Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight Make Peace?


Angelina Jolie has been in a very public battle with her father Jon Voight since 2002 when Voight told Access Hollywood he wanted his daughter to “get help” for “serious mental problems.”

Jolie and Voight have been at odds since then. 

But now Brad Pitt reportedly wants to play peacemaker.  The hunky Hollywood actor even sent granddad Voight pictures of baby Shiloh reports Star Magazine.


Voight has made it clear he wants reconciliation. 

He appeared on MSNBC right after the birth of Shiloh and extended his best wishes to the couple. He said, “I’m almost unable to describe how deeply happy I am for her (Shiloh’s) parents and so happy to have this new little one in the world.”

When MSNBC news anchor Rita Cosby asked him if he had hope that he would see his new granddaughter he said, “I can just think that one day, I’ll just say ‘Hey Shi, come over here.’ You know?”


So far – no dice from Angelina. 

In fact according to the story in The Star, Jolie was furious that Brad sent the pictures of their newborn to her dad.  An “insider” tells the magazine that “she read (Brad) the riot act.” 

She reportedly called the action “a complete betrayal on his part,” according to the Jolie friend that spoke to the magazine.

Brad has a good relationship with his family and wants the same for Angelina the report claims.  But Jolie told him “to deal with his own family and leave hers alone or it will be the end of them.”



Cue the rep™: According to Star – Brad’s rep denies the story

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19 Comments on “Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight Make Peace?”

  1. siavash Says:

    very very love angelina

  2. Miki Says:

    She still has a “serious mental illness”. Get help will ya? lmao.

  3. xoxo1791 Says:

    If angie has problems with her family , she can deal with them without anyone’s help~!!!!

  4. Arleen Keil Says:

    I hope that he gets to see his granddaughter soon, Angelina was acting strangely and had a history of mental problems, cutting yourslef is not normal! He had a legit concern about his daughter, and she is not perfect to hold grudges !

  5. Umm... Says:

    Maybe if Jon Voight had shown as much desire to meet Maddox & Zahara, as he has for Shiloh, Angelina might have considered reconciliation. Instead, Voight keeps showing his ass to the public in an attempt to put pressure on her, to force a face to face so he can see Shiloh. He never tried (this hard), to see Angelina’s first two kids. Not nice. No, he’s not a nice guy, at all.

  6. Miki Says:


  7. Mgme Says:

    o Miki youre so racist! and your a low life…stop picking on her!!!

  8. D13charlie Says:

    Ok, I get that people don’t like Angelina, but she has every right to fight her dad off. First of all, he doesn’t know the names of his grandkids well enough to remember them in an interview…and he’s not exactly a great parent if he uses the media to lash out at his daughter…read the: “she needs help” thing. First, it’s probably not true (she’s unusual but don’t go beating on her for that) and, second, it’s not good parenting to embarass your kids like that.

  9. warbin Says:

    I love angelina u in my heart

  10. bela Says:

    Angelina, you are the greatest and lovliest person in this world! You aren’t just pretty, you also have such a beautiful soul!
    I love you honey!!! :-*

  11. Reality Says:

    If Angelina did have any mental problems it was probably because of her overbearing father driving her crazy. I can understand where she’s coming from.

  12. Evelyn Says:

    I feel sorry 4 Jon Voight. I mean, his own daughter hates him. Wouldn’t it be sad if your daughter or son hated u. Angie has some real big problems in her life that she has 2 push away. C’MON HER FATHER LUVS HER BUT SHE JUSS DOESN’T KNO. SHE ALLREADY HAS ENOUGH PROBLEMS THAT SHE HAS TO GIVE UP. SHE COULD HAVE JUSS HAVE DONE WHAT HER FATHER SAYS . HOPE JOLIE WILL UNDERSTAND THAT EVERYTING IS NOT ALWAYS BOUT HER.


  13. jusmechuk Says:

    well, it’s all a nice scenario. sounds like the perfect theme for a new soap opera. i think we’re lots of kids in big people’s bodies, huh.

  14. Charlie-d13 Says:

    Yikes. I wouldn’t speak to my parents either if they went to the media or any other third party for that matter, and said I was in need of psychiatric help. If she did need help, then as her father, it was his job to talk to her privately about his concerns.

    I’m not a fan or otherwise of either Angelina or Brad Pitt but let’s face it, Angelina doesn’t appear to be out of control like plenty of other celebrities (Lohan, Spears). She’s weird on some levels, perhaps; the cutting thing appears odd but the context in which it is mentioned…well, okay, people have done weirder things and not because they have a mental disorder.

    I definitely think it’s true that Voight shouldn’t be distinguishing between his grandkids (and it appears that he is) since there’s no mention of a desire to see eithe rof the adopted kids. He just makes a fuss over the biological child. I know, as a parent, how tempting it is to go nuts over the newborn in the family – it’s only normal – but Angelina has been a single-parent for years raising Maddox. Where was her dad congratulating her then?

    From experience, I know how annoying it is to have parents who are judgmental of your life decisions, especially when you’re otherwise in a positive place. E.g. my parents (openly) displike my husband. It may not be the best way but I deal with that in the same way as Angelina appears to be dealing with her dad…cut off communication. Okay, I still speak to my parents but I definteily don’t tolerate their negativity, even if it comes from love.

    When you’re parents can’t accept you or someone else in your life (Voight demonstrated a problem accepting his duaghter the way she was), then, particularly when you have kids, you have to bring up your defenses. I think Jolie even said that with reference to Maddox. She was avoiding her dad because she knew that seeing him would put her in a bad mood and that might (probably would), rub off as stress around her son.

    Cudos to her for sticking to her guns and not making a media frenzy out of the whole thing.

  15. cheryl Says:

    i’d make a serious bet he abused her

  16. Yasir Khan Says:

    Helloz well i like this actress sooo much she is my favourate and in this pic nice and cool style looking sooo beautiful ……….

  17. horny for cock and balls Says:

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  18. It is always a great dream of photographers to click pictures of Anjelina and Brad on their wedding day. But it is true how many wedding photographers are going to get that opportunity.

  19. Jerk Says:

    Angelina is too bullheaded to make peace with her father. Angelina is a FUCKING TWAT. Jon will not be around forever. Life is too short,to be unforgiving.

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