Angelina Jolie Finds Happiness in Malibu with Her Mom

Almost every speculative report of Angelina Jolie and the unmarried father of her children Brad Pitt are that Jolie is unhappy being back in the United States, and would prefer to be in Europe or perhaps Africa.

She and Brad are able to control the media better overseas, but some of these reports may be overlooking the fact that Jolie is able to be very close to her favorite person – her mother



Jolie’s mom, Marcheline Bertrand, lives at the hotel Raffles L’Ermitage, Beverly Hills and according to Us Weekly magazine Angelina loves being just up the freeway from her mom.

“She relies a lot on her mother,” a source tells the weekly magazine. “She talks to her almost every day.

And for Angelina, having her mother close by must be comforting.


According to Page Six, the magazine, Jolie has repeatedly called her 55-year-old mother – as ravishing as Angelina in her heyday – “her best friend.”

The magazine notes that her mother is currently battling cancer.

And when proud parents Angelina and Brad threw a celebration for their son Maddox’s 5th birthday last weekend with their families and the youngster’s school friends, Brad was able to have his parent’s there and though Jolie continues her feud with her dad Jon Voight, her mom was reportedly there as well.

Both Angie and mom had to love that.


Life & Style Weekly reports the actor’s parents Bill and Jane flew in two days early for the birthday bash at the couple’s home in Santa Barbara and Jolie’s mom Marcheline was also able to join the party.

That’s great for Angelina and may be just enough to keep her in Malibu.

–Lynda Johnson writes from Los Angeles

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7 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Finds Happiness in Malibu with Her Mom”

  1. Miki Says:

    Is the mom dying of cancer? Good they are close cause its seems like the mom is her only friends. lmao. Guess she’s a loner in Malibu. lol.

  2. Arleen Keil Says:

    I am glad she is able to spend time with her mother. I do think she is getting bored and isn’t a typical housewife and content to stay at home with her children. I doubt very seriously if they will ever marry. I feel for Brad for he plainly loves her and the kids, but he has a lot of frustration ahead of him. I think Brad could have done better than her but hopefully she will be supportive of him like he is her.

  3. betiana Says:

    hola como vaa? buen pasaba porq me enknta anglelina jolie
    es una diosa
    es hermosa

    la amo
    beso saludos

  4. deb Says:

    i’m glad she is close to her mom because there is no one else she is close to. brad pitt is a loser because he left love for a face and nothing more. who cares if he won’t get married untill gay marriages are recognized? jolie won’t marry him anway.

  5. isa Says:

    she’s a stupid bitch. brad’s family no longer can deal with her and they only came for the party because brad has addopted the child, cause yjey hate angelina jolie and they had to leave after being shocked by the way she behaves and drinks and is crazy as she always was. instead of a wedding ring she had blood around her neck. she’s also known as the one who has lovers and doens’t care if they’re women and/or men. it’s clear that brad’s family wo’t ever love her (which o they are totally right) and they love jen. angie isn’t going to far with brad – if he’s lucky, she’ll disappear in africa forever and he’ll have nannies to raise the cildren (it’ll be better than hava an example like a person like her. soon her child will be getting a tatoo. lol

  6. Sway Says:


    isa, you’re so stupid LOL

  7. Jerk Says:

    Marcheline was a Marriage Wrecking Whore&Man Stealing
    Slut. Marcheline&Angelina are Dog Ugly and Butt Fugly.
    I hope Angelina gets gang raped&murdered in Africa. I HATE Angelina. Angelina wrecked marriages&stoled other
    ‘s womens’s men. Angelina WHORE. Angelina SLUT. Who knows Angelina maybe will disappear in Africa.

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