Details Of Angelina Jolie Interview With Anderson Cooper


Father was present. Mother was "terrified." And, in the end, "everybody was so lovely."\

Such are the labor-day memories of Angelina Jolie. She shared them with CNN's Anderson Cooper in what has been billed as the Oscar-winning actress' first U.S. TV interview since she and parental costar Brad Pitt welcomed their new baby, Shiloh Nouvel, on May 27.


The interview was taped this week in Los Angeles, CNN revealed Friday. It's scheduled to air Tuesday on Cooper's nightly news show, Anderson Cooper 360.

The Associated Press credited itself with scoring exclusive excerpts of the Jolie-Cooper summit. Accordingly, it disseminated three passages:

  • Jolie on childbirth: "You know, because you're there for the birth, which I wasn't for my first two kids, you're just suddenly terrified that they're not gonna take a first breath. That was my whole focus. I just wanted to hear her cry.
  • Jolie on Pitt, with relation to childbirth: "He was in the operating room, yeah, yeah. And we had amazing doctors. And everybody was so lovely."
  • Jolie on donating what the A.P. said was one-third of her income to charity: "Yeah, well, I had a stupid income for what I do."

The Jolie interview comes on the heels, actually, flip-flops of expectant mother Britney Spears' Dateline sit down with Matt Lauer. It was not known if Jolie, like Spears, chews gum during the segment.

In related news, the A.P. denied an A.P. report Friday that Spears was thinking about giving birth to her new baby in Namibia, as Jolie did. The wire service first quoted a government official of the African nation as saying there was a "definite possibility" of Spears winging there. Later, it quoted Spears' publicist as saying the story was "not true."

Jolie, 31, and Pitt, 42, are parents to three: Son Maddox, 4, adopted from Cambodia; daughter Zahara, 1, adopted from Ethiopia; and, little Shiloh.

The couple and their Jolie-Pitt troupe returned to Los Angeles this week following a two-month stay in the aforementioned Namibia for the aforementioned birth of Shiloh.

The air date of Jolie's CNN interview will coincide with World Refugee Day. As such, the network promises that Jolie, a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, will talk about her work with refugees.

It'll be up to audiences to hear anything but the Shiloh tidbits.

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22 Comments on “Details Of Angelina Jolie Interview With Anderson Cooper”

  1. Piston Says:

    As long as she looks as good as she doest, she will be newsworthy, as far as Brad, all I can say is he’s falling off the radar fast

  2. Cromagnam Says:

    Ar eyou on drugs Piston, Brad is WAY hotter than Ang

  3. kilmol Says:

    your all delusional

  4. Timothy F Says:

    I think the baby is cute

  5. yin Yang Says:

    omg, i just swallowed a peanut

  6. razib Says:

    “Jolie on donating what the A.P. said was one-third of her income to charity: “Yeah, well, I had a stupid income for what I do.””
    This is a sweet thing to do. I wish that other celebrities could do something similar like that. Namabia is a good destination but South Asia can be a good one too.

  7. Miki Says:

    If she thinks her “income is stupid for what she do”, than why the fuck doesnt she just get a job at Mcdonald or KFC, I bet she wont last long. I wonder if his nutcase knows what shes on about most of the time.

  8. chuckie Says:

    angelina jolie is H O T! wish i’d get to bump into her at webdatedotcom! damn she’d definitely add to all those hot chicks there!

  9. kylie Says:

    shes drop dead gorgeuos
    lovelovelove her!!!
    as for jennifer aniston its no wonder brad left the ugly bitch he was sick of her fake beautifull blue eye contacts,honey brown dyed,iron staightened hair and fake tans soooo fake..
    angelina your a natural talented goddess gotta love ya

  10. samantha Says:

    Yes I agree about the fake image of Jennifer A compared to the natural beauty of AJ… It’s a shame that JA can’t see herself in truth. She could be so much better than that – at least let her hair go naturally dark and stop straightening it coz it looks so much like a statue – like not at all flowing or moving naturally – then she might be passable. If she wants to become a super actress then she should start studying the top actresses through history and try and blend her image more in that direction (I’m not saying AJ is a top actress, but she isn’t bad – certainly not as bad as JA…)… I mean even Jennifer’s mannerisms and accent and ways of interviewing are so wrong! SHe tries to come across as a comedienne but she should stop all of that facade and take some lessons in grace and how to be demure – like not speaking much, and also stop all that fakeness. Yes, whatever anyone can criticise about AJ, at least she is being a proper woman, and not trying to be a schoolgirl in her thirties – and now being a mum and in love, and working with passion for meaningful causes – at least she is doing something positive for others and not compromising her soul… If Jen wanted to keep Brad, then she should have studied AJ a bit to see what the attraction is, and tried to be more like her, rather than dig her own grave and be a haughty delusional idiot. At 37 she may have money and a certain type of fame, but she is not happy. Any of those actresses who don’t have kids by their late 30s just look a bit sad and pathetic – still trying to pretend they are 10 years younger, when in reality they just look like mutton dressed as lamb.

  11. Miki Says:

    Well, I think the crack whore looks 40 yrs old. lol.

  12. Mike Z. Says:

    AJ is really, really, REALLY starting to show her age…

    If you look at her recent pictures she has PLENTY of wrinkles around her eyes and mouth…

  13. ejulpsgttca Says:


    cwnfcm yqdwymfcmc foxrhiso ulescgnq

  14. May Says:

    Samantha, i agree with you so completely!! I like your post. Angelina Jolie truly is a woman of substance! Brad Pitt, lucky guy!! I wish them a lifetime of happiness and many more children.

  15. Sherry Says:

    I wish the Jolie-Pitt family all the best with their brood. They are lovely & looked
    “absolutely stunning” at the Golden Globe Awards, and who did they talk about? That’s right–their children….the family….
    Children give you a reason to think of *more* than *just yourself*. JA wanted the big screen; yet she just isn’t big screen material. I am not putting her down but she just ISN’T. Small screen, yes.
    AJ is an intelligent, exotic sexy woman, UN ambassador, pilot…..Darfur got in the news by following her. That is a whole lot more interesting than hearing “How’s my hair look?”

  16. Vicky Says:

    If you really wish the Jolie-Pitt family the best why dragged Jennifer Aniston into it and put her down. Jennifer A is her own person as Angelina Jolie is. Aniston is a homebody and she is not everywhere per her own restraint of flying. She is not a self absorbed as your statement implies, she just want foul mouth like you to leave her alone. Geez, stop ruminating on the past and get yourself some therapy!

  17. Vicky Says:

    And dont try to discredit OTHER celebrities who also made an impact to bring attention of what is going on in Darfur.

  18. Jerk Says:

    Angelina is full of SHIT. I never listen to anything
    she says. Nor do i read anything about her. Angelina is a old looking hag.

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