Angelina Jolie Discusses World Refugee Day (video)


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14 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Discusses World Refugee Day (video)”

  1. lithold Says:

    i am iman
    i love you:./

  2. Dabbling Mum Says:

    Personally, I am not into the whole celebrity oohs and aahs thing. But I can say this, I admire Angelina Jolie–the person she is today. We may not always agree with what those in the public eye do with their lives, but who are we to criticize? We’ve all made mistakes? We all get weird at times. And we all help humanity in our own way.

    But one thing I’ve noticed from the media–which is hard to know what’s true and what isn’t–is that many mega stars blow their money on some of the stupidst things or the most outrageous “I deserve it” things.

    Then you have Angelina Jolie. She seems to balance her earnings by giving back to mankind. She enjoys life and she reaches out to others. And while I don’t know the exact ratio, it seems that for every dollar she makes, a dollar is given away. And she does more than just give away money, she gives of herself and her time.

    No matter what people say about her past, her present seems beautiful to me!

  3. hil Says:

    I do not know angelina personally but after reading stuff about her and about the work she does over the years .. i do feel that she is a trulley unique and wonderful person, i was never a fan of hers, but now i believe i am!
    i did happened to watch interview this morning on cnn international.. actually i was dying to watch it over the past several days!! 😉
    and some of the stuf she said was so unbelievable nice like for e.g. she said that because she was going to have a biological child and this might be a little diffrent from her adoptive children she was ready to protect them more — which was absoloutly amazing for a mom..
    i once asked my mom if she would ever adopt, and she said she did think of taking care of her sisters kids (as her sister happens to be unfortunetly deaf,dumb and blind!) but she didnt as she thought she would never be able to luv them like her own!
    so i truly admire angelina for this and hope her, brad and her kidz a very happy healthy life. 😉

  4. porn Says:

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  5. Yup. If there is ever a good reason to exploit your body and make movies, esp. silly and overrated ones like Tomb Raider, it is to use the money the moviegoing, star-gawking, celebrity-ground-worshipping public dole out to help those in need. Angelina may not have won any Oscars or any of those overblown Tinseltown accolades but the day she realised this purpose to her status must’ve been a lifechanging experience. Wished I was there when it happened.

  6. Just to let you know, and maybe you could let others know too: Angelina Jolie donated to UNHCR Argentina a signed cap and t-shirt and autographed diary of her travels in refugee camps.
    They’re in an online auction until June 26, you can check it out at
    (click on “Libro autografiado por Angelina Jolie”)

  7. Miki Says:

    What on earth can you do with a signed cap, t-shirt, autographed diary? I thought shes donating money? Not some signed crap.

  8. so that starstruck asses like us can pay millions for it at the auction, what else.

  9. Miki Says:

    And who would pay millions for some crap she signed? Those are not even worth millions, they probably worth a quarter…lol. Dont want to waste my 2 cents on some crap.

  10. […] Bagi yang belum mahir bahasa inggris silahkan buka kamus di atas. […]

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  12. vicky yu Says:

    hi im an avid fan of angie .keep up the good work. love y ah.

  13. Jerk Says:

    Who the Hell cares what this Skank says.

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