Jessica Simpson makes fun of Angelina Jolie

JESSICA SIMPSON and her famous friends CHRISTINA APPLEGATE and EVA LONGORIA are poking fun at ANGELINA JOLIE in the pop star’s new video for A PUBLIC AFFAIR.

The quirky roller disco-themed video starts with the girls dreaming of international fame during a limousine ride. When Applegate asks, “Could we be any more famous?” Simpson quips, “I wanna be so famous that every time I fall in love OPRAH does a special about it.” Applegate then coos, “I want to be so famous that I have to have my babies in Africa.”


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33 Comments on “Jessica Simpson makes fun of Angelina Jolie”

  1. Me Says:

    I really don’t think of it as an insult and I’m a MAJOR Angelina fan. Whoever writes the stuff that goes on this board seem always to want Angelina Jolie in a seriously negative light. Jessica Simpson is expressing that she “wants to be so famous” that she has to have go away to have her babies because of the media chasing her, and isn’t that why Angelina & Brad chose to have Shiloh in Namibia? So where’s the insult?

  2. Miki Says:

    Lmao. I get why they mocking her on the video. They knows that the only reason Lips went to some foreign country to have her that baby is to draw more attention to her attention seeking self. lol.

  3. Sammy Says:

    Seeing how Jessica had a entire show about her realationship with nick… I dont think she should be opening her mouth. And to the dumbass comment by whoever miki is… do you think she clearly does all this to get more attention. Like the photo of their new child… they auctioned it and all the money went to charity… frankly I find people like miki ignorent and just making up excuses for other peoples intrests…

  4. Miki Says:

    LMAO. You are so funny. Everyone is going to make fun of them. lol.

  5. random Says:

    Hey I would never kvow at first glance they were talking about Angelina…I thought they were talking about how famous they wanted to be…hey they are already famous as far as i can see.

  6. random Says:

    Hey I would never know at first glance they were talking about Angelina…I thought they were talking about how famous they wanted to be…hey they are already famous as far as i can see.

  7. vikky Says:

    i hate jessica!how can she do that?grrrrr!lol i don’t see her giving over half of whatever she gets to charity do you? AHHHH I’M GOING TO IMPLOAD!lol i absolutely adore angie,shes a goddess!

  8. Stephanie Says:

    Angelina isn’t the most downloaded person on the internet….or more famous than the internet…and Angelina had her baby in Africa to experience the horrible medical conditions there. You people need to watch the news more often.

  9. jenna Says:

    Angelina rocks why does all the pop star make fun of her..just cause she sexy and there not?

  10. Miki Says:

    Yeah she’s sexy with all those cosmetic surgery she had. lmao.

  11. Madzahlo Says:

    To Stephanie: My dear, knowing Angelina myself, she did not go to Africa to experience the “horrible medical conditions there”. She had a team of American doctors at her bedside the entire delivery as she had a C-section. Maybe YOU need to read/watch the news more often.

  12. ANONYMOUS Says:

    A LOT OF HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS ARE JUNK AND STUPID like JESSICA AND APPLEGATE.Hollywood fans that idolize these actress had no taste at all.These actress are empty-minded people they should not be part of hollywood or maybe hollywood has no more taste in looking for new discoveries.These actress are THE BAD INFLUENCE to the new teenagers.


  13. Farzeen Says:

    I say that Jessica simpson doesn’ even know half the things that she blurts out in public(cause’ shes so dumb)…Eva Longoria ..i am so dissapointed in her cause i thought she was a really sweet person etc…As for Opengate and jackassica simpson, they’re just both so jealous of Jolie’s good looks and style they r just overwhelmed about the whole thought of Mr.Pitt and Jolie together with thier beautiful babies……….Jen aniston….THOUGH LUCK HUNN-EIH……;)

  14. Pt Says:

    To Jessica Simpson (by the way, nice name):
    If you wanna be more famous than the internet, than BE!!! MAKE YOURSELF WORTHY OF IT!!!!! u and your friend are both (or all, don’t know, and don’t care..)just jealous cause u’re not as:
    1st:sexy; 2nd:popular/known; 3rd:good person, as Ang’s, and u’ve got nth else to do than play fool!!!
    Sorry, Jessica, I know.. TRUTH HURTS!!!!

  15. Pt Says:

    P.S. Nice videoclip… BAD

  16. Nick M. Says:

    First of all Jessica is lucky she even made it into the hollywood business..she approached her self as a good innocent chick.But then she just became a the most idiotic person in hollywood, along with Paris Hilton…Yes,I think hollywood ran out of good taste..Jessica,go back to school and quit dreaming….Poor song..very bad..,She is soo a bimbo..

  17. Brad p. Says:

    Jessica..welcome to reality..Your music sux and you are so need to thank Nick for being with you all this time and puting up with your crap! and learn how to cook..

  18. Travis Says:

    To Me:the insult is that why would she say that truthfully? if she is famous?she is making fun of jolie because of the fact that she had her baby out there instead of here..She is saying “that angelina is just trying to draw attention”..that is an insult..she does have to mention that in her music video..that is just sad men…Angelina is not the best looking thing out there..look at her legs men..she aint got none..she needs to add some good amount of pounds..on her legs and her arms looks like my jessica..needs a brain…lmaf..we need nice beautiful people in hollywood that are not dieing of hunger lol with big fake boobs to balance them out..wannabe barbie

  19. Neil Says:

    Angelina is pretty because of her face and thats it..her body sux..except she has her false breast..and jessica shouldnt be talking at all..jessica sux

  20. gillian Says:

    For the record angelina jolie has never had plastic surgery. she’s naturally beautiful. your just jealous………..

  21. xswfasffctw Says:


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  22. Gillian can't spell Says:

    it’s “you’re” not your.

  23. haha Says:

    Angelina always looks dirty, butchy and unfeminine. She’s a self-serving, homewrecking CUNT.

  24. Emily Says:

    I Hate Angelina becasue she is so annoying and should start to pay attention to Shioh more and stop adopting more kids than she can actually handle. And Jessica Simpson is amazing and i dont find that line making fun of anyone. I love Jessica Simpson and I hate Angelina Jolie.

  25. hahahah Says:

    Jessica is the DUMBEST IDIOT Ive ever seen. all she is is a fucking dumb slut who should be killed. and she’s not even that pretty anyways. its all make up. but Angelina Jolie is naturally pretty and personally I agree Jessica Simpson is a JEALOUS BITCH. she cant take that someone like Angelina is naturally pretty. Jessica has to WORK HER ASS OFF TO BE PRETTY. word.

  26. Quinn Says:

    Right…. Of course. How hilarious it is that one famous woman is making a difference in the best way she knows how while Simpson and her bimbette clan are colouring themselves orange and could care less about people less fortunate. Frankly, if I were Angelina, I’d be worried if people like that weren’t making fun of me. If they are, you know you’re on the right track.

    I think it’s a dangerous game for Jess to make fun of Angelina because it’s so terribly obvious what’s going on. Angelina is smarter, sweeter, more together and only about a billion times more beautiful on her worst day than orange, vacant-eyed, rollly polly Jessica could ever be on her best. This kind of poor-taste jibbing smacks of jealously and little else. It’s so transparent. Anyone with a brain wouldn’t dare. But of course, brains aren’t high on Jessica’s list of assets.

  27. Frola Says:

    Go Jessica Simpson! Angelina Sucks balls and buys kids from around the world. She is a slut and a homewrecker. Not to mention a total hypocrit

  28. JS Says:

    Who cares and why do we give so much attention to that non-talent, man steeling trampy bitch with a over enlarged gland she calls lips.

    She is trash and Brad Pitt should have more sense than that. But, those two trash deserve eachother.

    I wish someone would run her over with a car.

  29. Catfight Fan Says:

    I would love to see Jessica Simpson and Angelina Jolie in a catfight. 🙂

  30. sandrin griffen Says:

    angelina is an ugly whore but jesica is really stupid so i don’t go for ethier of them.

  31. krystlehanifah Says:

    i hate ange. she’s so full of it !

  32. Jerk Says:

    Jessica is a WHORE,SLUT,HO,SKANK like Angelina.

  33. Candy Paint Says:

    what i like about eva longoria is her super great complexion and a nice sexy body ;“

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