Angelina Jolie Looking For ‘total seclusion’

There’s new urgency to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s plans to build a fortress home outside America.

They’re considering the Dominican Republic or another Caribbean location to escape paparazzi and weirdos in both the U.S. and Europe. She was outraged when cops collared a photographer snapping pictures of son Maddox from the bushes outside his school. Then he discovered photos on a computer chip of their baby shower for their new daughter, Shiloh, had been stolen — prompting messages to magazines around the globe threatening lawsuits if they’re published. They intend to stay in California while Jolie’s mother, Marcheline (who recently held Shiloh for the first time), fights cancer. But once that issue is resolved they’re leaving. They fear the next nightmare could be a kidnapping attempt on their children. They’ll return from their hideout home only to film in either European or American locations. Pitt’s telling pals: “We’ve beefed up our security; we can live quite happily with our family in total seclusion.”

PREDICTION: Island life won’t suit Jolie; she’ll make the family home in a mountaintop French chateau. They’ll spend their happiest years together there.

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20 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Looking For ‘total seclusion’”

  1. Miki Says:

    Good luck with total seclusion. lol. As if the whole world cares. They would probably end up in the mental institution she checked herself in years ago. lol. This idea has the homewreckers print all over it. She wants to move far away so that Brad wont have any contact with Jennifer and the rest of the people he loves in Malibu. She is so paranoid that Brad is enjoying being back in America so much that she cant handle the fact that no one in hollywood will stand up for her. lmao. Hope you disappear from the face of the earth forever. lol.

  2. xoxo1791 Says:

    i sincerley hope the best for angie and brad … 🙂

  3. hil Says:

    the whole world doesnt neccessarilly care about brad and angie .. and nor should they, but ppl who keep visiting this site certainlly do and well i do cuz i m big fan.


    i wonder………

  4. Miki Says:

    Me too! I do care about Brad and Jennifer(not angelina whorelie). lmao.

  5. hil Says:

    well this site is totally about angelina and not jennipher …. so ….

  6. Miki Says:

    SO WHAT! lol.

  7. leoni Says:

    yo hil, swat the fly ;>

  8. jjj Says:

    miki and yet again i see you dumb comments… back off angie and get a life of your own. hi hil 🙂

  9. hurley Says:

    miki, i have been reading all these blogs and you are in almost every one of them, bashing angelina. im curious. why do you have so much hostility towards her? im sure that all of the people on this blog are interested to see why you hate her so much. is there really a rational reason? and please don’t say bcuz she is a fat ugly whore bitch or whatever it is you usually come up with. it will just prove how immature and irrational you are.

  10. Miki Says:

    Go back to your cave angie whorelie. Thats the only place you’ll get total seclusion my ass. lol.

  11. hurley Says:

    ???i guess you don’t have a reason do you

  12. Melody Says:

    i rkn jeniffer is ugly and shut up mick , if u realli didn care about angelina you wldnt be here bcuz this is an angelina page

  13. farid Says:

    she is very attractive

    i am a Iranian

  14. Mandy Says:

    I agree with everything Miki has to say. Angelina is totally messed up. Its about time Brad left her stupid ugly ass

  15. Van Says:

    To all who are not Miki,

    There is obviously something very wrong with this person. Bi-polar, or just plain passive aggressive (nevermind a sexist, stalker), this guy needs help (or girl?). I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the comments under other names were made by him in an attempt to goad others on. As you can see, when he is ignored, he will repeat himself over and over again until someone responds. Not that anyone is asking, but my advice to “normal” people who stumbled upon this site because of a genuine interest in what Angelina Jolie does (as opposed to who they think she is based on gossip), is to completely ignore comments like those posted by Miki.

  16. Please find total seclusion and stay there. The photo that accompanies this article features Angelina with a caption that says “Angelina comes clean” IMPOSSIBLE both literally and figuratively. She is the most dishonest, selfish, publicity whore I have ever seen. She simultaneously hates the media yet prostitutes herself and her children (use of ‘her’ in an ownership manner should be interpreted loosely) The latest interview is beyond belief. She prowls around like she is a wild animal and comes off looking so very pathetic. I hope her ‘intensity’ is one day seen for what it really is ‘borderline’, ‘schizophrenic’, ‘insanity’ Eat shit Angelina

  17. CT Says:

    Dear Van,

    I stumbled upon this website and am very disturbed by this Miki character. Unfortunately, I have known a few like him/her, people who are hopeless alcohol and drug addled each and every day…

    What to do about people like this?


    You are exactly right, along with your other comments. It never occurred to me that this strange stalking hostile psychotic seeming person could be a male or female, and / or posting under other names. I have never seen a website poisoned so effectively by one individual who in reality has NOTHING TO GAIN by this. I wish there were a moderator we could contact to remove offensive posts; many websites have a button where offensive posts will be noted and removed. If anyone knows how to contact the moderator, please do so!

    I admire Angelina Jolie more than words can say. She is open and honest and caring and giving and has done more for children and the world than most any other actress in her field. She has overcome much adversity in her life and still is a caring and loving person. I would like to be more like her in many ways. God Bless Angelina and Brad and their expanding family. I wish them nothing but the best.

  18. nelsa Says:

    I is sad in a way that they don’t get any peace seems like such a high price to pay to be a big big star, it would be cool if everyone else could let them be humman too!

  19. Helena Says:

    Angelina Jolie has only made 2 good movies, one was Gia and the other was Mr and Mrs smith when you stole brad from his wife Jennifer Anniston. She needs too find her own man rather than steal another womans husband. I wander does it make her feel good, does she always have a need for attention. I think this is why all of the men that she steals will never stay with her.I think She is getting old and raggy looking. I think its time for brad too find a new young chick like Megan fox who is not worn out…

  20. Jerk Says:

    Angelina is a TWAT. TWAT TWAT TWAT.

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