Angelina Jolie Makes House Jennifer Aniston Proof


Angelina Jolie has reportedly made Brad Pitt throw out anything connected with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

The couple have settled back into their Californian home following their extended stay abroad as Jolie gave birth to their first child together in Namibia.

But as well as making their home ‘baby-proof’ for little Shiloh, Jolie took the opportunity to rid the house of any reminders of Pitt’s former wife.

A source tells the Daily Mirror, “Now they’re a family, Ange wants to make the home their own. The pieces Brad collected with Jen were among the first to go. Then the child-unfriendly stuff was ditched – all the pointy corners and sharp edges.”

We’re sure Aniston still has a few sharp edges for the happy couple

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28 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Makes House Jennifer Aniston Proof”

  1. xoxo1791 Says:

    as long as the house is safe for the kidz!! 🙂

  2. Miki Says:

    I agree. The house should be safe for the kids. Wouldnt he rids all the stuff that he and Jen collected before them moving in? He should have done it ages ago like last year, same thing Jen did. Hmmmm. I guess Brad was not yet ready to erase all the memories, poor ange the hobag, guess she couldnt handle anything that will remind Brad of the happy and normal homelife he had with Jen. lol. Hope they donate it to a charity or something useful.

  3. xoxo1791 Says:

    in my opinion …. this is just garbage ,, the media makes up this stuff so the ppl can breed on it! i think they are very facinating liars!

  4. amire Says:

    ojj Loqk tyy s ka kush me ta kalu bre se qaq e mir qeee je ma e mir se iti kotlodhennnn bree se kerksuh s munet me kan ma e mir se ti breee loqq per mu je nr 1 ahhhh TE DUU te kisha pasur aferr me te shiku live nje her po mjafton qe te shikjo ne tW sde shummmmmmmmmSEXYY JE TI BRE LOQKK TA HA ZMEREN TUNG 😀

  5. amire Says:


  6. karola Says:

    es sensaxionalll la amooooo la adorooooooooooooooo es bellisimaaaa

  7. mehrdad Says:

    well come to islam
    better than choise right way that recieve to allah

  8. mehr Says:

    if you try to find the best way your souccesfull

  9. Perfect_pink Says:

    I have lots of comments, but I think that If angelina tries to push brad to hard to remove everything about his ex-wife will eventually push him away – After all he did love jennifer, otherwise he would have never married her – Also to no matter how much he loves angelina, he will always have a spot for jenn.

  10. uwish Says:

    very true Perfect_pink!!!

  11. sexygirl Says:

    i dont like Jen way to go Angelina!

  12. cyn Says:

    you go girl!!! Angelina jolie I mean okay 😀

  13. lemonfuzz Says:

    I dunno what the hype is about…all second wives prefer the first wife to be a distant memory. It also doesn’t seem as if Angelina was exactly “pushing” Brad’s ex-wife away…she was simply trying to start a new family life, one that didn’t encessarily include ghosts from both she and Brad’s past. Once Brad’s ex is just a memory, Angelina becomes more less like a girlfriend.
    To Perfect_pink: although hwat you said is partially true, he must’ve fallen out of love with her if her divorced her.

  14. Good for you for throwing her stuff out of your home. I wouldn’t want anything of hers in my home too if I were you. Starting a family is about you, your partner, and your kids, not you, your partner, your kids and hers.

  15. atoosa Says:

    hello.I LOVE YOU anjelina

  16. Well hllo Anje baby I have long waited to write this to you. OK I’m going to start of by saying you are beautiful who is very strong inside and out. and I think you desever better then what you are going through with brad. Dam girl just by looking at your pic on this web you look good dam looking like a beatutiful native american who has alot to accomplish and who has great and better dreams dam anybody else that I know

  17. Fariba Says:

    so much iranian comments for angelina !!!!!!!!! poor jenifer………

  18. njomza Says:

    you are so beautiful but brad is more than you sorry angelina:s

  19. arta Says:

    hey guys you are the most beautiful people of the world doesnt matter that some hate you.kiss

  20. mirsad kush je ti hye nuk ok mir mir

  21. mojo Says:

    i may have stumbled across this page after googling “baby proof house” but since i’m here…. on the topic of ridding their place of memories from brad’s ex, junk it, seriously it’s just “stuff” and he’s in a serious relationship where children are involved including the one angelina carried for many month, which as every mom knows IS a big deal. i mean if i found junk from my hubby’s ex’s i’d junk it/sell it/or give it away and he’d do the same w/my ex’s junk coz the last thing we need in the house is more useless stuff. focus on what’s important, the family we create (cheezy but true).oh, and a note to all men: remember the woman is always right coz that makes us happy, and on the off chance we’re actually wrong we’ll let u know… later.

  22. Mojtaba Says:

    Hi Anjelina, i am in love with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, you are my dear actress, i hope to see u ,af course in my dreams…. ohhhhhhhhh …. i love u

  23. DAYANA Says:

    se q estoy un poquito obsesionada con angelina jolie lo admito pero es q es demasiado hermosa

  24. mohamad reza karimi Says:


  25. geta Says:

    hei angelina you are so buatiful woman and aktore sexy,i just kiss you,ouu and 1 think your lips is veryyy hot man,love youuuuu sooooo much

  26. roshanak Says:

    anjelina i love u veryyyyyyyyyyyyy

  27. Jerk Says:

    Angelina is a BITCH. BITCH BITCH BITCH.

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