Angelina Jolie Interview for CNN Included in $4 Million Photo Fee?


Anderson Cooper was graced with the privilege of meeting do-gooder and new mom Angelina Jolie as she granted  CNN an interview.

And Jossip puts forth the theory that CNN landed the talks with Jolie as part of the deal where People Magazine (also owned by Time Warner) forked over $4.1 million for the first pictures of Shiloh.


Matt Drudge fills in the blanks.

Insiders say this was a "package deal" done in conjunction with CNN, which is how Anderson Cooper "secured" the first interview with Jolie [set to air next week.]

Rival news executives are scratching their heads over CNN practicing checkbook journalism.

A rep for CNN denies any Time-Warner deal secured the interview.


"Angelina Jolie's representative approached Anderson Cooper's senior executive producer David Doss because Angelina is an admirer of Anderson's work, especially his commitment to covering Africa and the plight of refugees."


Newbusters gives this analysis:

There is one sure way of finding out. It is imperative that Time Warner immediately release the original contract with Angelina to determine if anything other than People Magazine is mentioned.

If it were any other organization implicated in an unethical practice, wouldn't CNN demand the same of them?

Their actions over the weekend will speak directly to the ethics, transparency, and values of the news operation. (i.e. don't expect much more than more denials, obfuscating the facts, and refusing to expose the contract.)


Jossip analysis is here.

–Cyndi James

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9 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Interview for CNN Included in $4 Million Photo Fee?”

  1. Marisa Says:

    Who cares if she is paid for an interview? It’s not like getting paid to print certain ‘news’. An interview is purely entertainment, NOT NEWS. Besides, Jolie gives all of the money she earns from these types of things to help refugees.

    Other celebrities get paid for their appearances – perhaps not in cash, but most of the time, celebrities that go on a talk show or do an interview have something to sell – book, new movie, etc. They are getting free advertising time on the show in return for their appearance. Angelina is simply getting the cash so she can do good work with it.

  2. Miki Says:

    Well we do care because this sicko thinks shes the only one that trys to make the world a better place. At least the real ‘do gooders’ dont brag about what they do. This psycho is a FAKE.

  3. shannon Says:

    I wouldn’t say Angelina brags about anything she does, she has the press who report what she ate for dinner by how her farts smell, she can’t do anything unnocticed. Why would you be critical when she’s doing what 90% of people (yourself probably included) do not. FAKE people do not go as far as adopting children and becoming ambassadors, that is something you do out of passion for something you believe strongly in. But good luck with all your hostility and mental issues. You sure have a lot of negativity for someone you’ve never even met.

  4. joeduck Says:

    Cooper says no and we have no reason to question his credibility. Of COURSE she gave Cooper the interview – he’s an excellent journailst who focuses far more attention on real news, such as global health and development challenges, than idiot celebrity BS news. BRAVO to Jolie (and Cooper) for great UN efforts and for working to get the media to focus some attention on the big stuff.

  5. May Says:

    Miki, why are so jealous of Angelina Jolie? Atleast try to apprecetiate things in life!! Good luck to you.

  6. Vicky Says:

    Miki is clearly not a fan, not that she is jealous but maybe she is one not easily deceived by action reflecting outward morality, and so on and forth.

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  8. Jerk Says:

    I wouldn’t give this BITCH 2 cents. And not even waste
    time interviewing this HO.

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