Angelina Jolie Now Stars in Movie On Refugees

A movie starring the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina Jolie, about the life of a Rwandese refugee in Kenya is under way.

The United Trust announced this on Friday during a function organised as part of the World Refugee Day celebrations at a Nairobi hotel.

World Refugee Day is marked on June 20 of every year.

The movie, The Ultimate Challenge, is a story based on the book written by the founder of the United Trust, Mr Biruk Tisfaye, who is an Ethiopian refugee residing in Kenya.

It is a story about a Rwandese man and his two daughters who fled the war in Rwanda to escape civil war.


They found themselves in a slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, where they encountered new challenges, including scavenging for a livelihood.

Though committed Christians, one of the girls decides that it is morally right for her to sell her body to help out her sister who is desperately ill. However the father, in spite of all the hardships, will hear nothing of it.

Jolie, who is also a famous actress, has been proposed for the lead role. She has starred in another movie highlighting the plight of refugees, Beyond the Borders.

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9 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Now Stars in Movie On Refugees”

  1. Miki Says:

    Who would want to watch her star in a movie about refugees when you can go to Africa, Asia, Europe so on to a see the real things. Anyways, all the power to you psycho.

  2. hil Says:

    get a life “mickey”, dont u hv anything better to do than to say mean things about ppl who do actually care about the economic problems in africa and asia…etc.
    Anyway not everyone is capable of physically going to these poverty ridden places to make a diffrence, so by watching this movie many of these ppl would be much informed and educated!!
    P.S. since you do go there why dnt u send us some pics from there so we get informed! All the power to you PSHYCO! 😦

  3. Miki Says:

    lmao@hil. Take a chill pill dude. lol.

  4. jennifer Says:

    i say good for you angelina…….you have made a difference to many people and you never stop. it is not just mony you give to the people who need it but you put your heart and soul in it as well. for someone who can have anything it is nice to know that you also know how hard it is to have nothing. you and your family are in our prayers.

  5. courtney Says:

    you go angie!

  6. Mgme Says:

    Angie is a good person and F*** you guys who say those annoying things about her. Power to yha angie!

  7. angel Says:

    l love you angelina JOLİE

  8. mania Says:

    i love angelina because she is realy perfect i hope she will be happy in her life

  9. Jerk Says:

    More like movie on life a WHORE.

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