Angelina Jolie Posed Nude For Portraits During Pregnancy

She didn't pull a Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair, but Angelina Jolie did pose nude during her pregnancy, a published report claims. The sexy new mom reportedly used renowned portrait artist Don Bachardy, 72, of Santa Monica, says an insider close to the painter.


Life & Style reports in this week's edition that the sexy new mom knew of the artist's work through her dad and the insider says the artist believes, "She's one of the most elegant celebrities in the world – ever."

I'm certain he's joined in that opinion my many of Angelina's fans.


The artist – of course – had to fly to France and Africa to capture Jolie's beauty on canvas, Life & Style reports.

"Angie knew of Don's work through her dad, Jon Voight," says the insider. "Don was so excited to get her call. She flew him to meet her in France and Africa."

A friend of the artist, Sue Hodson of the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, Calif., confirms to Life & Style that Bachardy did the work with Jolie – but she says it's been kept secret.

"Angelina Jolie has asked him not to talk about or show the portraits," Hodson says.


Wild speculation – they will be a gift for Brad. Perhaps he received them as a Father's Day present.

–Lynda Johnson

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24 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Posed Nude For Portraits During Pregnancy”

  1. rockwatching Says:

    There is an important lesson here in the choice of the title

  2. Carolyn Says:

    That’s really cool…

  3. jammy Says:

    lucky artist. I wouldn’t have charged a fee

  4. farlane Says:

    “Don was so excited to get her call”

    Huh. I wouldn’t have expected that …

    You’re totally right that “nude” and “Angelina Jolie” are a potent combination, rockwatching. Online or off. Cool cave photos you have there.

  5. merveille Says:

    shes amazing and adorable wether she was nude o not.. i just adore her..

  6. Miki Says:

    Shes always look like shes on something…lol. I give props to whoever always come up with those headline grabbing title. Yeah, maybe we’ll never see those painting because they might not even exist.

  7. johnC Says:

    Nice pic of Angelina

  8. imranali Says:

    What a rubbish pose,I never like this.She is neither looking sexy nor hot.

  9. Miki Says:

    Shes clearly on something…lol.

  10. dr. gonzo Says:

    Miki said: “She always looks like shes on something . . . ”

    Haha. Maybe she is. Ever see Gia?

  11. Miki Says:

    lol. No I havent, but heard its where she hook up with jenny shimizu.

  12. those are pictures i would pay to see!

  13. Miki Says:

    I love the pics of Britney on Bazaars Magazine. She looks beautiful with her baby bump.

  14. jugnoo Says:

    She is just rubbish nothing else.I do believe that a mother can not do this but this mother is doing this to just earn………….alot

  15. alvarez Says:

    Just beuty woman.

  16. kathi Says:

    There is nothing so spec ial about her..she is just another women..and if you or I had the money and opportunity she has had in life we would look just as good maybe even better..but all that money didnt buy her any morals..she doesnt want a man unless he is taken..the last three ,men she has been with ..she broke up their relationships..boy something to be proud of..she is obviously bored with the normal things in life..not good enough for her..she is a adultress and a liar..when out right asked if she was having a affair with Brad Pitt she said..”I have never done anything I wouldnt admit and I am not having a affair with Brad Pitt” then 4 wks. later she announces she is pregnant by 5 months and not only that it was planned !! Ok yea she is a keeper…real trust worthy…the one thing people admired about her was that she would stand up and say whatever she thought or was happening with her and the hell with everyone else she didnt care it was just her….well she blew that all to hell when she proved to the world on national tv that she was a liar…
    So big deal she got pregnant and had a baby…whooie…big frigging deal so has millions of other women..the most amazing part of the whole seneria is that she has all the money in the world…adopts children from different parts of the world…lets the kids in the united states starve while she travels back and forth trying to decide which country she will feed and adopt from….she wants to be the center of attention so she decorates her house like we decorate our trees at Christmas…she has no morals and people think she is so cool…she is a beautiful women no doubt…but she is weird and she is a spoiled brat…It will be entertaining to watch how long brad Pitt will tolerate being de Bradded,,,,it has already started….He is not the man he was before he became Mr. Jolie…..And Jennifer Aniston is a million times the person Jolie is…

  17. Mgme Says:

    Angleina Jolie 1 billion times the person jenifer Aniston is! She prettier and more talented. And she is not on anything! You people have nothing better to do but critise a obviusly beautiful figure. Your all jealous. There is nothing wrong with her!

  18. giovi Says:

    allora ……………………

  19. prtfqviu Says:


    efxxflkzwe sittbvrg eejactiubi arueyotw

  20. Nina Says:

    Was bored tonight, so I just started surfing…. and saw all the comments by so many people….. what a bunch of losers.. who gives a rats azzzz what these people are doing.. get your own life and live it… pathetic

  21. Jodi Says:

    and learn to spell and use proper grammar while you are at it

  22. Lee Says:

    im gona fuk her pussy and lick out her bumhole yum yum

  23. Andy Says:

    Kathi has a point there. I was disappointed in Angelina when I realised she was no better than Bill Clinton in situation Monica Lewinsky. I wouldn’t expect that from Ms Jolie as I always saw her as honest, intelligent person who speaks her mind out about everything. I don’t think she is a bad person though and I feel she decided to be with Brad for the sake of her kids and not so much because she was heavily inlove with him or worse because she wanted to break another couple. She reminds me of a friend of mine – she is beautiful, intelligent bi-sexual woma – a bit like Angie. She ends up always as a homewreck, but at the end of the day she always tells me she just goes along with a guy that seems great, because she doesn’t want to end up lonely. But she’s not a bad person. I think she just wants to have a great woman to be honest and so does Angie! Brad is a girl who was married to an uglier version of himself – Jen looks like a man, but that’s not the reason to treat her like that – Brad is a cunt.

  24. Jerk Says:

    Angelina is Fucking Ugly,Fucking Fat and Fucking Fugly.

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