt landed back in Los Angeles.

We hear the interview took place in a hotel, but Baby Shiloh wasn't too far from her mommy. She and the nanny waited in the room next door.


It's no surprise that Shiloh was with her as Angelina is determined to be a real full time mom. 

Life & Style is reporting in this week's edition that while Brad’s due to begin filming Ocean’s Thirteen in July (mostly in LA), “Angie will be watching the kids full-time,” says a friend of hers.

“She has cleared her schedule of work and intends to be a hands-on mom. She even wants to learn to cook and do her own chores.” Angie, 31, didn’t want a nanny, leaving her to feed, dress, change and play with Maddox, 4, Zahara, 17 months, and Shiloh, born May 27.


No word yet on when the interview will air but check CNN for an onslaught of promos.

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14 Comments on “Angelina Jolie To Be Interviewed By CNN’s Anderson Cooper”

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  2. Aaron Says:

    Wow, I had never seen shots of these Tattoos, this gal is something to behold.

  3. Angkie Jolie aoo is out of control


  4. Miki Says:

    Just wondering how they might look in 20 years time, I bet they’ll be wrinkly and ugly just like her.

  5. kylie Says:

    miki you fat computer geek get a life ….she is very far from ugly you stupid egg…… her tats are wicked i love em it makes her look strong, and dangerous yet sexy and sensual…. and i admire the fact that she got them done because other hollywood actresses wouldnt dare tattoo themselves in fear of there reputation.. stuck up bitches, angelina doesnt let the tabloids and critics run her life… gotta lova her !!!!

  6. Miki Says:

    Lmao@kylie, because they dont have a fucked up mind like hers. Like I said before, this whore will do anything for ATTENTION. Lmao@strong and dangerous I give you props for that, Oh my grandma has a tat on her butt cheek, I guess shes dangerous and sexy???Lol. One more thing, can you direct your comment to who this website is for , not@me, OK!

  7. imranali Says:

    Wow what a body she has!

  8. Miki Says:


  9. jennifer Says:

    fuck all of yo’ll who are haten on angelina jolie,she is so sexy. yo’ll are just jealous because she has the looks, the money , the fame, and everything yo’ll dont have.
    so FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lms Says:

    you guys all make me laugh she’s getting older and you can see that but she’s doing it gracefully and shes still better looking than miki’s grandma, but none of you know her so stop pretending like you do, she could be a bitch looking for attention but she might not be you just dont know so just enjoy what you see and recognise the talent.

  11. king from syria Says:

    angelina my dreeeeeeeeem

  12. Jerk Says:

    I’ll just turn the channel. Piss on this Wench.

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