Angelina Jolie’s Flying Skill Questioned

Jolie’s flying skills have been questioned by aviation experts, who think she is risking her young children’s lives by jetting them around in a plane she’s too inexperienced to handle while others feel she has made a safe choice.

The actress owns a 360,000 dollar Cirrus SR-22 and has been spotted taking boyfriend Brad Pitt and kids Maddox, Zahara and baby Shiloh for trips in the speedy jet.

Some top flight instructors are horrified Jolie has chosen such a powerful plane, which is one of the world’s fasted single engine aircraft – with just 80 hours flying experience in a Cessna 172, a slow and relatively easy plane to master.

The actress’ new plane is capable of speeds of up to 300 miles (483 kilometres) per hour and has caused 10 deaths in just five years through pilot error.

But others insist the Cirrus SR-22’s digital navigation system and air-frame parachute make the plane one of the safest in the skies.

“Letting an inexperienced, novice pilot like Angelina Jolie fly it is like giving a Ferrari to a 16-year-old boy,” California-based instructor Murray Scott was quoted by Femalfirst, as saying.

“It’s a recipe for disaster. It is the fastest plane in its class. It climbs like a missile. Miss Jolie should fly something more sedate for a while. This airplane is a thoroughbred that needs experience to control,” he added.

But Jim Campbell, the editor-in-chief of website, is a huge fan of the Cirrus model – he was one of the first to test the new plane 15 years ago.

He says, “Yes, it’s a very high performance plane but it comes equipped with an air-frame parachute which safely gets the craft to the ground; if you get yourself into trouble, you just pull the handle and talk to the insurance company later. (ANI)

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25 Comments on “Angelina Jolie’s Flying Skill Questioned”

  1. xoxo1791 Says:

    god, they cant just leave her alone!!
    viva brangelina!

  2. Miki Says:

    Just let her fly around that plane, and hopefully she’ll crash somewhere and no one will find her. lmao.

    • Stephen Jones Says:

      I ran across this article looking for something else, and here we go again, everyone is an expert, yet they know little about what they are talking about. I own a Cirrus SR-22 myself. First, it’s not a jet. It does not fly anywhere close to 300 miles per hour. There are so many errors in this article that it is obviously just another shock jock rage spewing attention grabbing embarrassment to responsible journalism. Com-on folks, what about the other thousand or so people that have the same airplane with even less experience flying around? Why pick on her? What makes us so full of ourselves that we can pass our ignorant and worthless judgment so easily when taking a casual look inside our own world, reveals an unimpressive nobody willing to spew our worthless judgment on the world when we can hardly drive a car, much less fly an aircraft requiring constant retraining periodic medical checkups and proof of flying skills just to maintain a license. I am proud of her. You go girl!

  3. jenna Says:

    just let her fly around and show off her beuatiful boby! GO ANGELINA JOLIE.. i love you!

  4. mark Says:

    jessica simpson only mocks Angelina Jolie cuz Jessicunt is a piece of trash….She can’t sing worth shit either !!!!

  5. Miki Says:

    Her flying skilled should be questioned just like her mind. Which we all know is fucked up just like her.

  6. inco Says:

    “The actress owns a 360,000 dollar Cirrus SR-22 and has been spotted taking boyfriend Brad Pitt and kids Maddox, Zahara and baby Shiloh for trips in the speedy jet”

    It’s not a jet, its a single engine light aircraft.

    And it sure as hell won’t go 300 miles an hour. The max cruise speed is 178 knots (205mph) with a max top speed of 201 knots (230mph). Another article where the dipshit writer needs to check their facts.

  7. mesfin Says:

    why not we leave these bitch alone…..let she fuck her son/doughter as she does in the movies……….stupid

  8. Bruce Bird Says:

    It only takes a single Google search to find the Cirrus website and details on the Cirrus 22 with the following data:
    SR22-GTS Base Price: $449,995
    Cruise Speed: 185 KTAS
    Maximum Payload: 1,150 pounds
    Maximum range cruise: over 1,000 nm

    It’s also pretty clear the Cirrus is a single engine turboprop. So I’d give the vote to Angelina on picking a really nice and very safe airplane with a built in parachute.

    Bruce Bird

  9. Keith Hill Says:

    You guys need to get your shit straight. A cirrus sr-22 is NOT A JET NOR WILL IT GO 300 MPH. It is a single engine piston aircraft.It is not a turboprop either. It is not the among the fastest in it’s class either there are countless in it’s class that are faster. You should do better research for your next story or more people will call your bullshit.

  10. warbin Says:

    I love angelina u in my heart

  11. Cady Daniels Says:

    Keith has it right. The person that wrote this is a idiot, and knows nothing about aviation. It is irresponsible writing like this that leads people to think the aviation is evil.

  12. Alan Says:

    The Cirrus SR22 is a Piston engine plane, not a je t or turboprop. And YES, it is a fast, high performance plane capable of 200 mph. It CAN be flown by an 80 hr pilot, but it is a poor choice for a new pilot – this is a case of just because you can afford it doesn’t mean you should fly it until youi have sufficient experience.
    The quote in the article who says ‘just pull the handle and the parachute will save your life’ is an IDIOT! If you are thinking like that you should not be flying period!

  13. Sean Says:

    It is not a turboprop, It has a piston engine, like your car, and controlable pitch (constant speed) prop.

    It is an easy aircraft to fly but requires a high performance endorsement from an instructor that has trained you in flying aircraft with over 200 hp.

    The SR-22 actually has quite docile handling characteristics and and is just one step up from a Cessna 172.

    It has good climb performance but does not “climb like a missile”.

    Writers should be accountable for not checking their facts.

  14. james Says:

    The Cirrus isn’t a jet- what moron wrote this? It has a propeller and non-retractable gear. It’s the perfect family plane- not a Ferrari. As someone flying a Cessna currently, I can’t wait to get my new Cirrus. Oh, they also use the Cirrus as a flight trainer in many modern flight schools. Some Ferrari.

  15. Cirrus’ Jet isn’t out yet, and an SR22 isn’t it.

  16. Sonny Says:

    For one thing a SR22 is not a jet. It is a very safe piston propeller driven aircraft.

  17. WeatherPilot Says:

    Idiot that wrote this should be skinned. Check your facts. As others have said – It’s not a jet, It is a safe airplane and the capabilities must be respected. Any capable private pilot is perfectly safe in an SR22 with the proper checkout – especially the systems on this marvel of technology.

    And where the heck did the author get “10 deaths” from – probably the same lame source that told him it was a jet that did over 300…

    Keep’em level Angelina —

    WeatherPilot – Commercial, Instrument, ME

  18. Mark Says:

    I know these are old posts, But I cannot help but be completely struck by the ignorance of this article. The ignorance of the article was eclipsed by the ignorance of some of the posts.

    As a 30 year CFI, CFI-I, MEI-I with over 14,000 hours and nearly 3,000 in Cirrus aircraft, I can tell that “California-based” Murray Scott has either little, or no, Cirrus experience, and with the following comment seems to have very little, if any, instructing experience: “Letting an inexperienced, novice pilot like Angelina Jolie fly it is like giving a Ferrari to a 16-year-old boy,” California-based instructor Murray Scott was quoted by Femalfirst, as saying.

    This article and the folks who contributed to it should be ashamed.


  19. steve Says:

    Not a safe plane at all will not come out of a spin and has an incredible rate of accidents and fatalities. check the data check wiki

    “Accidents and incident

    Between 2001 and April 2009 62 Cirrus SR22 aircraft have crashed, resulting in 48 fatalities.”

  20. Peter Says:

    Moronic writers. 30 seconds of research would have helped them get their facts straight, but nooooo…Do they actually try to come across as idiots? Is it some kind of in-joke among “journalists” Who can write the biggest pile of horse shit? Come on, let us in on it.

  21. Jerk Says:

    Angelina should’ve died in a plane crash. BWAHAHAHAHA

  22. I have heard around the hangars that cirrus needed to implement the BRS parachute system because of the aircraft can easily be put into an uncontroable spin, I hav done now fact checking on this so take it easy on me. Being a lower time pilot i love the fact of having a parachute on board I alos love the avionics package in these planes. But like many people in this stream have brought up the avionics give a lot of information to digest and you need to know these systems well enough to not devote much of your attention to these and should be consentrating on flying the airplane, which may be difficult for a new pilot, I myself have around 50 hours and do not enjoy flying the G1000 avionics package because it is intimidating for a new plot but its growing on me, but for now I prefer my six pack.

  23. About the BRS with regard to spins. Cirrus does not do spin testing to my knowledge. Nor do they claim that the aircraft will recover from a spin. So, for marketing and insurance sake, they add the BRS system and “voila” you have an aircraft that can be insured and certified. Cessna, on the other hand, does extensive spin testing on its aircraft. They mess with the CG while in-flight until the aircraft won’t recover. Then the test pilot shifts the weight(on a track were the copilot seat used to be) forward causing the Center of Gravity to move back to within limits and then recovers from the test pilot initiated spin. Yes, test pilots are crazy but they help keep us safe! By the way, they do these test way up at altitude and they wear parachutes just in case. During spin testing for the new Cessna 162 skycatcher they had to use their parachutes at least once. As a result of spin testing, the 162 is certified and they are taking orders!! No BRS required for the 162!!!

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