What Will Maddox Jolie-Pitt Look Like In Twenty Years?

Check out this link for the answer.

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18 Comments on “What Will Maddox Jolie-Pitt Look Like In Twenty Years?”

  1. xoxo1791 Says:

    zahara looks soooo gorgeous!!!

  2. marketmonkey Says:

    I find this site strangely appealing. I think I will have to return often. Angelina likes Africa, so this monkey likes her.

    As for the Maddox issue; I think athletic, with short hair and a strong jaw line … but who knows – I’m just humouring your question 🙂

    Keep a swinging,


  3. Miki Says:

    They should do one on how her lips will look like in twenty years time. Imagine how ugly they’ll look on her fake face. lmao.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Hey, Zahara has Jolie’s lips. Maybe she didn’t adopt but really did give birth to her????

  5. Miki Says:


  6. Kendra Says:

    They look like a peaceful family don’t we all wish life was that perfect for us. I love them so much.

  7. Kendra Says:

    They all got Jolie’s lips that makes them look like little angels

  8. e(DOT)c Says:


  9. sherry Says:

    Why does everyone always hate on Angie. I think she’s a great person who’s not affraid to give something back.

  10. krista Says:

    this is dumb

  11. Samantha Says:

    I think that she a good one

  12. adelina Says:

    they are beautiful

  13. sarah Says:

    im a korean parent and adopted my son from cambodia and hes the sweetest thing.
    i admire angie and i know the love that she feels.
    im think about adopting another. what do you guys think about adoptions?

  14. Patria Says:

    Angie shouldent keep hatin on brad hes a nice and handsoem man! she has 6 wonderful children and needs to stop being so selfish! hasnt she got enough already?!? her babies from brad are gonna grow up to be successful sexy people they got angies lips! adn brads good looks what other match could there be?!?

  15. Patria Says:

    Sarah u should really go for it! chilren are a blessing and the other kid will be lonely if u dont!

  16. Patria Says:

    krista your DUMB!

  17. Rachel Says:

    maddox really HOTT!!! Zahara ugly little kid gonna becaome a HOOKER! shiloh beutiful liile girl! vivian cute as a button! knox hes really SOMTHING gonna grow up to be HOTT like daddy! pax is gonna become a well known drug dealer and hes gonna be high all the time he will snot coke and do anything for a dollar!

  18. Jerk Says:

    In twenty years,Maddox will look like hell. He’ll start drinking&doing drugs early.

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