Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Fight Each Other For Control?

Life & Style gives this report:

The power dynamic in Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s relationship had been clear: She led, he followed.

No more.

“Things have changed between them,” says a close friend of Brad’s. “It’s almost as if they’ve switched roles. Brad’s in charge and he’s laying down the law about the way things will go in the future.”


Brad’s been asserting himself, the report claims – and finally rejecting some of Angie’s more outlandish demands, says a close friend of Brad’s. “He’s laying down the law about the way things will go in the future.”

Angelina told Anderson Cooper they would be adopting soon and “If it were up to Angie, she’d be filing adoption papers today,” says a longtime friend of Brad’s. “And while Brad agrees with Angie that they’ll adopt more kids, he wants to wait until Shiloh is at least a year old.”

Why the delay? “Brad doesn’t want to give Shiloh any competition right away,” says an insider close to him. “He thinks she deserves a year to get all the attention a new¬born should get.”


Sounds reasonable. Jolie has seemingly been the dominant force in the relationship since its beginnings. Now it appears they may try it Pitt’s way for a while.

–Cyndi James

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14 Comments on “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Fight Each Other For Control?”

  1. Miki Says:

    Its about time he take control of his family. lol. I guess he wanted to wait until she had the baby. And how long is she going to let him control what goes and whats not? Hmmm. Time will tell. But I dont think they will last, cause sooner or later they will clash and she’ll be running off to Jenny Shimizu. lol. Its good that they wait a little longer before they’ll adopt again, by then they’ll already break-up. I hope so. lmao.

  2. xoxo1791 Says:

    sure! ;0 whatever u say “close friend”

  3. krstina Says:

    angelina jolie and brad pitt are such a perfect couple , the sxciest man and woman in the world , their offspring are bound to be beautiful

  4. Miki Says:

    Run Brad Run! lol.

  5. nad Says:

    It’s time that people give these two some “family time” and let them choose the future of their children without anybody “reporting” it. How many people would like for their children to be attacked (biological or adopted) every moment they breathe. Many wishes to the parents and siblings.

  6. mel_bluesky Says:

    Angelina Jolie is a dominant woman with a lot of ‘wild’ side. She need ‘real’ man who is the same like her. Its just Brad Pitt is too tame for someone like her… He needs a soft and tame wife not Lara Croft. I think Angelina stop adopting baby….. she cant adopt all orphan in the world…. just take care the 2 children and the baby she have now… A lot of money and famous doesnt give happiness to the children they have…

  7. Miki Says:


  8. warbin Says:

    I love angelina u in my heart

  9. Lisa Says:

    i love both angelina n brad 2 pieces they r 2 gorgeous actress/actors. they save so many little childrens lifes by adopting them!!!! that is really cute and sweet!!! its great 2 c them in magz n newspapers but i think/ i bet they r gettin a bit tired of al the publicity (if there not bothered then yeah, i love seein how they r) but i’m sure they want more quality time with themselves n their children!!!! love them both n all their kids forever!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. i love you so much and brad pitt too

  11. Jerk Says:

    Angelina is a CUNT. CUNT CUNT CUNT.

  12. Ava Says:

    I think this relationship works so well because they are both dominant.. yes, I’m sure there are lots of fights.. but they have what few people have:

    Self-esteem and esteem for each other.

    Most relationships have one dominant and one submission – Brad and Ange can assume both roles and relationships work best in this way.

    Usually, the dominant one gets bored and moves on whilst the submissive one becomes needy and attached.

    Pitt and Jolie have a good balance and I don’t think they will be splitting up any time soon contrary to reports.

  13. Viola Says:

    She is an evil bitch, New Orleanins love Brad hate that bitch hes married to

  14. edison Says:


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