Angelina Jolie criticises Iraq war and talks about another adoption

Hollywood megastar Angelina Jolie indirectly criticized the Iraq war and the priorities of the US government, in an interview with CNN on World Refugee Day.

"When you're in Washington to get money for AIDS orphans, the answer is often, we're at war right now," said the goodwill ambassador for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) who has visited refugee camps around the world.

"Our priorities are quite strange," she said referring to the money Washington spends on war and not "dealing with situations that could end up in conflict if left unassisted, and then cost more."

"We're missing a lot of opportunities (to do) a lot of good that America used to do and has a history of doing … You have to start to notice that there's something wrong with that," she added.

Jolie, 31, spoke during her two-hour interview of her travels around the world and how on seeing young victims of atrocities a few years ago at a refugee camp in Sierra Leone it had changed her life.

"It was an amputee camp … the worst camp I've ever seen … It changed me for the better … Suddenly you see these people who're really fighting something, who are really surviving, who have so much in pain and loss … and you just feel like your own life just has been so sheltered and so spoiled… it just changed everything."

She defended the United Nations from criticism: "We certainly hear a lot about the negative things about the UN, you don't hear about the number of people who are kept alive on a daily basis by the UN.

"It's the closest thing we've got to a real international institution that represents us and can make certain kind of decisions. There's just a lot that people don't know about the UN and what it does."

Jolie, who avoided speaking of her personal life in the interview, said she got a "ridiculous" salary for her acting job, but revealed she donated a third of what she makes to humanitarian causes.

It was during the shooting in 2005 of Mr. and Mrs. Smiththat Jolie and fellow superstar Brad Pitt struck up a relationship. Jolie gave birth to their daughter, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, in Namibia on May 27.

Pitt has also adopted two children Jolie had adopted, five-year-old Maddox from Cambodia and 18-month-old Zahara from Ethiopia.

During her interview, Jolie revealed that she and Pitt intend to adopt another child soon, although they had yet to settle on a nationality.

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29 Comments on “Angelina Jolie criticises Iraq war and talks about another adoption”

  1. fatfingur Says:

    Wow! What are they gonna do to all those kids they adopted?

  2. Miki Says:

    Me too. I wonder how many they are thinking of collecting before Brad yell UNCLE!!! I guess that quite life with Jennifer seems rather appealing. How come we never hear a word from Brad? This whore seems to be doing the talking these days. Did she suddenly cut off his tongue to drape it around her neck to show her undying love? Wouldnt you enjoy the new addition to your family for the time being before talking about collecting another human? I think you are overdoing the adoption thing. It looks like you are obsessed with collecting “orphans”. This must be a phase you’re going thru. Just like with the blood things with your exes. Your father is right, you are mentally sick.

  3. How can you say someone is mentally sick for wanting to adopt children? She is bringing them into a better life, and she spends one-third of her salary for humanitarian causes. I’m thinking you just feel bad for not being able to donate tens of millions of dollars to help others, seeing as you’ll probably never earn nearly as much. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more children — it’s not like she doesn’t have the resources to take care of them. Furthermore, why put the word “orphans” in quotes? Would you prefer these kids live their entire lives in foster homes, or worse, out on the street in third world countries where their survival rate is slim to none? Maybe you want to reconsider who to call “mentally sick.”

  4. Miki Says:

    What do you call someone who self mutilate, kiss their brother, have so many lovers all over the place, homewrecker, wear vials of blood(lists goes on)? I would call that a MENTALLY SICKO.

  5. […] “Our priorities are quite strange,” she said referring to the money Washington spends on war and not “dealing with situations that could end up in conflict if left unassisted, and then cost more.” via All Jolie […]

  6. samantha Says:

    Yes I agree about overdoing it with adoption, especially with a new baby just arrived…. But then again, they’ve got so much money, they can afford all sorts of nannies and minders and bodyguards etc etc, so i guess AJ thinks it’s all fine… But wait till they all start going to school, having friends, ideas, independence, then she’s gonna tear her hair out…. While they’re all toddlers I guess it’s all sweet and cute, but wait till she has to keep tabs on a multicultural family with different needs and attitudes – then the fun will really start – and how can she keep trotting around the globe and do movies and everything else with all those kids in tow once they get a little older – I mean she says she doesn’t want to rely on nannies …. but they’ll all need bodyguards…. Poor kids….

  7. alexis Says:

    jeez! whats with the bashing?! Im so tires of reading words like “whore” and “baby-collector”………whats with you people?! Get a life and appreciate the good thats being done. the only problem for you is that she is excentric or should I say unique. shame on her for that huh? It gives you the chance to jump all over her shit.
    let her be…

  8. Miki Says:

    Nah, shame on her for overdoing the charity and the goodwill thing.

  9. monica Says:

    I can’t believe the Angelina-bashing. She is one of the only celebrities who’s using her fame to do some good in the world, to set an example for the rest of us and for that she gets bashed by a bunch of losers who are probably taking absolutely no responsibility for making the world a better place. And Samantha, you must be a totally sheltered American who has no CLUE about life elsewhere on the globe. To call them “poor kids”!? Really! Poor kids are working as prostitutes in Asia for rich American pedophile tourists. The poor kids are the ones no one adopts and that you’ll never see in your sheltered American life. They’re the invisible ones that she’s trying to draw the world’s attention to. Your judgements smack of ignorance and jelousy.

  10. merveille Says:

    u know wut monica.. i love u.. cuz u appreciate wut angi is doing.. not like some sun of bitches like miki.. and i like alexis too.. u know miki u know nothing about life.. u are just a stupid sun of a bitch sucker sicko freak.. who is so sick and insane.. and doesnt appreciate wut an angle full of kindness is doing.. u just.. i dnt wut u are..i mean i would wish to be like angi.. cuz if i wana pick a romodel for me.. it would be nobody but angi.. and for u miki mouse.. get a life!!!!..

  11. Miki Says:

    You clearly need anger management dude! lol.

  12. hurley Says:

    i really think that it is cruel and naiive to talk about angelina jolie like that. she really wants to help, and instead of sitting around talking about it, she is using her vast resources to save peoples lives. i don’t think that is “mentally sick”. “nah, shame on her for overdoing the goodwill and charity thing.” why should she be shamed for that? have you done anything close to what she has done? have you saved peoples lives and donated your money to help others? bashing someone just because she is helping people and adopting children: i cant think of any other word to use, its dumb. merveille:calm down buddy! where’s the love?

  13. Miki Says:

    Shes so full of herself!

  14. onecoolsoul Says:

    I have to agree with Hurley. She is a celebrity that has the finanacial capability to make a difference in people’s lives and she is doing it. Either through the charities she supports or through the adoption process. She is basically putting a good portion of her large income where her mouth is. Yes she is eccentirc but most personalities that are driven like Angelina’s are going to be that way. She is a public figure and behaviour like that will be reported. But she is also using her status as a public figure to help out refugees. No one is perfect in this world but on balance with what she is doing to help people out, she is not doing that badly.

  15. Miki Says:

    Hey, tell Ange to go back to the mental institution she checked herself at when Billy Bob tried to go back to his then fiancee. What a psycho!

  16. Tiff Says:

    Miki, the fact that you keep coming back to this webpage to reply to everyone just shows that you just want attention. It has nothing to do with Angelina, does it? Right. It’s her money and her life, so if she wants to use it to give people life where there wasn’t life before (even if she’s screwed up in the past…everyone has), let her do it. She doesn’t need anyone’s approval. Now get off the computer and go take a walk or something.

  17. Miki Says:

    Lmao. Just came back from taking a 2 second walk. lol.

  18. I totally agree with her

  19. Miki Says:

    And what does she knows about war? Only things she knows how to do is collecting orphan, making out with her brother, husband stealing, a skanky ass whore, blood sucker and so on. She’ll do anything to get attention.

  20. hurley Says:

    and so will you.

  21. Tom Says:

    Hey you people… and specially Miki… what is wrong with helping people? How many actors/actresses in Hollywood actually use their money to help others? How many of them have used their money to check themselves into drug rehab programs? Is is better to use the money they make to buy drugs and get into strange habits like buying hundreds of thousands of dollars in shoes that are just worn once (if you keep with the Hollywood soap stories, you know who I’m taking about!!) Is that better than helping other human beings? How many millionaires out there can say proudly that they have saved lives? Yes, saved lives, because that’s what Angelina did when she adopted Maddox and Zahara. Where would those children be now if it wasn’t for Angelina? And what about the love she has given to those kids? Has she been excentric? Maybe… who in this forum (or in this planet for that matter) can say their lives have been 100% perfect and have never done anything they have regreted? Listen, young people with money can do pretty wild things. Some are not that young and keep on doing them. The improtant thing is that she really has matured to the point of realizing what a fortunate life she’s had and wants to give back in exchange. That is, very respectable and admirable in itself. Remember what Jesus said when they were throwing rocks to Magdalene… can you really critizise others that easily? Look at yourself first! Angelina is (like her name says it) an angel, and may God bless her for whatever she does. Like I said, how many people do have the cash but chose not to do a thing for others? She has obviously no hidden agenda or personal benefit. Remember that not too many have even considered such a thing, much less done it, and for that, my friends, she deserves respect!

  22. Miki Says:

    LMAO! You’re so funny. What? Were you just born yesterday? Oh dear, I’m pissing my pants lol.

  23. sixtine Says:

    té tp bel

  24. Mgme Says:

    Angelina Jolie is not a mental sicko! She’s crazy yha…but why is that so bad. If people are’nt just alittle crazy then no one would care about them. And there is nothing wrong with her adopting too many kids. Its her choice and frankly its a bad one. And she isnt trying to get attention(she dosnt have to try to do that). She really wants to help people. Why is that whenever someone famous wants to help people its always a hoax. ITS NOT!! Thats just annoying. Get a life you people. She is the most beautiful and talented actress and the person who i can really respect and admire.

  25. hdsgdfjahgj Says:

    angeline jolie has helped people around the world! she is not a mental sicko-she’s helps so many people that im doing a project on her!

  26. daniela Says:

    . Get a life you people. She is the most beautiful and talented actress and the person who i can really respect and admire.
    angeline jolie has helped people all around the world!That is, very respectable and admirable
    God bless her for whatever she does She is one of the only celebrities who’s using her fame to do some good in the world.

  27. Ari Says:

    This is ridiculous. Insulting a woman that certainly does more for others than she does for herself. Yes she had an odd past but that is something she grew out of. As for Brad not saying much, we have to remember that he is still very new to this whole lifestyle. She has been doing this for quite sometime. Out of all this, I believe she has turned into someone that is worth admiring. I just wish we all would care half as much as she does.

  28. Jerk Says:

    Maybe Angelina should go to wromg area in Iraq,get BEAT UP,GANG RAPED and MURDERED. I FUCKING HATE THAT

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