Angelina Jolie travels to see dying mother

(Marcheline Bertrand and ex-Jon Voight)

Angelina Jolie has taken her baby daughter Shiloh Nouvel to see her dying mother.

The actress's mother Marcheline Bertrand – who has terminal cancer – was unable to be by Angelina's side when she gave birth in Namibia last month.

To grant her mother's final wish, the actress has arrived in Los Angeles – where Marcheline is being cared for – to properly introduce Shiloh to her grandmother.

A source was quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "Angelina and her mum are really close. Their time apart during the latter stages of her pregnancy was tough.

"She originally wanted to give birth to Shiloh in France – the country where her mum was born and raised.

"But Marcheline simply wasn't well enough to make the long-haul flight to be by her daughter's side. Angelina has been determined to let her mum hold Shiloh before it was too late."

The reunion was said to have left the brunette actress – who already has two adopted children, four-year-old Maddox, and 16-month-old Zahara with Brad Pitt – extremely emotional.

The source added "Angelina was overwhelmed that her mum managed to battle through to see her granddaughter at last."

Although Marceline – who had Angelina with her ex-husband actor John Voight – could not be present at her granddaughter's birth, Angelina's elder brother James Haven was in Namibia as the actress underwent a Caesarean section.

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40 Comments on “Angelina Jolie travels to see dying mother”

  1. Miki Says:

    Now that the bbaby has met your mom, now why not try to patch things up with your dad so that he can see his grandchild. For gods sake why is it so hard for you to make peace with your dad once and for all? Why cant you deal with it like the “strong” woman you claim yourself to be? We all make mistake dont we?

  2. merveille Says:

    whoever u are…stupid miki..dnt try 2 be so wise.. the women just gave birth to her daughter..if u wana give angi advices then ur stupid.. shes the one who gives u advices.. and teach u how to talk.. stupid.. not u, if she doesnt wana make peace wid her dad.. then just leave her alone.. ah i cant understand people who put their nose in everthing????!!!

  3. Miki Says:

    Merveille you clearly need anger management. If you “cant understand people who put their nose in everything” then why are you one this page commenting for? Oh, and what advice is she giving us? Hmmmmmmmmmm, the only advice I see coming out of that crack whores hole is all nothing but sh!tt. Because shes so full of herself. If shes so determine on saving the world wouldn’t you first start from your own backyard?

  4. Lucy Says:

    I agree with you Miki, and obvioulsy Merveille lives by Angelina’s examples and makes no moves until she tells him/her to. What as shame that Merville lives in such a fantasy world of celebrities and obviously thinks that celebrities are it and we must go by what they saym and they know it all. What an ignorent.

  5. letty Says:

    Dearest Angelina,

    To complete your goodwill mission, try to forget and forgive your father’s mistakes.
    With your in born nature of kindness obviously displayed by your humanitarian efforts towards the orphans everywhere, the refugees everywhere and your kind heart to even rather adopt the less fortunate children, it can be reconsidered that there is room for forgiveness in you and reconcile with your own dad.

    Once you have done this, believe me Angelina….. You will be highly admired by those who even strive to put you down because …. ” to forgive and forget ” somebody who had done us wrong is one of the hardest thing to do in this planet.

    Once youhave done this, believe me Angelina…. You will gain more wisdom and gain more self confidence that you are a wholesome person against all odds and a great epitome for the many.

    Once you have reconciled with your dad….. Your mother will be at peace wherever she can be after life.

    Most of all you can be at peace and more priceless, best luck will come your way, without even trying so much.

    Right now, you are one of those lucky one’s attractive to know.
    Let it be that your mission is complete by living with the legacy of forgiveness and being loving not only to your family with Brad but with your own dad and eventually with the rest of those who put you down.

    All the best Angelina and God bless your heart and soul for all tasks best done !

  6. jannokas Says:

    My god…people…Angeline Jolie never reads this…why do u guys bother writing as if she was reading…my god…anyways i’m so sad about Marcheline Bertrand’s illness, i think it’s so tragic and Angelina is a hero giving birth and pulling through all this, it must be devastating for her. How can you enjoy, when your mom is dying…terrible. What an unlucky life situation…

  7. onecoolsoul Says:

    I am sad about Marcheline Bertrand’s illness as well. But at least she got to see her grand daughter. I do hope the best will happen for Angelina. A note on the side… whatever happened between Angelina and her dad is their business of course. And the only 2 people who can solve that problem are both Angelina and her dad. Whether that happens or not only time will tell. It is up to them.

  8. onecoolsoul Says:

    And by the way who knows? The way that this blog is growing maybe at some point Angelina will read it. You never know. Stranger things have happened.

  9. jannokas Says:

    That’d be super cool…imagine…reading the same blog as Angie…my god…a dream come true!

  10. Miki Says:

    I hope oneday the kids will read this blog.

  11. bex Says:

    miki u talk a load of bull shit! She does more in a week than you could do in ur whole life! Angelina is very brave and realy tries to help people and if u think you can do better then i’d like to c u try! why is she a whore? what has she done that is so bad?

  12. Miki Says:

    The only thing she does more than me is drawing attention to her self-absorbed herpes ass. lol.

  13. SHELLEY Says:

    I think Angelina should try and forgive her father for what ever he did. One day he will not be there and there will be alot of regret. Her children should be able to see and get to know their grandfather. Forgive and forget Angelina.


  14. well, guys—you wish, angie will read this—she never will…
    especially when we’d tell them that there are some stupids in this blog….

    Miki, your bad words are not needed here—
    if your mouth is as bad as your mind —
    if i were you, you just shut up…
    this is not your space here….

  15. Miki Says:

    And your point will be? lmao.

  16. Cat Says:

    This site is supposed to be comments about Ange. It seems that Miki has lack of attention in ones life and gets lots of enjoyment spoiling it for other’s by making comments that is sure to get a response. I find it rather humourous and I am sure you are sitting back enjoying all of this, anyone can do it, you obviously don’t have a life. I feel sorry for you, you poor poor insignificant attention seeking piece of crap. One day you WILL have a life. One day…

  17. Miki Says:

    lmao@getting a life. Then why are you on this site critising my comments. Isnt this what this site is about? You either agree with what shes doing or dont. Simple as that. lol. And you tell me to get a life. lmao.

  18. Cat Says:

    Yes, precisely but you abuse it by using tasteless words and sentences. I thnk you must be all of 15 years old eg “crack whores hole”…they are kids words, useless childish words and if you were an adult you would have a better knowledge of what is in a dictionary. Therefore, maybe you should go back to school lol….

  19. Miki Says:

    lmao. Suddenly you’re acting like you’re our mother or something? lol. Well I’m entitle to my opinion. So you have no right telling me what to say. So what happen to the freedom of speech? lol.

  20. karine Says:

    Maybe Angelina has good reason to be upset against her father and this family secret belong to them.

  21. chula Says:

    the reason her and her dad don’t speak because he is a sick pervert. the man is twisted and for years angie tried to get over it and move on but she cant forgive him it is just to difficult right now. she doesn’t want her children anywhere near him. she doesnt want them to go through what she has experienced with him. if he is willing to get help which i think at this point is too late, she might consider but she will never trust him. he can be very controlling and manipulative man. hope this gives you an idea of what this is all about. do you blame her?

  22. Miki Says:

    Didnt her dad says shes the one with the mental illness? lmao. I think its the other way around. lol. Trying to blame her problems on other people. lol. She should be the one to seek help.

  23. raised_eyebrows Says:

    Quit laughing out loud!! Your driving me crazy!!! LOL!!! aaarggh

  24. fatima usman Says:

    Dear angeline,
    i love you deeply , i admire you and one of your fans , pls angeline , forgive your dad, you are my hero , each time i see you on movies on television or interview in cnn you melt my heart, and i wish you long life and good family with brad pitt, pls forgive your dad, he loves you .
    fatima usman

  25. vikky Says:

    hey angie baby, my thoughts are with you,it must ve a terrible time for you in someways right now,your 2 daughters are stunning and your lil lad mad is sure to be a male model when he grows older!i just wanted to say the i understand why you do what you do with your dad,i have been through and still am with mine,sometimes you just need to get rid of the only thing in your life that is making you unhappy,i totally get that.i find your un work an inspiration and me and my guy plan to help anyway we can as soon as possible.give my love to your goregous mum and tell her that i’m with her in spirit,thank you angie baby, you know what for.your truly a angel in my eyes.
    all my love and hugs

  26. vikky Says:

    hey angie baby, my thoughts are with you,it must be a terrible time for you in someways right now,your 2 daughters are stunning and your lil lad mad is sure to be a male model when he grows older!i just wanted to say that i understand why you do what you do with your dad,i have been through and still am with mine,sometimes you just need to get rid of the only thing in your life that is making you unhappy,i totally get that.i find your un work an inspiration and me and my guy plan to help anyway we can as soon as possible.give my love to your gorgeous mum and tell her that i’m with her in spirit,thank you angie baby, you know what for.your truly a angel in my eyes.
    all my love and hugs

  27. kathi Says:

    Ya know the fact that Ms. Jolie goes out of our country to adopt children when we have many many children desperate for a home…in the ozarks there too are starving poor children with no medical care …why not take care of the people in your own back yard instead of traveling world wide trying to build a house of differecies,,,Just like everything else in her life she has to have the exotic or what she sees as the exotic..that means a child from other countries looking different from one another as much as can be …this is a attention getter..the attention should be on the wonderful things she is doing for the people in her own backyard…maybe she will adopt a child from the country that supports her career..wouldnt that be great?
    And as for her relationship with Brad Pitt…why does the world find it ok that she has a affair with a married man and becomes pregnant? She was a adultress and a home wrecker….why is it so wonderful and amazing that she got pregnant? Sleep with dogs and you might get fleas..she didnt do anything so incredible..she had a baby..the only thing amazing will be if she doesnt get plastic surgery to make the baby look oriental..

  28. isa Says:

    WAKE UP people

    Angelina hates her father cause he said she’s got mental problems. Is he wrong? is she normal by telling the the world she’s gotten lotsof lovers (women and men) and she ‘d rather to have blood around her neck than having a ring on her finger. how about tatoos? she thinks women dont need men — but cant leave wthout brad pitt even thoug she pretends she wont marry him. he was married and she does not care. she’s a whore who helps people (and lots os celebrity do it so) but she makes sure that paparazzi will be there to take her pictures. and if she is so generous with people why not forgive her dad? because he said the truth. also she had her baby where? in the middle of people she claims to love? no no no. at the most expensive hotel she had the entire floor for herself spending a money that she could save to help people — instead of pretending to be humble and have her daughter citizenship for what? lets see in the future how “humble” her children will be. I hope her fans open the eyes and realize she’s all about showinh up that “good angie helps to save the world” . and spends million at the hotel as a billionaire (what she is) by pretending that she’s tha most generous person in the world — which defenitely SHE’S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. isa Says:




    angelina is definitely not right for him – no matter if jen is the one or not. he’s a normal guy and shes not a normal woman. thats why she hates her dad – cause he said it so and he was right!

    have yoy read this?

    “Brad Pitt is already laying down the law when it comes to being a dad. Sources say that when Maddox asked for a tattoo, Angelina agreed and even picked out a Buddhist symbol for protection that she liked.

    “But Brad just flipped out,” a source close to him tells Star.

    “He thinks Maddox shouldn’t have any tattoos until he is at least 16.”

    she likes to show the world she’s generous and good heart carring about people. how much didi she spend at the hotel entire floor that she had at Namibia to have her baby? why not open an orfanat with this money and show — when she can — that to be “citizen of the world” doenst need you to be born in the country you choose with your heart. is she’s sooooo good, and she wasnt born there, theres a good example. havng the baby there doesnt prove anything but IGNORANT people think its really important. what does make you ythink that her FAMOUS baby who will be raised in Beverly Hills and owns an airplane will ever get the same FEELINGS of her mom? we all know that no matter how you raise a child, you cannot make somebody else have the same feelings and believes as we do. she does wnat to have the image of a “generous and goog angie” when she allowas a child to have a tatoo? what in the hell she has on their mind? shit or the blood she used to have around the neck (rathen than having a wedding ring when married to billy bob?)

    be smart yourself not believing in everything you read. she helps people? yes. and lots of celebrities do it so – witot calling the press to take pictures like she does. or you think its a coincidence she’s the one that has more photos doing charity than bono vox and all the others do???????????


  30. azhada Says:

    hi if ur really reading this thats soo cool, i really admire u r my rolemodel,i made a picture of u on my computer!! ur a great women strong, beautiful, generous and best of all a big heart. i one day wish to be like u ima 13 year old witha really big dream to be like u i dont think thats ever gonna happen thogh.

  31. Saul Says:

    Oh, geeee, hi. If you’re really reading this I’d like to say…please move to Africa and stay out of the States before this niave 13-year-old finds out your are a heartless, histrionic, home wrecker who believes she has a right to anyone or anything she wants. And please take Mr. Sissy Pitt with you. I’m sure there are good plastic surgeons in Africa capable of helping him keep his girlish good looks. Adopting a child from every country and sitting in a million mud huts is not going to change who you really are.

  32. mak Says:

    there are differents thoughts for every one but if you are complit different I met far from the reality then you have seriouse problems MIK .You and youre father Angelina is youre own problem I hope you will make the right thing. but to forgiv is something that comes from high GOD

  33. Joy Says:

    I appreciate the fact that she travel all over the world to help people in need nopt matter what the purpose is it is a good think and we have to accept that but i don’t believe she is sincere about having kids from different countries.These kids will lose their identity and there are so many poor kids in her homeland,i think it is a way of marketing herself and i don’t think these kids will be happy in the future they are already way too much in front of the cameras.I agree with the fact that she is not a normal person adn her father may be right,it is claimed that she even had sexual relationship with her brother,i don’t know if it is true but why would people make up such thing?She is ın one hadn very generous but on the other hand i believe very selfish as he broke up many marriages so far,if she cares that much about family why wouldn’t she respect to the other people’s families?She’s got Brad Pitt right now but noone ever thought about Jennifer who never deserved it all but now that she got Pitt she is the power woman,they are the power couple and she is generous,perfect…bla bla…She is only too selfish that she gets what ever she wants and doesn’t stop and think if she ever hurt anyone else to get that…the way she got each kid…

  34. alice Says:

    angelina,angelina,angelina,you don’t know how you are precieved,get help,your children deserve their matter what the reason for your hatered it is not about you,you are your children’s numberone role model,don’t teach them hatered,believe me they will grow up to hate you,also hate ages you,you are beatiful but it is a hard beauty that is reflected in your eyes,come on angelina DO IT FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND YOU WILL REAP BENEFITS THAT MONEY CANT’ BUY

  35. Raspberry Says:

    Hi LOL…

  36. Raspberry Says:

    Well shes got to see her mum first because shes dying her dad isnt at the moment but i bet when he starts dying she’ll go see him. Don’t worry!!

  37. Sway Says:


    You guys are all SICK… just pathetic… I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit because of you. God…

  38. Victoria Bates Says:

    I think she has had a sick relationship with her brother and father……she has issues she needs help. Come on she tounged her own bother ???!

  39. Victoria Bates Says:

    I hope she isnt a US citizen it’s obvious she is reluctant to adopt a United States baby. The country that made her famous!

  40. Jerk Says:

    Too bad Angelina should’ve been dying. Muhahahaha. I FUCKING HATE THAT SLUT.

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